Inside a forty-square-meter hotel room.
The smell of spaghetti floated in the room.

Shi Fei took a fork and quickly ate the pasta in the bowl. From time to time, he drank a mouthful of milk and ate two mouthfuls of vegetable salad; like a small hamster, his mouth hadn’t stopped moving.

“Eat slowly; if it isn’t enough, we can order again.” Gu Yueze poured more milk into Shi Fei’s empty milk glass.

“I’m starving to death; it’s almost 4 o’clock now. Because of the competition, I haven’t eaten breakfast today and have been busy until now.” He was originally thinking of having a full meal when he returned to the hotel, but he encountered Xiaoxiao Ya and missed some time.

“Then I’ll help you order some more food.” Gu Yueze pulled out a tissue and wiped Shi Fei’s lips, then he got up and walked to the bed to get the landline.

“There’s no need; these will be enough; my stomach isn’t that big.” Shi Fei pulled Gu Yueze’s hand to stop him.

Gu Yueze nodded. “If you don’t eat it all, I’ll finish it.”

The two of them sat like this, one eating and the other watching.

The sunlight from the window shone into the room through the glass window, covering the top of Shi Fei’s head and meeting his face, making his already fair skin shine even more radiantly.

His pink lips opened and closed as he ate, pouting as he sucked a piece of noodles in.

Gu Yueze watched and swallowed; his mind couldn’t help but think of a certain image.

Shi Fei looked up and happened to see Gu Yueze’s movements and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want me to give you something to eat?”

He rolled up some spaghetti and fed it to Gu Yueze.

The aroma lingered at the tip of his nose. Gu Yueze slightly lowered his head and ate the pasta. The slightly spicy seafood pasta had a sweet feeling in his mouth for some reason.

The fork that was stained with the other party’s saliva made it feel as if his lips and tongue had been rolled up in his mouth as well.

Shi Fei took his hand and shook it in front of Gu Yueze’s face, saying, “Master Gu, I know I look very beautiful, but your eyes shouldn’t be so hungry; at least hide it a little.”

Gu Yueze, who had been exposed, wasn’t embarrassed. He withdrew his thoughts, took out a nearby tissue, and reached out to wipe off the spaghetti sauce from Shi Fei’s lips.

“How virtuous.” Shi Fei licked the corner of his own mouth and continued to eat the pasta on his plate.

In no time, he finished the plate of spaghetti and vegetable salad all together. Contentedly drinking milk and touching his slightly protruding little tummy, he pulled his trousers up and said, “I can’t eat any more; my tummy is bulging a little bit. I have to go for a run at night to keep my body in shape.”

“You’re still growing; you won’t get fat if you eat more; your tummy will be flat in a while.” The last time he hugged Shi Fei, he felt that he was too skinny; there wasn’t much flesh on him.

“Really? Then I can’t eat anymore. As an artist, I need to have strict body management.” Shi Fei stood up and prepared to walk around the room to accelerate digestion.

Shi Fei slowly walked back and forth in the room to alleviate the bloated feeling, asking as he walked, “By the way, Master Gu, why did you come here?”

Gu Yueze: “I just happened to be in the neighborhood on a business trip, then I got worried after I saw the Weibo posts and came over.”

Shi Fei reached out to his stomach and began massaging it to speed up digestion, saving himself from being bloated. He responded with a smile, “You should know that I won’t ever be at a disadvantage. It’s easier to ask me not to bully others.”

Gu Yueze raised an eyebrow and said, “You won’t suffer, but you’re very good at teasing people. Just now, wasn’t there a little girl who walked out of your room?”

Shi Fei chuckled and said, “How old is she yet you’re jealous? She’s a junior high school student, just a child.” Someone had completely forgotten that he was just a high school student.

Gu Yueze: “You’re only eighteen, so the difference of four years between you two is quite appropriate.”

Shi Fei stroked his chin and, with a look of serious consideration, said, “That seems right. Why don’t I spend some time with her? I’m her idol; if I confess to her, she should agree.”

Gu Yueze’s deep eyes stared at Shi Fei. “You dare?”

Shi Fei lifted his chin and disliked him arrogantly: “Why wouldn’t I dare? What can you do?”

Gu Yueze stepped forward and grabbed Shi Fei’s shoulder, then he lowered his head, and kissed him, biting his lower lip as punishment, and then his tongue drove in and swept across.

Having just finished eating spaghetti, his mouth was full of the flavor of spaghetti, with a little bit of spice. Gu Yueze didn’t like spicy food; he usually liked light meals, but at this time, he was like a traveler in the desert who saw a water source, greedily sucking the moisture in Shi Fei’s mouth, almost wanting to suck the inside dry.

Shi Fei was also not willing to show weakness; his hands nonchalantly wrapped around Gu Yueze’s neck as he kissed back.

Wrapping his arms around Shi Fei’s waist, the two of them spun around the room twice. Shi Fei’s back finally rested against the wall, and the cold passed through his clothes to his body.

The two people’s breaths intertwined, and Gu Yueze really wanted to rub this little goblin into his own arms so he wouldn’t make him worry so much.

“Wait, wait for me; spare me.” Shi Fei gasped and pushed Gu Yueze with his hands against his shoulders.

Gu Yueze let go of Shi Fei, wrapped his arms around his waist, and then touched him up and down, distressed: “Why is your waist so thin? It’s too thin.”

“Where is it thin? I just measured my waist a few days ago, and it’s 71cm.” Shi Fei proudly lifted his jumper up and said, “See, I still have abs.”

“71cm; I thought it would be at least 75cm.” Gu Yueze frowned; he was really too thin. He touched a handful of meat on his stomach and muttered, “Can this be called abs? It’s all bones.”

“”Nowadays, when idols are popular, they all have to have beautiful waists. A thick waist doesn’t look good on camera,” Shi Fei said casually, putting down his hoodie.

“You’re not an idol; you’re a powerhouse. Even if you don’t remain an idol, you still have many choices.” Gu Yueze said it heartily.

“If you let my fans hear this, they would probably punch you. They’re worried on a daily basis that I’d retire from the industry and run away.” Shi Fei bent down and got out from under Gu Yueze’s waist, straightening his clothes.

Then Shi Fei turned his head to look at Gu Yueze; his phoenix-like eyes looked like they had been sketched out by a pen, and his eyebrows arched as he said, “Master Gu, let’s honor the contract.”

Gu Yueze’s deep eyes flickered.

Shi Fei put his hands behind his back, leaned forward, then raised an eyebrow as he spoke, “I’m going to be very busy with my work, and you’ll be even busier, so if you don’t honor the contract tonight, you might have to wait a long time.”

In fact, Gu Yueze had an important project to talk about tonight. But at this moment, as he watched Shi Fei’s handsome face constantly approaching, his slightly immature face held an irresistible attraction. His thin lips slightly parted, and he said, “Okay.”


Afterwards, Shi Fei circled Gu Yueze, once again disliking his outfit: “It’s too formal, it doesn’t look like you’re on a date. You should wear something casual on a date.”

Gu Yueze was helpless; he wore customized suits worth hundreds of thousands, but he was always disliked by Shi Fei for wearing them. “I didn’t bring any luggage.”

Shi Fei’s lips curled. “It’s okay; I’ll let my assistant buy it for you. Come on, let me measure your circumference first.”

With that, Shi Fei moved to measure Gu Yueze’s circumference, and his long and thin fingers, which were especially suitable for playing the piano, recklessly measured the size of Gu Yueze’s body.

Instead of measuring the size, it was more like stroking the flames. The palm of his hand touched Gu Yueze’s waist. “This feels really good. Is that why you think I don’t have abdominal muscles? How do you workout? I feel like your waist circumference should be 78cm; it’s not much fatter than mine, but the feel is really good.”


Shi Fei felt reluctant to let go of Gu Yueze, or rather, his waist.


The person who recklessly lit a fire didn’t even realize that Gu Yueze was getting more and more tense, and even his back was extremely straight.

When he reached out to measure Gu Yueze’s hips, his eyes revealed a look full of desire as he looked at those buttocks; his hand had just touched them when he was grabbed.

Gu Yueze coughed lightly and said, “No more measuring; I’ll just tell you the circumference and the size I usually wear.”

Shi Fei pouted, a bit regretful.

Afterwards, he called Xu Zeming and asked him to go to the neighborhood to buy a set of casual clothes and shoes, in addition to some props for disguising.

When Xu Zeming delivered the clothes and shoes, his face was covered with shock and disbelief. After hesitating for a while, he decided to ask, “Shi Fei, are you dating?”

Although a star’s matter wasn’t something he couldn’t control, as an assistant, he had to know some things in advance so he could be prepared.

“Sort of dating.” Anyway, they had kissed and touched, so there was no need to be too pretentious.

“Are you sure you’re going out on a date? You’re still trending on Weibo.” The implication was that going out at this time was too eye-catching, especially when it came to going on a date with a man.

“It’s fine; I’ve become a regular on the Weibo hot search; just get used to it.” Shi Fei waved his hand at Xu Zeming and said, “Go out first; in a moment, you can go to the door to meet us.”

The hotel room door closed.

Gu Yueze was holding his mobile phone and was instructing Zhang Mu to cancel the signing project this evening. When he saw Shi Fei coming over, he naturally put the phone back in his pocket.

Shi Fei carried two bags to him and said, “Go to the washroom and change; I won’t peek at you.”

Gu Yueze took the bags, his long and slender legs heading towards the washroom to change.

Shi Fei bent over and sneakily walked to the restroom, wanting to open the door to peek, only to find that it was locked inside.

He banged at the door with all his might: “Why is it locked?”

The sound of changing clothes came from inside. “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t peek?”

Shi Fei turned around and leaned against the door, his hands wrapped around his chest, as he said with a serious expression, “You can’t take my words seriously. There’s no reason not to look at beauty.”

Gu Yueze: “I’m afraid I can’t help it.”

Shi Fei said, “No, I can bear it.”


“I’m afraid I won’t want to bear it.” The door of the room opened at once, and while he was caught off guard, Shi Fei, who was leaning on the door, fell backward with his whole body.

A sturdy arm scooped up Shi Fei and pulled him steadily into Gu Yueze’s arms.

Shi Fei took two steps back to take a closer look at Gu Yueze’s outfit. “Very handsome.”

Xu Zeming didn’t buy a very exaggerated style; he should have bought it according to Shi Fei’s usual dressing preferences.

A white t-shirt and a light blue shirt on the outside, and black casual jeans on the bottom.

When a person was handsome, they could dress any way they wanted.

Afterwards, the two of them disguised themselves a little more, and Shi Fei took out two fake beards to stick on them. He also took out two pairs of large black-framed eyeglasses for both of them and paired them with two black duck tongue caps.

Looking left and right in the mirror, he wasn’t too satisfied with his appearance. “No, my face is too tender; it’ll be easily discovered. I have to change it.”

Then he tore off his fake beard and patted his face with cosmetics, blackening his previously fair skin by at least three shades and adding some freckles.

Now he was satisfied.

Gu Yueze watched as he made himself look ugly and said with heartache, “I can just book the entire cinema; you don’t have to work so hard to disguise yourself.”

Shi Fei picked up the cap and put it back on, saying, “Where is the hard work? What’s more, watching a movie is all about the atmosphere; if you fully book the theater, it’d be boring to watch in silence.”

Almost done, Shi Fei hooked his arm up and made a gesture like a boy walking a girl down the aisle.

“Let’s get going then.”

Gu Yueze reached out and flicked Shi Fei’s head, his eyes slightly doting: “You just know how to be naughty.”

Reaching out, he took Shi Fei’s hand and walked towards the door.



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