I Am The White Moonlight Of The Paranoid Immortal

Chinese Name: 我是偏执仙君的白月光[重生]
Chapter: 93



After he fell asleep on the bed and died a violent death, Chu Qi realized that he was actually a cannon fodder in a cultivation text. His role was to die at the age of twenty and become the white moonlight of the text’s immortal monarch big brother Yan Jiuge.


Chu Qi: ????


That Yan Jiuge, who was always annoyed with him, resented him for dragging his feet and wanted to fight with him, secretly liked him for ten years?


It turned out that, after Chu Qi’s death, in order to bring him back to life, Yan Jiuge went on the knife mountain and under the sea of fire to scavenge for heavenly treasures, and was finally trapped by the heart demon for life, his path of immortality was sucked away by a scrappy protagonist.


After watching the plot, Chu Qi was tortured by the ending of Yan Jiuge into a basket of tears, and was reborn back to the age of ten. At this time, Yan Jiuge, who was dressed in black and gold, gave a cold grunt and looked disgusted: “You’ve been crying for a long time. I’m afraid you want me to carry you, don’t you?”


Chu Qi touched the tears that didn’t exist in the corner of his eyes and held out his hand to Yan Jiuge. “Yes, you should.”


Chu Qi: Fortunately, I know the truth now. You wanted to carry me, not fight with me.


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