Crossing Into The Wild

Chinese Name: 穿到蛮荒搞基建




Rong Yue was an NPC of a large-scale online game “Xingyue Era”.

On this day, faced with the strictest censorship in history, this game was shut down.

Rong Yue looked around the temple, threw away his philosophy, and planned to usher in the collapse of the world quietly.

Who knew that after the darkness, he crossed into a wild world, and his game skills were still there, but all returned to the first level …

He dressed as a weak, infertile little “sacrifice”.

In the face of his disabled husband, the old, weak, sick and disabled, and the situation of no food and no water, Rong Yue was black at the moment.

…… As the former Pope, he could only cut the staves on the spot and brush the holy light ball to save his life.

Implement the basic policy of not abandoning or giving up.

If there was no tribe, build it yourself!

No one, we have our own life!

Have no food, farm your own land!

There is no road, we’ll fix it ourselves!

Many years later, Rong Yue built a city with his old family and led the wild people to get rich and run a well-off life!

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