Thousands Of People Hate The Movie King’s Paper Man


Chinese Name: 万人嫌穿成影帝的纸片人
Chapters: 96



There were two extreme immortals in the entertainment industry, and thousands of people who hate vases disliked Shu Qiao. Shen Gu, a famous actor with a cold face and beautiful appearance, was also very popular. They ignored each other for a long time , until one day they slept together.

[TN- Vases — pretty people that can’t do anything.]


Shu Qiao: “…”


Shu Qiao: “It’s over. I have no fans but I have plenty anti-fans. He’ll ruin me!”


So he ran away.


2. The whole entertainment industry knew that Master Shen was addicted to a nursery game called “You in the palm of your hand”. Not only did he spend money, crazily raising a paper man, he also bought all kinds of furniture and clothing. He never forgot to look at the screen during meetings and held the paper man in high esteem.


Shu Qiao: “You are addicted to games, are you sick?”


That night.


He transmigrated as a paper man named “Qiao” in the game, he had white rabbit ears on his head, and was dressed in maid’s clothes.

Shu Qiao: “…”


He also found out that the person who raised him was his fanatic single-push fan, not only his avatar and ID were related to him, but also the food and clothing of the paper man, were all according to his preferences in reality.


Until one day – the identity of the fanatical single push fan was exposed.


Surprisingly, it was the young master Shen himself.


Shu Qiao: “……”


Shu Qiao: “???”


3, Shu Qiao didn’t expect that he transmigrated to Shen Gu’s phone.


He became the envy of the entire entertainment industry, the film emperor cherished the paper man.


The movie star was on line every day, confessing to him: “Today’s Shu Qiao is as cute as ever! When in the end can I confess my love to him?”


Shu Qiao: “////w////” confess to me for what.


Weird, weird. How embarrassing.


His small face was red.


4, Shen young master was from a privileged background, he was cold and arrogant, picky, but he had two secrets First: he has a crush on Shu Qiao for a long time Second: he raised a small paper man named “Qiao Qiao” Suddenly one day, he found his “Qiao Qiao” was missing, he went crazy.


He searched like crazy – finally in a small corner.


He saw Shu Qiao, dressed in a maid’s outfit, holding a large doll, exactly the same as Qiao Qiao


Shen Gu was ecstatic: “So the wife has been the wife! Wife sticker! Post post post!”



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