Zhu Qing’an’s parents. They didn’t live to a healthy old age, nor did they have another lovely child.   There was no way to remember Zhu Qing’an until the end of their lives.   Shortly after Zhu Qing’an entered the hibernation chamber. They went to a laboratory near the battlefield for research, and the […]


  “Qiuhua, are you okay?” Shen Hongji saw that Zhao Qihua had been distracted, so he asked in a low voice.   Zhao Qiuhua’s hand clutching the knife and fork slowly relaxed, she lowered her head so that people couldn’t see her expression, “I’m fine.”   This was her own choice, and now at this […]


  Shi Fei flung the black fan up and tapped Jiang Yu on the head, “Don’t even think about it, it’s too late to redo it.”   Jiang Yu smiled, “Then why don’t we switch?”   Shi Fei: “Hanfus are made according to each person’s body size, you can’t wear it.”   Jiang Yu: “No, […]


  “This sacrifice, you are beautiful. You are as beautiful as the morning sun, as the dew on the grass leaves, as pure as the snowflakes, as the stars on a summer night ……”   The freckled man dragged the feet of the man knocked unconscious by Rong Yue, and followed Rong Yue towards the […]