I Am The Top Idol Of The Underworld[Entertainment]

Chapters: 73

Author: 裴笛






Qiong Ren had outstanding looks and excellent business ability, however, after three years on the road, he had less than ten live fans.




One day, he suddenly realized that although he was unknown on earth, he was the top star in the underworld. His videos were broadcasted everywhere in the underworld, and his songs were the king’s office designated BGM, Sina Weibo – The Underworld Edition, had over a million followers.





Qiong Ren, who had never seen live fans, burst into tears with a single sound. Although strictly speaking, none of these fans were alive…..




There was just one problem.




Qiong Ren was afraid of ghosts.







In order to adapt to this sudden appearance of millions of ghost fans, Qiong Ren watched ghost movies every day, visited haunted houses, strengthened his psychological quality, and tried not to faint on stage.





Folding yuan bills and burning paper money, fans bought his album and he sent them something too, love was a two-way run.





Other idols shot for Bazaar Wedding, Qiong Ren shot for the top magazine in the underworld, “The Book of Torture.”






Other idols sang public service songs, Qiong Ren sang the underworld culture promotion song “you will not have a good end.”






The CP of other idols and teammates became extremely popular in the public, and eventually collapsed. Qiong Ren and the King of The Underworld’s CP became extremely hot in the underworld and they eventually got married.


[TN: CP– Couple Pairing]




3. While Qiong Ren tried to be a good idol in the underworld, he accidentally made it to Weibo’s hot search list.





#dreamt of Qiong Ren





“Last night grandpa entrusted me with a dream and asked me to burn Qiong Ren’s fan materials to him, I searched and actually there is really such a small idol …… Anyway, I am asking, where do I buy his things?”






“You’re not alone, my sister also asked me to burn Qiong Ren’s things for her and said she wanted to bring them to the signing! Does he specialize in the underworld business so he’s not popular in the real world? EatWhale.jpg”






“went to search for his photo, so handsome, from now on I’m his most loyal face fan, prprprprprprprprpr”





“Mom ah, he’s so handsome! Does it make sense that he’s so handsome?”





“Maybe he’s really in the underworld business hahahahahahaha”





“Huh? Why is my dream content prompting me to write a story of Qiong Ren and the King Of The Underworld?”





Qiong Ren gained millions of fans overnight (realworld fans).

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