Rescuing the Humble and Paranoid Male Supporting Character [Quick Transmigration]

Chapters: 162

Author: 小生不知




In many literary works, there was a nasty villain hiding in the shadows, like a rat in the gutter, who humbly loved the protagonist and would do anything to get him or her.

They wanted to get the protagonist, bring the protagonist great psychological harm, and even physical harm.


The task that the system had given to the protagonist was to return the favor by punishing these ugly characters in literature and make them regret the harm they did to the protagonist.


Veteran rebel boy Jiu Shu gladly accepted the task, and then got mad at the system.


Who follows you in the darkness of the night, hides razor blades in the roses they give you, and plasters your room with your pictures?

–This is their unique love

Jiu Shu showed the paranoid who had never been loved what warm favoritism was.


Hearthrob Big Beauty Sufferer X Humble Paranoid Attacker


The following are punishment targets:

World 1: “Crime Record” Dual Personality Fanatic X Exploding National Idol


He was in love with his female coworker and liked to quietly spy on her from the shadows, but recently, his sister, who shared a body with him, said that she was also in love with someone, the sweetheart of the woman he loved.


World 2: “Rose Manor” Dour and Lonely Old Earl X Downtrodden Aristocratic Young Man.

In the original story the old count who gave everything to woo the young heroine and ended up dying tragically met a handsome young, downtrodden nobleman youth who came to join him, he was incredibly beautiful, getting all the attention as if he were the pride of heaven, and didn’t with his droopy old look.

World 3: “Judgment Day” mentally challenged butcher X the new owner of the slaughterhouse
In the eyes of the mentally challenged butcher, everyone had an animal’s head, even he himself was no exception, and gradually unable to distinguish the difference between humans and animals, he numbly worked in the factory, which was littered with the corpses of his own kind in his own eyes, and had become the indifferent butcher in the original story.

It was only when the factory suddenly changed owners that the world changed in his eyes.


The young boss curiously asked him what he looked like to him. The butcher was just silent.


He looked at the boss in front of him with angel wings and innocent rabbit ears.


It was an angel. He answered this in his mind.


World 4: “The Shelter” Base Researcher X The New Shelter

He was a researcher in charge of studying strange organisms, living all his life inside the base where he didn’t see the sun.
His daily work was to study and dissect the sheltered objects.
He had no mercy for these strange creatures that weren’t human beings.
Because he was a fanatical human supremacist.
That was, until an extremely high-risk shelter was brought into the base.
A shelter too beautiful to be human.


World 5: “False Them” Lonely Bionic Man Thirsty for Love X Underground Cyber Idol
He was a bionic man, a machine in the eyes of humans.
He worked for humans day in and day out, trying to gain their approval.
Instead, he was greeted by the indifference of humans.
Humans never welcomed bionics.
He grew numb and became part of the bionic rebel army in the original, giving his life for the heroine.
But this time, in the murky neon of the city, a human responded to him with a smile.
It was the cheapest human idol on the underground black market, and for money you could get him to sing for you.


World 6: “The Strange Tales of Fengjia Town” Ugly Compulsive Man with a Serpent’s Tail X The Town’s New Gentle Priest
A gentle and handsome priest had come to the feudal and old-fashioned town, and the people prayed to the priest for God’s favor, treating him as the voice of the gods in the present world. No one knew that the priest’s church harbors a monster that the townspeople shun, who was carefully peeking into the priest’s mass.

World 7: “Old Horse Town” Greedy, stingy dirtbag X fit young boy from the town’s docks

The dirt old man who died a horrible death in the original episode didn’t have eyes for the town’s yellow girl this time around, but for the new sack-carrying fellow on the docks.


World 8: “The Star of Life” Wandering Bionic Robot X Pureblood Human

In the distant future, the number of humans had plummeted, and bionics had become like worker bees in society, giving everything they had to ensure the survival of the human race, and each bionic was engraved with loyalty to humanity in their chips.
He was an abandoned bionic man wandering in the desert cemetery outside the Garden of Eden, searching for his human master like the rest of his kind, until one day he encountered a lost human.
This is a story of falling in love in a horror story.
“Wild Temple” Love-starved and gloomy subject X human snake-tailed evil god attacker
He was a very love-starved person who wished very much for someone to love him.
He sought a method from a master who gave him a charm to write down the other person’s name to get love, which he didn’t really believe in.
So when he was traveling and encountered a ghostly wall, he casually wrote down the name of an unknown god enshrined in a nearby temple.
And in the village legend, this was a very evil god, with human body snake tail, he was brutal and bloodthirsty, and needed human blood every year.
Later, the charm really took effect.

The Human Bone Fan: Greedy and Selfish Subject X Grievous and Knightly Ghost Attacker
He got a fan from a fortune teller.
By burning incense to the fan every day, he could get gold and silver treasures, but he needed to spend all the gold and silver treasures he got every day, or else he would be in danger of losing his life.
He did as he was asked until one day he woke up and realized he had one coin left in his pocket that he hadn’t spent yesterday.
He had broken the contract.

The Descending Head Brooding and Jealous Sufferer X Deeply Loving Knightly Ghostly Attacker
He gave his nemesis a head drop, and it was rumored that those who were struck by it would die instantly.
He was looking forward to the miserable death of this fucking asshole.
The next day, he realized he had cast the wrong hex.
It was a love spell, and it was said that the victim would fall in love with the spell caster.
While he was chagrined, he was even more horrified to find that his nemesis had died in a car accident last night.
And the séance between them was formed right after the car accident.
The most frightening thing was that the love drop lasted for only one week, and it would expire after one week.
The Resurrection: Greedy and Fearful Sufferer X Mummy Attacker
A terrifying mummy was held in a crypt and was said to come back to life at midnight in search of a lover lost in life.
He was locked in by his fellow teammates and had to pretend he was its lover while the mummy had no sight.
But then he was asked to verify his virginity.
But he was a man.

“Mannequin” Cowardly and afraid of ghosts subject X Mannequin attack.
He was an art student with no talent. Every day, he painted late into the night in the studio, but his grades got worse and worse.


Until one day after falling asleep in the studio, he realized that his drawings became very nice.


Every day after that, as soon as he went to sleep in the studio, his work became perfect as if someone had remodeled it.


He knew there had to be someone who was helping him.

Perhaps it was his admirer.
He decided to agree to his love.
But there was no sign of the adorer for days on end.
Until one day he put his cell phone in a hidden place and filmed everything after he fell asleep.
When he woke up, his drawings were looking great again.
He looked over his phone expectantly and saw the face of a plaster model looking right into it.

Behind the Scenes: Gentle beauty subject X Gloomy youth who tragically dies
He felt like someone was following behind him lately, but every time he looked back there was no one there.
For a while, he became a nervous wreck.

Until one day when he quit his job to take a break, he found an unfamiliar diary from the crevice of his bed.

On it were recorded the hidden thoughts of a teenager.

[Will he find me today?]
[If I die today, will he come to my funeral?]
[Did he find me today?]
Doomsday: A thoughtful subject who loves to think too much X an evil god who is full of thoughts of his wife.

The government discovered a portal to a parallel world one day.
It then enlisted volunteers to go to the entrance to explore the other world, and he was the most outstanding employee in the organization, and was smoothly selected as the first one to enter.


But this parallel world had long since seen the end of mankind, and there were only oceans and waves as far as the eye could see.

The government buried the matter and didn’t publicize the end of the parallel world.


He returned to his normal life and lived peacefully with his beloved lover.


One day afterward, he was informed by his superiors to leave as soon as possible, the virus called [Parallel World] had infected him.




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