C1.28 —- Crime Record

Rustling–   Outside the window, the elongated humanoids were constantly emitting strange, tiny whispers, extremely infectious whispers that were at a level where anyone would feel uncomfortable.     However, Jiu Shu acted like it was nothing, calmly observing these slender humanoids that were clinging to the window as if they were looking for something. […]

C1.27 —– Crime Record

  Taking off his sunglasses, Jiu Shu observed the elongated human bodies outside the hotel, his gaze going from the semi-solid plasma-like liquid that made up their bodies to the blood-colored rain that was still falling from the sky.     This was the second strange phenomenon besides the blood mist, but compared to the […]

C1.24 —-Crime Record

Upon hearing You Xin’s voice, You Xin’s fingers holding the white cloth paused for a moment, his already pale bones flushed a bloodless, dead white from subconsciously tightening.   [Why don’t you say something?] You Xin’s grim voice seemed particularly harsh in the basement. The tall man lowered his eyes, no emotion could be seen […]