Reborn As The Sixteen Year Old Figure Skating King

Chinese Name: 重回十六歲的花滑大魔王
Chapters : 68




In his last life, Lin Lang was once lost because of bullying. He delicately collided with him, he hit his body heavily on the ice, cut his calf with a sharp ice skate, and bloo-d spread on the ice. Because of this shadow , he stood still for three years, but when he came back, everything had changed. The bully took all the medals and had numerous fans.


He caught up and became a great devil in the skating field. However, he died suddenly in the competition field that was about to completely destroy him, and almost created the next era completely belonging to him.


Before he closed his eyes, he made a wish to the God, and asked to borrow another ten years to give him time to rise up again and defend his crown. After opening his eyes, everything went back to the year when he had just been bullied, and he had a new starting point that he could freely use—— Shen Lianqiu, as the best skate maker of the younger generation, met Lin Lang when he returned home. Once the fat child who dared not look up even when talking had grown into a young boy with a slim figure, but still with a wide hat, he was alone in a dark corner. As always, he was timid, as if nothing had changed except his body. Shen Lianqiu kept this idea until Lin Lang, who was reborn, took off his hat in front of him and set foot on the ice rink. Charming and dangerous, extreme and crazy. He had no sense of existence in peacetime. Lin Lang was the king who ruled everything on the court. No one could look at others without his permission.


The once-embryonic bird had long since metamorphosed, leaving behind only an eagle who could look out over the entire playing field with open wings.


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