C86.2 —- [3.25 – Judgement Day]

Indifferently, the butcher resumed his original silent look of head hung low and machete dragging behind him and continued on his way.

And this time, Li Qi didn’t make another sound.

She watched the butcher walk away, completely losing all other thoughts.

All she wanted was to quickly find all the clues and locate where the god of doom’s main body was.

Now that it was certain that the Butcher had been resurrected, the next step was to be led to the god of doom’s main body.

Li Qi numbly got up, dragging her legs that were too scared to walk, and tried to walk forward.

And at that moment, the young reporter accidentally lost Jiu Shu.

He stopped his way with some chagrin when the mobile phone in his belt pouch suddenly began to vibrate.

It was the outside world trying to contact him.

The young reporter picked up the phone with some excitement and said with excitement, “Hello? Are you guys here already?”

“Zi- where are you?”

On the other end of the phone, heavily armed mercenaries had already arrived in H city.

They had been temporarily hired by the government to deal with the strange situation in the city.

With the current political turmoil and a shortage of manpower, the entire H city suddenly lost contact with the rest of the world.

Only a phone call claiming that they were trapped by the god of doom proved that something was indeed wrong in H city.

The government was anxious and more or less sent some people to check on check on the situation.

But when these mercenaries came to H City, what they saw was only a forest of buildings and and empty and deserted streets.

It was obviously a working day, but it was empty.

The entire city was quiet, as if it were dead.

“No, wait, it seems to be re-shading.”

One of the mercenaries suddenly exclaimed.

The world in front of him was constantly re-shadowing.

One was an empty, normal world, and the other was a horrifyingly strange world strewn with bl*ood and flesh.

“Was that guy telling the truth?”

The mercenaries were somewhat dismayed, and the screams of the young reporter came from the other end of the phone.

“Ahhhh..! Come quick! Come on,on, you guys!!!”

Zip——the call ended there.


The mercenaries looked at each other.
Although the world under the economic crisis was very unstable during this time, it wasn’t expected that this kind of near-spiritual event would happen.

The satellite positioning showed that the person who had just answered the phone was very close to them, but they couldn’t see a silhouette when they looked around.

And that person’s voice was so shrill yet they couldn’t hear it around them, they could feel that something was indeed very wrong with this city.

“Could it really be the god of doom?”

There was no lack of believers inin the god of doom among the mercenaries.

Immediately, they were so frightened that they gripped the idol pendant between their necks, remembering the divine judgment that had been recorded in the scriptures of the doctrine.

“Inside the scriptures, it says that when the day of judgment arrives, the god of doom will descend and wash away the sins of mankind.. Only those humans who are recognized by god can survive.”

“It was a place of blo*od and flesh everywhere, a hell for sinners, punishing people for their innate sins.”

Another mercenary recited the contents of the scripture in a trance, his lips white with fear.

How similar the place of judgment described in this scripture was to the image that had just been seen.

“Don’t get carried away; let’s hurry up and check the situation so we can report back to the top.”

The mercenary captain also spoke with some rare nervousness, trying to calm down.

But the next moment, they became increasingly dazed by the constantly changing scene in front of them, until they finally completely entered that blo*ody world.

“Da*mmit! I can’t believe, I can’t believe we came in!”

The mercenaries had already realized that something was wrong.

They looked at the surrounding layout of buildings that were generally the same as those in H City but were strewn with blo*od and flesh.

Instantly, they realized that they had come to a place they shouldn’t have come to.


Not far away, the voice of the young reporter who had just disappeared into the phone came again.

The mercenaries vigilantly followed the voice and saw an image that shocked them on the spot.

They saw a flesh and bloo*d monster as tall as a two-story building wrapped around a building, and the young reporter was right in front of the monster, constantly screaming.

“Love, no love, love…”

It was a humanoid monster, with only the upper half of its body, and the lower half of its body was a vine-like vein wrapped around the building.

The upper half of the body looked extremely similar to a human, as if it were fabricated from flesh and bl*ood, with features and muscles undulating.

If it wasn’t for the bloo*d-red color of its body, it would simply look like a human with a handsome face.

While his wide palm was squeezing the young reporter’s body, the other palm was constantly pulling the young reporter’s short, dense hair.

The neck-length hair had already been pulled out for the most part.

“You guys, see, isn’t it a bit similar?”

A mercenary lifted the idol that he had been holding tightly in his hand and compared it to the bloated humanoid monster not far away.

There was actually a seven-seven- or eight–percent resemblance to this idol bound to the stone pillar, not in terms of face but in terms of temperament.

“It’s just your illusion, right? These idols are man-made; how can they be the same as a god?”


“But…… but isn’t there another saying that after humans fabricate idols and worship them for a long time, the gods will look similar to the idols when they take form?”

“Nonsense!” The captain’s voice trembled as he retorted, his hand holding the g*un involuntarily trembling.

Even though there were a large number of humans who believed in the god of doom, it was ultimately just a belief.

No one wouldn’t shudder at the sight of a god who claimed to judge the whole world when they really saw him.

“No love, love……”

Just as the mercenaries were embroiled in an argument over whether or not what was in front of them was the god of doom, the hair in the flesh and the blo*ody monster’s hand were down to their last one.


“No love.”

The flesh and bl*ood monster’s empty, blo*od-stained eyes looked at the last hair in his hand, and his fingers had a faintly undetectable tremor.

After a long time, He suddenly turned his gaze towards the mercenaries.

Obviously, the eyes were made of flesh and bloo*d, with no lustre, only sticky and slippery bl*ood flowing.


Yet inexplicably, they could make people feel a gloomy aura.

“No! It’s over.” The mercenary holding the idol seemed to realize something as he looked at the reporter in the monster’s hands, who had already fainted from the pain, his face pale.

“Run! Run!”

A dozen or so mercenaries ran with all their strength, not daring to look back, not daring to stop even though they were running out of breath.

One could only hear the low laughter of the flesh and bl*ood monster.

Teasing them like a cat playing with a mouse.

“What… what’s going on?”

After running for an unknown amount of time, everyone lost their strength, but from a corner of their eyes, they could still see the monster behind them.

The distance was still getting closer and closer.

No, it would be better to say that they hadn’t moved much at all.

The monster had been wrapped around those buildings the whole time, looking down at humans as small as ants.

Looking up in horror, they found themselves running into the monster’s face.

Right underneath his spiderweb-like,spiderweb-like, dense veins.

Gazed upon by His huge colored pupils.

They didn’t even have the courage to shoot.

Their minds were telling them that shooting would be useless and would only enrage the monster.

And they were simply incapable of bearing the cost of angering him.
“Play a game with me.”

The humanoid monster cocked its head.

The gaps left by the entanglement of blo*od and flesh could be vaguely seen on the blo*od and flesh fabricated head, and from the gaps, one could peek into the hollow behind the blo*od and flesh.

Even with human festures, its inside was empty.

But that didn’t stop the monster from having its own consciousness.

His vein-thin hair hung down, and a smile appeared on his muscular face.

It was eerie.

Obviously, hehe wasn’t in a good mood.

“The god of doom…… He is the god of doom……”

On the side, the young reporter, who was finally able to wake up from his fainting spell, spoke to the mercenaries with his last breath.

He was already in so much pain that he could only hope that he could be taken out by these mercenaries.

He never wanted to come to this city again.

The god of doom he believed in turned out to be so terrifying. This was just too much for him to accept.

“Oooh,, the god of doom has gone crazy. He doesn’t listen to people at all.”

The young reporter’s eyes were misty with tears.. “Do you guys know? He seems to have fallen in love with a human lover, but I lost him..”

“Just now, I wanted to say to the god of doom that I would tie that person up and sacrifice him to Him, but He seemed indifferent..”

“So could it be that I misunderstood and that the god of doom didn’t mean that at all??”

The mercenaries looked at this young reporter, who spoke crazily,, and frowned as they withdrew their gaze.

What love? Didn’t he read the scriptures?

The god of doom didn’t have feelings at all.. He abhorred human emotions, let alone falling in love with humans.. ItIt would be good if He didn’t torture them.

“What he said may also have credibility; he may really be the god of doom!”

The blonde mercenary holding the idol had a terrified look on his face.


“Don’t think nonsense; it’s just a monster.”

Before the words were finished, the huge monster above his head suddenly moved, and with a flick of his finger, he flicked the young reporter a few meters away, dropping him in a heap and making him faint again.


And next, his gloomy voice sounded again: “Everyone stand still; the first person reads that he doesn’t love me; the second person reads that he loves me.”


“…… ” ” The crowd was a bit dumbfounded, not understanding exactly what he was trying to do, but under the gaze of those scarlet pupils, they had no choice but to do as they were told.

“He doesn’t love me…… ah!!!”

The captain standing in the first row was thrown out and fell on his head.

The flesh-and-blo*od monster didn’t say anything; he just coldly looked at these few humans who dared to covet his lover.

“I understand now.”

The mercenary was drenched in sweat, and sweat, and he instantly understood what hehe meant.

“He loves you.”

This time, the god of doom didn’t throw him off.

The huge pupils moved and looked at the second man.

That person jumped. ” He doesn’t love you.”

“He loves you.”

“He doesn’t love you.”

Everything was going well until the last person spoke, uttering, “He doesn’t love you.”



The god of doom’s scarlet pupils trembled.

The mercenaries could only feel the air in the vicinity becoming dangerous, filled with an aura of near-desperate rage.

The countless tentacles hidden in the surrounding buildings also shook.

It seemed ready to crush that human into pieces.

If this monster was really the god of doom, then hehe was really somewhat like a love-brained human who had fallen out of love and was about to take it out on someone else without a second thought.

Could it be that he really fell in love with a human?

In fact, regardless of whether or not He was the god of doom, the fact that a non-human monster knew how to fall in love with a human was strange enough in itself.

“Wait, this, sir, there might be another solution; He must love you!”

He didn’t know who he was, but it was definitely right to say that.


The god of doom didn’t say anything, looking coldly at the human mercenary who was dripping with cold sweat.

“You, look, those hairs just now probably don’t count. If you start counting from scratch, just start by  reciting, ‘He loves you’.”


“Hmph, you’ve got a lot of courage, little worm.”

The god of doom laughed crazily, his voice as silky and magnetic as that of a youth, giving people a sense of hope.

But then his voice turned cold. “But that wouldn’t work.”

Would the monster even bother to try whether it worked or not?

The mercenaries went completely pale, gripping the gu*ns in their hands, ready to shoot.

No matter how strong the subconscious resistance was, it was still necessary to shoot in the face of this situation.

“Hmm, so it’s better to use hair; it’s very accurate.” After seemingly pondering for a while, the god of doom said.
“After the hair, what else is there? Ah,Ah, yes, there are also fingers and toes.”


Although the voice of a human youth held expectations, it was so pathological that every bone crevice felt cold.


The crowd gulped and shuddered as they aimed their gu*ns up into the narrow sky above their heads.

The god of doom was looking down at them.

Tauntingly looking at them, the unsuspecting worms.

The drooping veins of hair hid his face, revealing his wide-open, brown-colored eyes and a twisted, pleasurable smile at the corners of his mouth.


It was bizarre to the extreme.

The invisible fear was about to crush them.


No one had the confidence to confront this huge thing.


The things in their hands were like children’s toys; they couldn’t possibly work.

They were going to die here, perhaps at the hands of the god they had always believed in.

Did this mean that their sins were not forgiven by god?

No one knew the answer.

Everyone looked fearful.

Under the huge shadows of the god of doom, the calmness and composure that a mercenary should have was all gone.

And the god of doom seemed to take even more pleasure in watching them tense up.

The suffering of others would always give Him pleasure.

“Ho ho ho–”

The god of doom laughed openly.

Like a small child playing with a toy, innocent and pure to the point of causing terror.

“god of doom?”

It wasn’t until a soft voice rang out that the tense atmosphere of the moment was broken.

The mercenaries watched as the huge monster that was still mockingly looking at them lifted its lowered head, and the vascular hair that enveloped them instantly withdrew.

Those huge palms also hurriedly combed through his scattered hair.

Those blo*od vessels flowing with bloo*d were combed neatly one by one and gathered into an elegant hairstyle with long, waist-length hair.

His expression even changed from gloomy and morbid to more dignified and formal, and the smile at the corners of his mouth that almost reached his ears also withdrew.

If one didn’t look at his blond-colored, skinless form, he almost had the elegant look of a nobleman.


Everyone was stupefied, wondering if they were seeing an illusion.

“Why isn’t it completely fused?”

Lu Yuan was also gone after fusing with the main body.

It was very unsettling.

But from those cards, he could tell what was on their minds.


Even if they were well disguised on the outside, they were still inevitably exposed when fused, and it was indeed difficult to fuse them if they weren’t thoroughly appeased.

It was slightly more difficult than the last world.

In fact, Jiu Shu guessed that the fusion of those previous worlds was probably still not thorough enough, which led to the fact that they were also still in a split state in this world.

They were even more resistant to fusion.

He hoped that this world could completely solve this problem and allow them to completely fuse.

As for what the system said about not being needed after fusion.

He actually didn’t care too much.

It didn’t matter if He no longer appeared in the next world; his goal hadn’t changed from the beginning to the end.


He was going back to his world.

The world had been destroyed.

And he helped him simply because he wanted to do so.

The crowd looked in the direction of the voice and saw only the tall figure of a young man.

The snow-white side of his face was so white that it almost glowed in the dim and blue surroundings.

Even if one couldn’t see his features, one could still feel his astonishing beauty.


Feeling somewhat helpless, he sighed and extended his hand towards the god of doom.

“Come here.”

Like calling out to an obedient pet.

The mercenaries were so scared that their fingers trembled and almost pulled the trigger on their gu*ns.

This person really wanted to die; he actually dared to speak to the god of doom like that.

But in the next second, something that made them incredulous happened.

The luridly huge god actually really bent down and approached that human.

He listened attentively to that human’s voice.

His expression actually gave off a feeling of apprehension.

It was a far cry from the ferocious distortion just now.

The mercenaries were a bit far away and couldn’t hear what the human was saying in the god’s ear.

After only seeing him make a gesture, the god of doom carefully stretched out his enormous palm.

His fingers were almost thicker than the youth’s entire body.


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