Zhu Qing’an faced the smile of the chairman of his company, he was completely surprised by Qin Hengyi’s operation.   Worthy of …… being Qin Hengyi.     “Your lover is really great.” The old chairman smiled and continued, “He bought a large amount of shares, and all of a sudden became the largest shareholder […]


Zhu Qing’an had made plans all night but it was inexplicably blocked by the other’s sentence.   Indeed …… for Qin Hengyi, it wasn’t very appropriate.   He couldn’t treat Qin Hengyi as a mere game character.   This fan also understood Zhu Qing’an’s sudden rejection.   [Admin03: ^_^ It’s okay. I’m glad I could […]


The dense search results were displayed in front of Zhu Qing’sn’s eyes. It made him frown.   Zhu Qing’an swept over one of the entries and clicked on it.   [A mysterious profession from three hundred years ago – World Administrator.]   This post came from a formal information forum in the empire, and the […]


–Before he knew nothing about Qin Hengyi.   Now he could finally take the first step to understand the other.   “Click.”   The courier package was completely cut open, revealing two small sealed document bags inside.   Zhu Qing’an was very nervous, he held his breath as his mind made countless speculations.     […]


[What kind of amusement park do you want?]   [ I’ll give you one.]   Zhu Qing’an stared at Qin Hengyi’s words, he froze in shock, but his heart pounded.   This paper man …… wasn’t he joking?     He laughed lightly and shook his head a little helplessly, while replying.     [Zhu […]


Zhu Qing’an’s expression changed slightly, he pursed his lips and coldly glared at the woman who had come to make trouble.   This person wasn’t his mother, but his “foster mother”.   The numerous gray memories of his childhood related to this woman were surging in his mind.     At that time, he should […]


The clear night sky sparkled with star points, with a muffled sound, a bunch of fire-red fireworks bloomed, bright streams of light in a variety of colors, like a large nebula with countless star points, overwhelmingly shone.   The bright five-colored points of light at the end slowly interweaved into several large words that could […]


The Byron family house was a little distance from the center of the auction house, it took a carriage nearly an hour of time.   Their Byron family haf declined a lot, but their ancestral land and heritage wasn’t the kind that new aristocractic families could compare with.     She could maintain the vigor […]