After Mermaid O Got The Su Shuang’s script

Chinese Name: 人魚O拿到蘇爽劇本後





Xiao Yu transmigrated into an intergalactic novel and became a mermaid Omega. However, he wasn’t very lucky and crossed into a deserted star that was about to be destroyed, and he fell in love with the villain in the book. What to do? The only way to get by was to get away? This person, Ji Canghai, had been a five-star general admired by millions of people, but also a notorious star pirate. No one knew that this cold-blo-oded and ruthless killing machine, the only piece of softness in his heart was left to his little mermaid. Due to genetic defects, the mermaid clan would gradually become violent and eventually die without the help of an Omega. The mermaid race, which hadn’t had a mermaid O birth for hundreds of years, suffered from a shortened average life span, and its technology, culture, and mineral resources were also greatly constrained. Xiao Yu, who had crossed over, became the only salvation for the mermaids by mistake, and was also hated by the enemies of the mermaid race. While many forces were fighting for him, only Ji Canghai stood by his side and never gave up. “The reason others look up to you and worship you is because you are strong enough to guard or take away their lives.”


“I am the only one in the world who loves you, not only because I long for your body.”



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