C32 – The Reason

Xiao Yu stared blankly at the intact man in front of him, unable to believe that the other party was still alive.


Forcefully wiping away the tears in his eyes and pinching the other’s cheeks, he choked out with trembling lips, “You, you didn’t die…”


“I know you’re full of doubts, but this isn’t the time to talk about it.” Cang Hai held Xiao Yu’s hand tightly. “The spatial rift is very unstable; we must hurry and leave here.”


Xiao Yu then woke up as if in a dream: “The thing in mid-air is a spatial rift.”


Cang Hai nodded slightly. “It finally worked, Xiao Yu. Are you ready to come to my world?”


Xiao Yu held Cang Hai’s hand tightly. In these days of living on the desolate planet, there was really no need to say that there was much suffering and hardship.


Because of Cang Hai’s presence, his wandering journey was no different from a holiday.


So much so that when he was saying goodbye, he actually felt a little bit of regret as they ended the days on the desolate planet.


“I’m ready.”


He said goodbye to Desolate Star and felt a little more sorry in his heart.


Perhaps soon after they left, the Desolate Star would be heading towards its destiny of destruction.


Cang Hai silently took out the remains of the mecha in his spatial ring that were able to defend them and put them on, protecting the important parts.


After all, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t encounter any danger in the spatial rift.


“Alright,” Cang Hai said, making the final protective measures, “we should set off.”


Xiao Yu climbed onto Cang Hai’s back, and as Cang Hai fired the last of his stored energy shots towards the ground, they were pushed up into midair together by the reaction force and disappeared into the spatial rift.


It wasn’t his first time traveling through space, but it was clear that he was in much better condition this time than when he first arrived at the Desolate Planet, and he didn’t have any adverse reactions other than a bit of vertigo.


He only experienced a little bit of weightlessness at the end, which was perfectly resolved by Cang Hai’s embrace.


He was pressed against Cang Hai’s body, and in front of Cang Hai was a verdant green grassland, which was blooming with flowers that couldn’t be named, in stark contrast to the barren barren star.


“Is this a dream?”


Everything in front of him was so beautiful that he doubted its authenticity.


Cang Hai’s chest shook slightly. “We’ve left the Desolate Star; can you get off me first?”


Xiao Yu hurriedly climbed off at his words, and then he looked at his legs in a dazed manner and asked, “How did my tail…”


“Turn to legs?” Cang Hai seemed to have long anticipated such an outcome.


Xiao Yu quickly asked, “You know what’s going on?”


Cang Hai got up and stroked his hair soothingly. “Don’t be anxious; I’ll tell you everything. But before that, I have to contact my subordinates and ask them to send us home.”


The way Cang Hai contacted his subordinates was also very simple; his mecha wreckage came with a positioning system; all he needed to do was activate the positioning system, and naturally, he would be able to have his subordinates locate his position.


The Desolate Star didn’t belong to any galactic dependencies that had structured a signal station, which simply meant that there was no signal on the Desolate Star, so it had been impossible to complete the positioning.


At the same time, he also realized that the communicator he had placed in his spatial ring was ringing non-stop.


After pondering for a moment, he muted the communicator. More than reporting safety, what he needed to do now was explain the causes and consequences to the little mermaid.


“In fact, when I discovered that there were underwater plants on the land, I vaguely had a conjecture that perhaps the Desolate Star wasn’t an unattended planet, but rather it had long been discovered by a certain power and had remained an important planet.”


Cang Hai’s words shocked Xiao Yu’s jaw open, and deep grooves gathered between his eyebrows; he just couldn’t figure it out. “How did you come to this conclusion?”


Cang Hai slowly shook his head. “This has always been my guess, and it was only after the spatial rift was opened that my guess was confirmed. Xiao Yu, this desolate star is actually the cradle of the mermaids, and the key to opening the spatial rift wasn’t the energy of those beasts but your spiritual energy. Your spiritual energy is the real reason why we broke away from the desolate star.”


Xiao Yu digested Cang Hai’s words with difficulty: “When did my spiritual energy become the key to opening the spatial rift?”


Cang Hai patiently explained, “If you carefully recall the beasts that we encountered along the way, you will find that their distribution is actually traceable. There are many different types of beasts in the sea, but we only encountered the black-bearded octopus in the Desolate Star. The black-bearded octopus’s biggest characteristic is that it lives in seawater that is about a hundred meters underwater, whereas as far as I know, mermaids can at most survive in seabeds that are more than a thousand meters underwater.”


“Such a distribution can perfectly avoid a situation where a juvenile mermaid encounters a powerful beast hunting it, and I think that at a thousand meters underwater, there must be some weak creatures that can supply the mermaids with prey.” Otherwise, it would be impossible for Xiao Yu to survive to adulthood.


Xiao Yu, after all, transmigrated and didn’t understand the lives of mermaids. However, he felt that Cang Hai was right; it was difficult to imagine what would happen if a weak underage mermaid encountered a black bearded octopus.


But there was also another possibility: if his transmigration was without any medium, meaning that he appeared out of thin air, then these assumptions of Cang Hai’s wouldn’t make sense.


Inexplicably feeling a bit guilty, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but ask, “What if the mermaid accidentally enters the shallow sea and is caught by the black bearded octopus?”


This was also where Cang Hai felt puzzled; he had also thought about this possibility, but after thinking about it, he could only come up with a relatively reasonable guess: “I think there’s another possibility; your guardian mermaid might have encountered danger and had no choice but to leave you alone on the Desolate Star and also set up an anchor point before he left.”


“Anchor point?” Xiao Yu encountered a term he didn’t understand and habitually asked Cang Hai.


“It is also known as a triggered spatial rift, which is often used for space-time leaps of spaceships, hence the name Anchor Point.” Cang Hai explained.


Creating a trigger like a spatial crack required more energy than just a speck. Even if Xiao Yu’s understanding of the world only came from the novel, he roughly realized the immense power of the guardian mermaid.


The premise was based on if Cang Hai’s guess wasn’t wrong.


As a matter of fact, Xiao Yu had actually over thought things; his body had traveled down to the Desolate Planet in a time and space shuttle, and there was no such thing as a Guardian Mermaid.


His body’s cells had mutated during the shuttle, and by chance he had turned into a mermaid, and it didn’t have much to do with the Desolate Star.


Cang Hai’s guess turned out to be right; it was indeed Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy that had opened the spatial rift, but that was because the energy of the Beasts as well as the energy generated by the Desolate Star’s earthquake provided the conditions for the creation of the spatial rift, and the addition of Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy that caused the spatial rift to be created was the result of a quantitative change that caused a qualitative change.


The fact that they were able to leave the desolate planet through the spatial rift was quite unplanned.


Xiao Yu didn’t want to talk more about this possibility and simply changed the topic to “You still haven’t told me what happened to my legs?”


Cang Hai replied, “The legs and tails of an adult mermaid can be freely converted, so I think when your spiritual energy stabilized, you got the ability to complete the conversion between legs and tail. You can give it a try.”


Xiao Yu sank into his mind and silently thought about turning his legs into a fish tail, and sure enough, his legs came together to the point where fish scales gradually emerged and eventually wrapped around his legs, and the fish tail appeared.


He thought about turning into legs again, and the fish scales quickly faded. The fins cracked in the middle, and the tail turned back into legs.


So magical!


Xiao Yu’s eyes glowed, and he couldn’t get enough of his legs.


He could finally walk on his own and didn’t need to rely on Cang Hai to carry him around.


Cang Hai seemed to guess what Xiao Yu was thinking and abruptly picked him up. “Even if you have legs, you can still rely on me just as much, for as long as you want.”


The corner of Xiao Yu’s mouth rose slightly, and his chin lifted slightly as he proudly asked, “After saying so much, you still haven’t told me how you ended up surviving. Obviously, when I looked down from above, there was absolutely no sign of you in the abyss.”


Cang Hai sighed. “I thought you had forgotten all about it.”


Xiao Yu wrapped his hands around Cang Hai’s neck and said, “You thought beautifully; tell me the truth!”


Cang Hai had no choice but to start from the beginning. “When I found out that your spiritual energy might help open the spatial rift, I planned everything. I did a two-handed preparation, hunting beasts to prepare for the final battle while secretly digging a hole below the cliff.”


Xiao Yu was stunned, then said angrily, “You tricked me?”


“You can’t say it’s a trick.” Cang Hai knew that he was in the wrong, and he quickly fawned over him. “In order for us to survive, I had to make sure that everything was foolproof; that’s why I didn’t tell you all the plans. I’m sorry; I promise I won’t hide anything from you again that doesn’t affect the bigger picture.”


Xiao Yu: “……”


There was no need to be so strict when swearing. What do you mean by a situation that doesn’t affect the big picture? Did he have to add such a premise?


However, he had to admit that Cang Hai was right; if Cang Hai had told him the complete plan ahead of time, it would be impossible for his emotions to have so many ups and downs, and his spiritual energy might not have been enough to open the temporal rift.


“Forget it; let’s forget it this time.” Xiao Yu warned him, “Next time, don’t blame me for not being polite if you play such an exciting game.”


“As you wish, Officer Xiao.” Cang Hai assured him very obediently.


It would have been easier to believe his repentance if his palm wasn’t pressed on his bum.



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