Bonus Chapter: Thanks for the kofi, kofi supporter Although on the outside, he looked mature and sensible, Duan Hengye also had a very childish side.         For example, the current Duan Hengye was very much like a child who promised his parents that he would not watch TV again, but then picked up the remote […]


  L City airport exit. The shutter sound was ringing non-stop, other passengers passing around looked back in confusion, but only saw the unfamiliar Su Zhe and his party.         “Wow, that little brother is so handsome, is he a new idol? He looks a little familiar ah!”         Many of the girls who were […]


    It also started with the show <<The Sims>>.         Reality shows were usually filmed in a short period of time and were usually broadcasted while filming.         The theme of the first episode was already out, while the main broadcast would be divided into two phases.         The team of the program in order […]


Her family was expecting her to arrive soon, she was afraid that they would have to wait longer, so Gu Wuyou asked some maids and guards to escort the rest of the carriage back first, and explain to her family that when the wind and snow stopped, she would return home. As for the others, […]


  The death after being injected with h*roin, the uncertainty and despair of facing one’s life alone in that silent world, at this time, all seemed to be just things in one’s dreams ……         When Jiang Chengyi opened his eyes again, he was sitting in a movie theater, the air conditioner overhead blew cool […]