Lost His Memory, The Former Champion Became A Star

Chinese Name: 失了個憶,冠軍前任成影帝
Chapters: 108





Jiang Zhiye lost his memory for three years. When he met Cen Si at a health preserving variety show, he didn’t know why the fencing genius of the sports school entered the entertainment industry and became a star. What was more, they fell in love and broke up. At the beginning of the broadcast, he was on business: “I will give you a scalp treatment.” Cen Si thought he still wanted to make physical contact.



During the meal, he borrowed and returned: “How can I transfer the money for this meal to you?” Cen Si thought he wanted to add him on WeChat again.


When Cen Si felt dizzy, he was kind and said, “Go to my room and rest.” Cen Si thought he wanted to renew his relationship.


Then they rolled in the sheets again. One thought it was a reunion, and he didn’t have to chase his wife. One thought it was his first love and was excited by the tacit understanding of deja vu.


Both sides were willing to enjoy themselves. Just … Jiang Zhiye began to recover his memory gradually. He remembered that when he was 18 years old, he was homeless and seriously ill with a fever, and Cen Si carried him on his shoulders. He also remembered how, at 19, Cen Si won the gold medal at the World Championships and then held him in the locker room for a kiss. And 20 years old, how Ceng Qi left him behind.


So during this love affair, Cen Si thought he would get a good morning kiss. He directly got hit by a fist – “Person surnamed Cen, we may have to turn over some old scores.”


* The program team was shocked.


Only then did they know that the health program was actually a pseudo love complex.


Eight guests were grouped in pairs to generate four emotional patterns. But the movie star didn’t cultivate feelings with his official CP partner, how could he get together with a plain person in a spa? He went to listen to his songs, and he wanted to sleep next to him, and he took him to see the meteor… The official CP partner was itchy with hate.


Until the big adventure punishment game, the guest provocatively asked Jiang Zhiye, “Don’t you like the fourth brother? You can kiss him if you have the ability?”



It was when Cen Si interrupted impatiently and took the lead to block Jiang Zhiye’s lips – they realized that it seemed that this was the official match*



When falling in love with a top athlete, Jiang Zhiye’s mood fluctuated greatly. That year, Cen Si said to him, “The championship is mine, and you are mine.” Jiang Zhiye laughed at his complacency. Later, Cen Si said to him, “Sorry.” Jiang Zhiye called him selfish.


Until Cen Si paved the way for him by borrowing his identity as a movie star, when he became a top singer, he abandoned his identity as a movie star and returned to the game, wearing the Olympic gold medal and ring on him, and in front of the lens of the world media, he told him, “Thank you my husband.”


Jiang Zhiye was fortunate that he had done what he said. And finally, in the middle of the night, when Cen Si once again grabbed his ankle and dragged him to the sheets… Jiang Zhiye was in bad mood and began to blame him day and night, day after day.

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