Zhu Qing’an stared at Qin Hengyi’s post, he was frozen for a long time.     …… Qin Hengyi posted a photo of him.   The photo was of a teenager during winter, he huddled in the corner of the cave, taking a nap. The clothes on his body was his clothes in reality at […]


Because of his advanced age, and his lingering sickness, the man’s voice was unusually hoarse, as if squeezed out from the cracks of something hard. Duan Hengye had always felt that aging was an inevitable process, no matter how advanced technology was now, there was still no escape from the laws of nature. Natural aging […]

C36— Easy Advance

Because of the crowd outside, several of Su Zhe’s fans entered the venue slightly late, when they entered the venue with hand banners, Su Zhe had arrived at the checkpoint with the staff and began to prepare.   A few little girls were slightly excited as they chatted about Su Zhe, they even brought their […]


Only a pure and gentle person like Wen Run could get close to the guarded and cautious Ye Hansheng and make him take down his guard a little.   Chen Zhen had a good impression of Wen Run, her profession made her very good at chatting with people, so with a few words, the atmosphere […]


On the second day after the completion ceremony of Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, the official of Guangdong Province and David, the representative of Roche China held a grand press conference to announce the new stage of China’s reform and achievements, while the Chinese media took advantage of Roche’s platform to send a message to the world […]