C31 — Risking one’s life

A black card that was low-key and luxurious but also had a lot of substance was indeed hard to refuse.

“So what is the meaning of giving me a black card? Does it mean that this is how you care for your companions, by taking money and smashing it at them?” Xiao Yu waved the black card in his hand.

Cang Hai didn’t refute it: “Isn’t throwing money at your fellow man the best way to care?”

“However,” he said, turning his words around, “you are different.”

Xiao Yu’s hand that was playing with the black card froze for a moment, then he asked carelessly, “Oh? How am I different?”

Cang Hai shook his head. “You will know when you go to the bank to check your balance.”

Could it be that Cang Hai was a hidden tycoon?

Xiao Yu didn’t intend to get something for nothing: “You’d better take it back; it’s too expensive; I can’t take it.”

“It doesn’t matter; the black card is considered my property certificate, and when I need to use star coins myself, I can also access the money at any time. So, this should be considered our common property.” Cang Hai explained.

Although Xiao Yu didn’t intend to spend Cang Hai’s money, Cang Hai’s phrase ‘common property’ really made his heart flutter.

Since it was a proof of their common property, it was only right for him to accept it; the big deal was that he didn’t use it, or used it sparingly, and just took it as a souvenir.

Cang Hai had already formulated a plan; the only thing that was missing was the means to lure the beasts, and after discussing it with Xiao Yu, he decided to try the captive breeding method.

In other words, they would have to capture the beasts first, keep them separately, and then release them to fight when there were enough of them.

“Then how do we restrict their movements?” It wasn’t Xiao Yu’s first day of dealing with beasts; most of the beasts were ferocious and violent, and it was simply impossible for them to be obediently kept in captivity.

Cang Hai was confident: “Then I’ll beat them until they can’t move.”

Xiao Yu thought about it; there seemed to be no other way.

He hadn’t boxed for a long time, and his hands were itchy. “I’ll help you.”

Cang Hai initially only thought that Xiao Yu meant to help him plan or something, but he didn’t realize that Xiao Yu was going to help him beat the Beasts into submission.

Listening to the screams of the beasts, Cang Hai got goosebumps. “You, weren’t you quite afraid of them before?”

Xiao Yu withdrew his fist and wiped away the beads of sweat on the corner of his forehead. “In terms of force, I really can’t beat them. However, I know what parts of them hurt the most when I hit them, and I also know to what extent it is most appropriate to stop.”

The body structure of the beasts was still a bit different from humans, but the weak points were mostly the same as humans.

The abdomen, the side of the waist, and the eyes—these were the softest and most sensitive parts of the beast’s body, as well as the places that caused the most pain.

Of course, there was also the place responsible for reproduction.

Xiao Yu wouldn’t touch that part.

Cang Hai felt as if he didn’t know the little mermaid well enough. His little mermaid wasn’t just cute and easily shy; he was also a fish that could bite.

But there was nothing wrong with that; he was always worried that Xiao Yu’s body was too soft and weak and that it would be difficult to survive once he left him.

Now, it seemed that he was too protective of Xiao Yu to the point that he had overlooked Xiao Yu’s malleability.

As a result, the poor beasts became the accompanying tools for Teacher Cang to train Xiao Yu.

The drained beasts couldn’t be left to move around freely; their physique was stronger than humans after all, and they recovered from their injuries very quickly.

In order to avoid them escaping, Xiao Yu had to tie these beasts in five different ways under the guidance of Cang Hai.

Even some of the more capable Beasts had to have their sharp claws and fangs dealt with in advance, lest there’d be a huge difference in combat strength and the final battle couldn’t be fought, then they would have worked for nothing.

Next to their tent, more and more beasts were ‘kid-napped’ here by Cang Hai, and every day the cries of different beasts rose and fell, just like a lively zoo.

And he and Cang Hai were the keepers of this zoo; now all that was missing was the tourists, and this zoo of theirs would be open.

“Almost there.” Cang Hai picked a late night when the beasts were asleep and prepared to complete the final step of the plan.

These beasts were very vigilant, so before that, they tired out the beasts to make sure that they wouldn’t be woken up by the commotion of untangling the ropes.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu and Cang Hai untied the ropes binding the beasts, then hid in the shadows and threw a stone towards the group of beasts.

The beasts that were hit immediately screamed, and their screams instantly woke up the sleeping beasts.

The awakened beasts subconsciously curled up to protect themselves from harm after so many days of torment.

But soon they realized that the humans and mermaids who had violently beaten them were gone, and they were no longer bound and could move freely!

The first thing that the beasts that had been starved for two whole days did when they regained their freedom was naturally the hunting that was engraved in their genes.

There was no need for Xiao Yu and Cang Hai to do any more pushing; they tore themselves into a ball.

The scene was lively for a while. The group of beasts fought with each other, disturbing the earth to the point that it began to shake.

Time passed minute by minute, and the ground was already flowing with blo*od.

As one beast after another fell, the remaining beasts on the field were the best amongst this group of beasts, both in terms of fighting strength and intelligence; they were stronger than the many beasts.

They seemed to have realized that it was pointless to fight endlessly like this and that there were already enough dead beasts. They looked at each other and actually reached some kind of agreement in just a few seconds.

No longer attacking each other, they instead began to enjoy their prey, filling their stomachs to replenish their strength.

Xiao Yu’s brows were tightly locked, and there was more than a little anxiety under his eyes. According to his and Cang Hai’s preconceptions, these remaining beasts were the key to creating the spatial rift.

Because they were strong enough, when they fought for their lives, the energy that erupted would most likely create spatial cracks in the gullies in space that were already not solid enough.

But now they were on strike and didn’t fight.

He was afraid that his and Cang Hai’s plan would end early.

He explained the situation to Cang Hai: “Do you have any good ways to keep them fighting?”

Cang Hai pondered for a moment: “There is only one way left.”

Xiao Yu eagerly asked, “What way?”

Cang Hai: “I’ll be their target.”

Xiao Yu wasn’t stupid; he instantly understood Cang Hai’s meaning: since the Beasts had shaken hands and made peace within themselves, then they would create an enemy that they shared so that the battle could continue.

And that enemy was Cang Hai, who had brought them a life of purgatory.

It could be imagined that when Cang Hai appeared in front of the group of beasts, they would surely want to tear Cang Hai apart immediately.

“No, it’s too risky!”

There had to be a more secure way!

Cang Hai raised his hand and touched Xiao Yu’s cheek, bending his head to kiss his forehead, before saying softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine; I’m not so bad that I can’t fight this group of beasts.”

It was true that the beasts didn’t have a high IQ, but Xiao Yu had to admit, “But they are very powerful.”

The corner of Cang Hai’s mouth hooked up into a contemptuous arc; his tone carried a strong confidence that made it hard not to be convinced. “But I’m stronger; be obedient and wait for me to come back.”

Xiao Yu knew that Cang Hai’s mind was made up, and he couldn’t persuade him.

He could only tell Cang Hai, ”Although I really don’t want to blackmail you with this kind of thing, I still have to tell you. If you’re gone, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to survive for more than a day on the Desolate Star. I’ve also made a grudge against those beasts, and if I don’t have you to protect me, they’ll tear me apart in minutes.”

Cang Hai frowned slightly, as if he didn’t quite agree with Xiao Yu’s thoughts.

However, he didn’t say anything more and only touched Xiao Yu’s head before carrying his sword towards the group of beasts.

Xiao Yu’s gaze followed Cang Hai as he watched him tangle with the beasts, secretly hating that he couldn’t help in any way.

He only hoped that the beasts had already had their physical strength sapped by the previous battle and were no longer Cang Hai’s opponents.

Cang Hai’s sword was fast, frantically harvesting the lives of the beasts in the darkness of the night.

His joining in caused the group of beasts to stir once again.

The gazes of the beasts were crimson; they naturally recognized this human, and their monstrous hatred prompted them to rush towards Cang Hai unanimously, one after the other.

Even if more and more beasts fell under Cang Hai’s sword, they would still fight until the last moment.

It was difficult for two fists to defeat four claws.

Xiao Yu watched Cang Hai retreat; manpower was limited, not to mention Cang Hai alone had to face dozens of strong beasts on his own. The disparity in numbers tilted the scales of victory more and more in favor of the Beast side.

Finally, Cang Hai was momentarily inattentive and was knocked backwards by the beasts.

Behind Cang Hai was an abyss of ten thousand feet!


Xiao Yu’s eyes glazed over as he watched Cang Hai disappear from his sight.

A great pain struck his heart, and his eyes quickly reddened. Not caring that he would be discovered by the beasts, he furiously rushed to the side of the gully.

Some beasts wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to attack him, but before they could get close, they were sliced in half by Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy.

Under the sorrow of extinction, Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy had gone completely out of control; the Beasts were wary and didn’t dare come close to him, and he managed to reach the edge of the gully.

As he looked downwards, the pitch-black abyss mercilessly engulfed everything. He didn’t find Cang Hai’s figure; nothing was left but boundless darkness.

“Didn’t I agree to wait for you to come back? You lied to me!”

Xiao Yu fell helplessly; it was all his fault if only he hadn’t let Cang Hai take the risk.

Perhaps Cang Hai wouldn’t have died.


Xiao Yu felt the heart-rending pain piling up in his chest; not only that, even his head hurt like hell.

Uncontrollable tears slid down his cheeks.

Drop by drop, they fell low to the ground.

“Click, click.”

A slight cracking sound resounded from somewhere.

Xiao Yu didn’t care to pay attention to this inexplicably resounding sound, while the ferocious foreign beasts behind him that were foolishly trying to move became horrified the moment they heard the cracking sound and turned around and ran without hesitation.


The sound grew louder and louder.

Xiao Yu, who covered his face as he cried, didn’t realize that above his head, a tiny crack appeared.

As the crack gradually widened, the sound of something shattering became more and more obvious, and in the middle of the crack, a scene that didn’t belong to this planet could clearly be seen.

“Xiao Yu, we did it.”

A voice that couldn’t hide its excitement came from behind him.

Xiao Yu heard the familiar voice and turned back in disbelief. “You, how did you…”

The corner of Cang Hai’s mouth hooked slightly as he knelt on one knee and brought Xiao Yu into his arms.

“I promised you; how could I lie to you?” He kissed away the tear stains on Xiao Yu’s face; his tone held a gentleness that was deeper than the night. “Don’t cry; watching you cry breaks my heart.”



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