Only after his death did Lu Xiaoning learn that he was the cannon fodder real young master in the book “Fake Young Master Is The Hearthrob”.


He was swapped by his adoptive parents at birth. The real parents and brothers who learned the truth took him home, but had no intention of sending the fake young master away. When the fake young master blatantly bullied him, everyone turned a blind eye, and when he fought back, everyone blamed him.


So he tried every possible way to frame the fake, but he died first at his hands. After his death, he transmigrated to another beauty text, he just needed to be a heartless green tea scum suffer and he could be reborn. After completing the task, he was reborn back in the original world, mastered the full level of green tea skills and he, step by step, got back everything that belonged to him.



# His parents and brothers wanted to make up for him # # The fake young master loved him so much that he was willing to give up his seat # When Lu Xiaoning became a group pet, he was shocked to find that the prince of the plutocrat family Xie Peiran, who had been clinging to him since he was reborn, was his “scum” countless times in the task worlds. Xie Peiran pushed Lu Xiaoning, who was bound by him, onto the sofa: “Baby, follow me.”

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