C86.3 —- [3.25 – Judgement Day]

The youth wasn’t the least bit afraid and just stood up to his palm, and without changing his expression, he allowed the god of doom to hold him more carefully and place him in front of him.


Compared to the huge palm of the god of doom, he was as small as a mole cricket.


However, being held in the heart of the god of doom’s hand, he had the feeling of being cherished in a million ways.


This time they couldn’t hear any voices at all and could only vaguely see the youth’s figure hidden by the god of doom’s hair.


“I have never lied to you and have always loved you, both the complete you and the current you.”


“If words aren’t enough to prove it, want to cut open my heart and take a look?”


Jiu Shu’s tone was serious as he revealed his chest under the collar.


As the cold white fingers tugged at the collar, they revealed the smooth and graceful lines of the muscles underneath.


“If it’s you, it doesn’t matter if you k*ill me.”


Jiu Shu arched his eyebrows, his smile genuine.


He was serious.


He knew that the god of doom could cut open a person’s heart without hurting that person.


Of course, it didn’t matter if he had to be ki*lled; that meant He would completely recognize his love.


Hearing those words, the god of doom froze almost instantly.


His pupils trembled visibly as they were magnified countless times.


He looked at Jiu Shu and realized that his beloved didn’t even think that those words just now seemed so morbid to the common man.


Or maybe his beloved knew and only said it to prove his love for him.


Because he loved him.


And so he was willing to become insane with him.


“……” The god of doom’s huge pupils softened.


The uncertainty and uneasiness that were still lingering from before also completely dissipated.


He had only been uneasy; the presence of Jiu Shu alone was enough to sweep the uneasiness away.


Guiltily, he closed the collar of Jiu Shu’s coat with the hair made up of veins and countless strands as thin as a child’s arm, remained wrapped around his lover’s body for a long time, unwilling to move away.


“There’s no need to be so eager for me; I’m just… I’m just being childish.”


The god of doom’s voice was low.


He also understood his own immaturity.


Madness made it impossible for him to learn to be mature and know how to love someone gently.


This current appearance was a mistake shared by him and Lu Yuan.


Earlier, after walking all the way from the hotel to His main body located underground in the city center, He and Lu Yuan entered the main body under the watchful eyes of Jiu Shu.


The fusion process was that simple.


And yet it had unexpectedly failed.


He did want to fuse, but his subconscious resistance made the fusion fail.


The main body was still in the city center.


After that tremor, the split souls had, however, all turned into different individuals wandering around the city in a final struggle.


“I’m sorry.” He shouldn’t have caused the fusion to fail.


“There’s no need to apologize, because I love you and don’t really care.”


The tenderness of Jiu Shu’s smile caused the god of doom to be lost in fascination for a long time.


Until Jiu Shu let out a little gasp and said, “You can stop now.”


With a slightly helpless smile on his face, Jiu Shu pulled out the strands of hair that were squirming under his shirt.


“!” The god of doom looked at his lover, whose cheeks were flushed and who could only lean on his fingers, and for the first time was glad that he couldn’t see the blush on his face right now.


“Mmm, okay.” He withdrew those unintelligent strands of hair with a bit of a blush.


After a final clinging glance at Jiu Shu, he placed him carefully on the ground, while the body made of flesh and bl*ood slowly dissipated, blending into the buildings of the city.


He was going back into his own body to wait for the fusion.


After knowing that his lover truly loved him, there was no reason to continue wandering.


Of course, before putting down Jiu Shu, he remembered to sweep away all those strange humans nearby and beat them half to death.


Preventing them from getting in the way.


Especially the guy who had called for the kid-napping of Jiu Shu. He hit him extra hard.


He definitely couldn’t let his lover know that he had such a believer.


“See you afterwards.”




Jiu Shu smiled as he watched the god of doom disappear in front of him.


The god of doom was easy to coax with a few words, but he didn’t know what to do about Lu Yuan.


Sometimes, the more silent one was, the more depressed and difficult they were.


Glancing at the unfamiliar mercenaries nearby, Jiu Shu narrowed his gaze and turned to leave the area.


The mercenaries watched this human, who had been treated gently by the god of doom, leave.


“Perhaps the god of doom has really fallen in love with a human.”


Someone broke the silent atmosphere, his voice a little numb, as if he still couldn’t believe it.


But this had indeed happened right in front of their eyes; there was no second possibility.


The crowd fell into a near-dead silence.


The ones who had managed to escape were now injured.


Although it wasn’t to the point of death, it wasn’t pleasant either, so they could only stay here for the time being like this.


It was just that, as followers of the god of doom, their moods at this time were inevitably a bit complicated.


Looking at the direction in which Jiu Shu left, none of them knew what they were thinking.


After resting for a long time, they finally had some strength and were ready to go look for a way out.


Staying here would only be a dead end.


They took the half-dead young reporter with them, asking him questions along the way, trying to figure out what was going on.


Knowing some more information could also be useful for their next search for the exit.


“god of doom, the god of doom stole the butcher’s lover; that’s what happened!”


The young reporter had lost a few teeth from the beating; his speech was slurred, and now he could only speak the information he knew with his eyes lifeless.


“Butcher?” What butcher? How did a butcher appear here?


The crowd was confused.


Then they heard the extremely eloquent young reporter reveal a shocking piece of gossip: “That person was the butcher’s lover, and as a result, he was taken by the god of doom, so now he has specially built a city to keep that person, got it?”


“It’s really not something you made up?” The mercenary captain frowned in question.


No one in their right mind would believe something so dogmatic.


No one had such great charm to play on two boats with the god of doom.


[TN: two boats — having two lovers simultaneously]


“What I said is true! The god of doom was in love and couldn’t get him before, and now he probably got him, so he disappeared.”


The crowd was still in disbelief.


That was until they heard a weird sound coming from the roadside.




“What’s that sound?” The mercenaries raised their heads alertly.


The unresponsive flesh and blo*od monsters along the way just now made them relax their guard a little, but still, their lives were more important, and now they were on guard again.


“Erm, this can’t be the butcher that Li Qi mentioned…” The young reporter looked at the figure gradually walking at the end of the street in a bit of a trance.


He was very similar to what Li Qi had said.


Tall, with more perfect muscle proportions than a human, the lines were sturdy and powerful, and at a glance, one could tell the terrifying explosive power contained within.




With every step, the machete behind the butcher would make the sound of a blade’s surface hitting the ground, giving people the creeps.


“He seems to know how to cut people!”


The young reporter gulped.


“Who cares if he slashes or not? Just shoot him!”


“Don’t! Don’t! We can’t shoot; it’ll provoke him. Let’s hide! Hurry up!” The young reporter was resourceful for the first time and found a corner to hide.


He had already been scared out of his wits by the god of doom just now, and now, with a head full of wounds, he no longer had the courage to go on the same rampage as before.


But the mercenaries weren’t that naive.

They were similarly hiding in the corners of the walls, but they all held their heads up and waited in a tight line.


Although they felt the aura of this humanoid monster was terrifying, they were also prepared to fight.




The tall figure of the butcher came closer and closer, appearing taller and taller.


The mercenaries who were originally considered tall were like adolescent children compared to him, and the sense of oppression that wasn’t strong yet became stronger and stronger as he got closer.


The mercenaries somehow had the feeling of facing the god of doom all over again.


But the god of doom had clearly disappeared in front of them.


Emotionally tense, their hands trembled as they held their gu*ns, no longer having the courage to shoot.


They only kept praying in their hearts, wanting the butcher to walk by quickly.


Luckily, the butcher didn’t seem to be interested in them, the humans cowering in the corner, and just passed by them in silence.


The blo*od remaining on the dragging blade was shocking to the eyes.


His bandaged upper body was muscular, much stronger than the muscles of the purposefully exercised mercenaries, but it had an aesthetically pleasing kind of strength that didn’t overstretch and exaggerate.


If it weren’t for the bandages on his face that didn’t have the slightest undulation of breath, they would think this was a well-exercised human just by looking at his body.


Yet it wasn’t; he was scary as hell.


Just being a little closer made them as pale as paper.




He was about to leave the street.


Just as the crowd was celebrating, all of a sudden, the butcher stopped in his tracks.


As if he saw something, he slightly tilted his head sideways; it wasn’t known what he was looking at.


He obviously didn’t reveal his eyes, yet he could make people feel the fear of being watched.


A bone-chilling wariness.


“Lu Yuan.”


Just when the crowd thought they were going to be discovered by the butcher, that familiar voice appeared again.


It was that youth.


Was it actually true that he had his feet in two boats?


The mercenaries couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched that human, who had been in close contact with the god of doom just a moment ago, approach the butcher.


Surprisingly, he reached out his hand and held the butcher’s palm.


And the ferocious Butcher didn’t resist his movements.


He just lowered its head and lowered his tall body a bit while extending his arm to him, facilitating his movements.


Jiu Shu also moved closer to the butcher, his snow-white face contrasting strongly in tone with the butcher’s bloo*d-stained bandages.


He whispered in his ear.


The mercenaries still couldn’t hear his voice and could only scratch their heads and guess at the contents.


Everything today was beyond their imagination and could simply be described as shocking.


Whether it was the fact that the god of doom really existed, or that the god of doom had fallen in love with a human, or that the human had his foot in two boats, every single one of them was mind-blowing.


“I won’t ask about your appearance under the bandages; that is the same you, and I love the you under the bandages just the same.”


Jiu Shu knew that what Lu Yuan needed wasn’t the uncovering of his scars, but understanding and tolerance.


From the card the heroine had received, Jiu Shu had already understood where the knot between him and the god of doom lay.


Lu Yuan didn’t want to let Jiu Shu see his ugly appearance, so Jiu Shu wouldn’t go overboard.


Lu Yuan looked at the lover in front of him and remained silent, holding his hand tightly.


He had long been prepared for fusion; what happened wasn’t his intention.


It was just subconscious resistance.


But everything that Jiu Shu said was really where his heart was.


He didn’t want to care about looks, but it had become his habit.


He knew that as long as Jiu Shu loved him, that was enough.


He had always been content.


Now the love of his life who embraced his flaws was making him feel guilty as well as vilely content.

It made him feel like he was deeply loved by Jiu Shu.


“I will try to change.” Lu Yuan promised in a low voice.


He would learn to stop feeling inferior because of his looks and to stop suffering.


“It’s okay if you don’t change, because I love you no matter what you look like.”


Jiu Shu’s blunt words left Lu Yuan a little bemused, but the corners of his mouth curved up under the bandage.
“Did you come to me after persuading the god of doom?”


“Yes. He’s very easy to coax, aren’t you?”


“Me too.”


He was also very easy to coax, and all it took was one word from Jiu Shu.


“I love you, and you’ll always be my love, both the complete you and the present you.”


Of course, Jiu Shu knew what he wanted to hear, and he never watered down his words of love.


“Do you still feel like you’re going to be consumed now?”


Lu Yuan looked down at Jiu Shu and shook his head.


He had realized that he was the missing sanity; he was just a little insecure.


“I’ll see you after, then.”


Jiu Shu was held in Lu Yuan’s arms as he softly said goodbye.


“Disappeared! The butcher also disappeared!”


“What the hell is going on?”


The mercenaries looked at the scene in the distance and fell into a daze.


After the butcher disappeared, the youth seemed to turn his head to look at them before withdrawing his gaze and leaving.


“Should we capture him? He must know something.”


Someone suggested so, and was then met with insults.


“Capture the god of doom’s beloved here?”


“Bah! You’re out of your mind, but we’re not!” The captain stomped on him hard, his expression fierce.


Regardless of the truth, he had witnessed the favoritism of the god of doom towards that youth, and to dare to go and harm the youth was purely a death sentence.


He still wanted to walk out of this place of judgment alive!


“Yes, sorry, captain!” The team member was on the verge of vomiting blo*od from being stepped on and was busy begging for forgiveness.


And just as they were caught up in infighting, the City of Flesh and Blo*od began to tremble abnormally again.


It was even more violent than last time.




“Holy sh*t, what’s going on?”


“The god of doom is above!”


“Don’t call the god of doom by his name! What if we really summon  him?” The mercenaries were about to die of fright.


Thinking it was an earthquake, they held onto the cracked wall and were about to run towards the open space.


However, before they could run to the clearing, the scene in front of them suddenly began to distort and change.


It returned to the original H city.


The originally empty streets were strewn with many humans, all breathing rapidly as if they hadn’t breathed for a long time.


So much so that they were unable to make a sound at all, only panting greedily.


The mercenaries sat paralyzed in bewilderment and gratitude, knowing that they were back.


The entire city of H was back.


They had perhaps passed the judgment of the god of doom and returned from the land of judgment.


The god of doom had forgiven their sins.


This knowledge caused the mercenaries to cheer with excitement.


And at this moment, not far away, Li Qi also looked around somewhat blankly.


It was only after a long time that she lowered her head and looked at the third card she had managed to obtain.


[I’m Still Crazy]


[I am no longer crazy.]


[I am loved.]


[We’ll be together forever.]


Only one side of the card had text on it this time.


What did it mean?


Li Qi didn’t know; she just suddenly let go of the weight in her heart.


An inexplicable intuition told her that the end would never come.


Never again.


As the butcher’s lover had said at the time, the turnaround in what she had been waiting for had come.


And what about him? Was he safe?


Li Qi looked around and saw no sign of the youth, but she saw a car drive by in the distance.


A beautiful young man could be seen sitting in it, along with his silent driver.


Gradually, they went away and left the city.


Not long after, after the city returned to normal, the follow-up personnel sent by the government finally arrived, one after another.


They were responsible for investigating the source of the strange events that had occurred in H.


“You’re saying it was the work of the god of doom?”


The investigator frowned tightly, suppressing the anger in his heart. “Don’t talk nonsense, okay?”


“I’m not talking nonsense! If you don’t believe me, look at the photos!” The young reporter mysteriously took out his camera, only to find that most of the photos inside were overexposed.


Only a handful of photos remained.


“Er, this should barely prove it.” The young reporter was heartbroken beyond words, hating himself for not replacing his camera with a good one sooner.


With that, he handed the camera to the investigator.


The investigator looked down.


Only a ghastly scarlet eye was visible.


Peering from above the towering buildings all around.


And underneath that eyeball, there was a standing figure vaguely beckoning towards that eyeball.


The picture was paradoxical to the extreme.



Someone give Li Qi a drink 🥺

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