When The Paranoid Learned To Behave


Chinese Name: 當偏執狂學乖後
Chapters: 63


The twenty-three-year-old He Zhidu was a mad dog, he was bad, sick and pale, everyone was afraid of him and avoided him.


The twenty-seven year old Jiang Qing had three gold awards, he was gentle, powerful and charming, everyone wanted to get him.


Everyone wanted Jiang Qing, but Jiang Qing wanted He Zhidu. He Zhidu was asked about it. He leaned against the wall and said, “Like him? It’s impossible.”



Later, when he was organizing a dinner party, Jiang Qing was late. Some people heard that He Zhidu had blocked him. It seemed that he wanted to fight. They hurried to help, but when they got to the door, they heard the conversation coming from the house. “In just 20 minutes, you smiled at someone else three times.”


“I can’t even laugh?”-



– They were together for a long time, but they still broke up. He saw He Zhidu again in a foreign country on the street, he was in the rain, without an umbrella, poor thing. Jiang Qing picked him up, helped him arrange everything, and stayed with him for a day. When he wanted to leave at midnight, He Zhidu grabbed his coat and whispered, “Brother, I’m good now. Don’t go, OK?”

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