Salted Fish Doesn’t Want To Work Hard Anymore




Chapters: 68



Fang Lin, a dedicated but unprofitable eighteenth-tier star, was reborn.

He remembered the lessons of his previous life and immediately had a brand new goal in life.

–He didn’t want to work hard anymore.

Seeing all kinds of opportunities slipping away from him, his agent wanted to cry: “Brother, can we fight a little? If this continues, you won’t be able to afford food!”

Fang Lin pondered for a moment, “You have a point.”


His agent was overjoyed.

He added, “It’s time to find a thigh.”


— If he could, it was better to find the kind of cold boss who only gave money and didn’t talk about feelings.

In his last life, a certain overlord who barely crossed his path, brushed past him with a cold expression and said, “Follow me.”

This time, without shame, Fang Lin took the initiative to meet up, and happily signed the owner and salted fish “feeding” agreement.

Each took what they needed, they were both happy.

Both were adults, both were smart and knew how to find a perfect optimal solution from this relationship.

So they didn’t know when, both of them also found out that something was wrong early.


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