The leading boss felt humiliated and didn’t care anymore, he waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”     They kindly asked these little fat sheeps to hand over their food, and they not only refused to listen but also humiliated him, so don’t blame him for not being polite!     It […]


    When walking in front of Ye Qingcheng’s painting, the three judges’ faces all showed a stunned expression.   When they saw Shi Fei’s painting, compared to Ye Qingcheng’s stunned expression, they looked at Shi Fei’s painting with a gloomy expression.     “It’s over, one look at the judges’ expressions, Shi Fei’s drawing […]


  “You said it was that young man who just gave me the medicine.” After Zhao Mu returned to his room, he immediately called his secretary over.     Zhao Mu’s secretary was the young man who had just asked Li Zheng for the medicine – Xiao Wang.     Xiao Wang nodded, “That person […]