My Ideal Town


Chinese Name: 我的理想小鎮[無限]
Chapters: 343




Game Tester Mu Sichen was pitted and transmigrated into a holographic game. The game was an apocalyptic world after a cataclysmic event, where there were unnameable monsters everywhere, and they had divided the world into different towns.


The monsters had divided the world into different towns, and the survivors were scattered in these towns. Mu Sichen waved his demolition hoop and swung it to k-ill an unidentifiable monster that terrorized the town.


A teary-eyed survivor took the tools and asked expectantly, “Won’t you lead us to build a home?”


Mu Sichen: “I am only a trainee, the ideal home is still to be built by you, I am only responsible for grabbing the site.”


So Mu Sichen carried his demolition hoop through the different towns and snatched the territory, and accidentally snatched Qin Zhou, who was called “the last hope of mankind”.


The leader of the survivors chased after him, “You robbed the wrong person, Qin Zhou is the protector of our safe zone!”



Mu Sichen looked at Qin Zhou, who was holding him tightly. He was a bit silly. He seemed willing to be robbed by him-


The Qin family had a secret, they guarded human beings in the last ages with their strength. He was going crazy. Each person with the ability of “field” would eventually become an indescribable monster.


In order to delay the attack, Qin Zhou became weaker and weaker. Until one day, a man with a pickaxe came to the safety zone. Qin Zhou immediately hugged him and whispered, “Take me away quickly. ”


The man pinched Qin Zhou’s hand, “I can take you away, but loosen your grip, I’m a little out of breath.”


“Oh.” Qin Zhou agreed but his grip tightened.


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