After Being Revived As The Cannon Fodder NPCS Are Obssesed With

Chinese Name: 被NPC過度迷戀的炮灰複活後
Chapters: 129




Crazy paranoid game NPC attack X stupid cute little beauty suffer


Because he mistook NPCs as teammates, it caused the game worlds to collapse, Chu Chen’an was forcibly resurrected by the horror game system. And his cannon fodder task had changed from carrying the damage for the main character to completing all the tasks for the main character!


Chu Chenan:… Second death experience card Σ (O_O;)


– Chu Chen’an and his “teammate” met again. At this time, NPC Qin Jue was sitting leisurely, holding in his arms… Chu Chen’an’s original body that already cold. Qin Jue patted his cold back with his pale finger bones, “Okay, I’m here, baby, don’t afraid…”


That scene, was strange but with a touch of warmth …… It was weird as hell!


Between ghosts and gods, Chu Chen’an and Qin Jue were facing each other. Qin Jue’s eyes were light, and he suddenly pinched his neck. Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled, and the corners of his eyes turned red. He was finished. Qin Jue approached, and gradually… blo-odthirstily, he smiled. “I found you, little liar.”

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