The Rescue Of The Tragic Villain Is in Progress


Chapters: 285




In the novel, in addition to a protagonist who occupied all the heavenly fortune, the essential was the beautiful and strong tragic villains. They were either amazing, or powerful, but because of the crazy obsession with the protagonist, they became pathological and paranoid, and finally became the villain that everyone hated.


The author abused their bodies and hearts. There was no place to take root and no place to be buried. In the end, they were bitter in life. They didn’t see the light of day, they didn’t get loved, they didn’t know the sweet taste. The world hated them, hid them, and didn’t show kindness.


Readers cried a lot and begged the author to give them a good ending. The unscrupulous author said: villains, of course, the more miserable the better, the more bitter the better, the more ruthless the better. It’s better to break their arm and leg. The worse the readers cry, the happier I am.



System: Please save them.
Author: Who???
System: Your villains.


The system was full of emotion : They are amazing, they are gorgeous, they are pitiful and lonely, they…


Author: Special p-ervert…

The system pulled things in its pocket: Come on, this disfigured villain is yours, this broken leg villain is yours, and this crazy villain is being criticized…


The author knelt down and spat out his old bl-ood: Please let me go! -————

Small theater: villains are lonely and bullied in childhood. In order to save them, unscrupulous author must always appeared to protect the villains at the critical moment, and take care of them.


Finally, he finished the task and was ready to retire but now the evil villain who was obsessed with the main character, was now red faced.

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