Listening to his words, Wen Run pursed his lips, feeling a little sweet in his heart, but he still insisted on his ideas. Ye Hansheng wanted to be good to him, and he certainly wanted to do something for Ye Hansheng. He resisted shyness and retorted in a small voice, “but I also want to […]


“Mr. Sirami, I hope you can have a good listen to our Chinese instruments, there are differences in countries, and music has no borders.” Shi Fei finished these words and put his hand on the guqin.     Opening with the guqin, a song called “Water Dragon Chant” rang out, and the heart strings were […]


“Get on the ventilator, 10 mL of Cardovin inje-ction.”     “Dr. Kach, the patient’s blo-od test results.”     “I really didn’t expect that a person infected with so many viruses could still survive till now.” Kach handed the report to Li Zheng.     Li Zheng was wearing a green protective suit, his […]


With his staff in hand, Rong Yue almost laughed.   “You allow? Well, I allow you to allow, now ask if he’s willing.”   The young girl grew up pampered, and people around her held her in high regard, not only in their salt tribe, but also in the surrounding small tribes that lived off […]


Zhu Qing’an:”……?”     He overheard the man’s words, and slowly raised his head, his white cheeks still stained with a little cream. He licked his lips, a little confused.     What did he mean by he had to learn what adults did? Did the paper man think he didn’t know how to do […]