Change privacy settings TN: Warning: Viole-nt scenes ahead “In about half an hour, we’ll be at the Dorman border. No large-scale w-ar has broken out between the government forces and the opposition w-arlords in Dorman now, but local conflicts still occur frequently. Everyone must pay attention to safety.” A tall black soldier said loudly.   […]

C113 —- When Will He Return

Change privacy settings   Li Yan looked up and saw Xie Yifeng walking in the direction he came from wearing the same white T-shirt. His back was facing Li Yan, even without seeing his face, it gave Li Yan a strong sense of youth, whether it was the thin body, soft hair, and slightly swaying […]


Change privacy settings   Dingguo Gongfu. It was already the time of Shen (15:00-16:59). Since the snow stopped at noon, the wind had gradually diminished, and although it was still white outside, the foggy sky was finally showing some brightness. The old lady of the Gu family was in the main courtyard, wrapped in thick coats, […]


Change privacy settings Her family was expecting her to arrive soon, she was afraid that they would have to wait longer, so Gu Wuyou asked some maids and guards to escort the rest of the carriage back first, and explain to her family that when the wind and snow stopped, she would return home. As […]


Change privacy settings “What?!” Old Madam Wang’s eyes widened, her face was full of disbelief, she frowned and looked at her carefully for a while, but eventually held Gu Wuyou’s hand and sighed: “Wuyou, are you overly sad? Grandma knows about this, you aren’t happy, you have grievances in your heart, there is no excuse.” […]


Change privacy settings   “Why isn’t Miss awake yet?” “It’s all Miss’s Cousin’s fault, if it wasn’t for her and Mr. Zhao …… Miss wouldn’t have been so angry that she fell into the lake.” “Stop it, we are in the Wang family after all, if the lady hears, I’m afraid she will be upset […]


Change privacy settings She turned around again and asked, “Do I look okay? Wei Sheng nodded somewhat unsure, “It looks good.” “After changing, hurry out, don’t let your father wait anxiously.” Yang Lichun admonished. Wei Sheng also mechanically changed her skirt and followed her mother downstairs. Because the memories from more than ten years ago […]