Dingguo Gongfu. It was already the time of Shen (15:00-16:59). Since the snow stopped at noon, the wind had gradually diminished, and although it was still white outside, the foggy sky was finally showing some brightness. The old lady of the Gu family was in the main courtyard, wrapped in thick coats, the maids were […]

C49— Day 49

   Caesar asked indifferently: “Who got it?”         The ministers, fearing that they might bear the wrath of the emperor, told the truth with fear and trepidation: “The steward, Lady Natasha, and a few of your guards.”         “Tell them to come and see me.”         Caesar expressionlessly ordered, they immediately went forward to convey […]


  For track and field competitions held in outdoor venues, outdoor wind and rain was also one of the factors that athletes couldn’t avoid and would definitely encounter.         In sprint and long jump events, if the wind speed was high, it would affect the athletes’ performance to a certain extent, and a lot of […]


  He Yishu knew that He Tingting should also be in this major, but he didn’t expect that He Tingting would still take the initiative to provoke him even though both sides had severed all relations. With this in mind, He Yishu looked up at He Tingting with an unchanged expression and asked politely, “Student, may […]


    On the field, the 110m hurdles preliminaries of the second group of players were ready, Su Zhe stood in the field after 10 days of absence, excitement suddenly surged in his heart, he felt the strength in his body accumulating, just waiting for a burst of opportunity!         Before participating in today’s competition, his […]