On the field, the 110m hurdles preliminaries of the second group of players were ready, Su Zhe stood in the field after 10 days of absence, excitement suddenly surged in his heart, he felt the strength in his body accumulating, just waiting for a burst of opportunity!         Before participating in today’s competition, his […]


    Ma Wenmin stared blankly at Li Zheng, until Li Zheng said it again, she came back to her senses, her face revealing a complex expression.         “Is it possible?” She was asking Li Zheng, moreover, she was asking herself.         Was it possible? What they were missing wasn’t a month or two months of […]


  Zhu Qing’an also saw the man who broke into his field of vision.         He instantly froze in place.         The straw was too soft and warm, so he couldn’t help but take a nap. And didn’t know everything that happened after the man entered the cave.         When he opened his eyes again, […]


“Then thank Professor Dong for me.” Ma Wenmin’s expression was very calm, so that people couldn’t clearly see the emotions in her eyes.         The man smiled sarcastically, then nodded to Li Zheng and others, before trotting away.         “Teacher Wen is sick?” Zhong Peng couldn’t help but ask. He had met him couple a […]