Hug The Regent’s Thigh After Rebirth

Chinese Name: 重生後要抱緊攝政王的大腿




Shen Ning wandered in the street, he knew, he died in the hands of his favorite and most trusted person at their wedding dinner, his whole family was exterminated.


Even the person the people worshipped as a god, the hands of the sky, the noble Regent also died because he was in an awkward position, he was the treasure in his heart.


Heavenly mercy, gave him the opportunity to be reborn, Shen Ning avoiding scum and stuck to the Regent.


Then all the courtiers and people saw their always brutal, ruthless, arrogant and overbearing Regent, had a small tail, Little Prince Shen always followed behind him and incessantly chattered, shocking everyone.


Because of the change of choice after rebirth, everything changed.

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