Change privacy settings The hungry CP fans were quietly growing, while Shi Fei began to be stuffed with a variety of work.     With Shi Fei’s popularity getting higher and higher, the previous so-called Tianxing Media’s blocking had simply become a joke.     Resources continued to find their way to the door, especially […]


Change privacy settings In the VIP ward of a hospital, Huo Guangyao was sitting on the bed with an ugly expression on his face, while his assistant stood beside the bed with her head hanging down, not daring to take a breath.     Ever since the internet reversed its direction and starry-eyed fans were […]

C101 —- [4.14 — The Shelter]

Change privacy settings “You’re thinking the same thing, aren’t you, Jiu Shu?”   Jiu Shu still didn’t answer. Stretching out his hand to brush the hair away from Jiu Shu’s face, Xi Han’s amber pupils reflected his lover’s sleeping and peaceful face.   No matter how many times he looked at it, it still fascinated […]