C85 —- [3.24 — Judgement Day]

Change privacy settings Jiu Shu’s expression was a bit subtle. Just when he wanted to say something, he saw many more tentacles growing on the walls.   As far as the eye could see, the entire banquet hall was wrapped in flesh and b*lood, and the elegantly designed decorative walls were filled with vegetation-like growths […]

C82 — [3.21 — Judgement Day]

Change privacy settings Somewhere outside the banquet hall.   Looking at the blown-up corridor outside the banquet hall, Li Sheng felt that the butcher definitely wouldn’t survive.   He had succeeded!   “god of doom, I’ve succeeded!”   On the corridor covered with red carpet, Li Sheng was looking with anticipation at the several people […]

C80 — [3.19 — Judgment Day]

Change privacy settings In the recording studio of the television building, the brightly dressed female host suddenly stopped moving. Even her originally eerie expression froze. Li Qi was still struggling frantically to escape the grip of the god of doom. She bit the person next to her fiercely and managed to break free, running away […]

C79 — [3.18 — Judgement Day]

Change privacy settings Therefore, it was necessary to find a way to deal with Lu Yuan! The young man’s expression was gloomy. Behind him, those people who were originally still indulging in publicizing the god of doom also revealed the same gloomy expression as him. But for some reason, this gloomy expression was mixed with […]

C76 — [3.15 —- Judgment Day]

Change privacy settings The news was on TV. The country’s economic situation had been deteriorating lately, and this had been accompanied by an increasingly depressing social atmosphere and an increasingly impatient population. The growth rate of mu*rder cases was increasing. The rate of detection was very low. “Police have now launched a more detailed investigation […]