“Did he really ask?” Ye Hansheng slightly leaned forward, carefully measuring Zheng Xuan’s expression, as if he wanted to see whether he was making up a story to deceive him.   Zheng Xuan ignored his gaze, he calmly held the cup of tea and took a sip, “He asked, believe it or not, it’s up […]


The production line was smoothly set up, with the sound of roaring machines, a vat of fish bones and fish liver was poured into the huge sealed tank, pressed, atomized, crystallized. When the Roche technician announced that the crystallization test met the production standards, a thunderous applause broke out in the factory.   “Our local […]


“Chaoyang, Uncle Li.” Li Zheng also didn’t expect to meet them on this occasion.   He nodded to Wang Mashang.   Wang Mashang hurriedly waved away the security guards who had walked over, and he turned to Li Chaoyang and his father with a stunned expression, “You know Mr. Li? You didn’t tell me earlier!” […]