Little Shark Doesn’t Want To Work Hard Anymore






Su Su was a young shark who had just reached adulthood and often didn’t have enough to eat because of his large food intake and poor hunting skills. Hearing that mermaids could be raised by humans, Su Su found the mermaid tribe in the sea and sought a way to become a mermaid.


The most beautiful little mermaid in the mermaid tribe escaped marriage and was originally promised to the imperial admiral, but he fell in love with a killer whale in the sea.



The little shark became a stand-in for the little mermaid and was packed into a huge fishing boat.


Imperial Admiral Qi Hanyi was forced by the empire to marry a mermaid, and when he returned from the battlefield, he heard that mermaid had been washed and sent to his home.


“No, I won’t raise it, send it away immediately.”


Qi Hanyi angrily hung up the phone and rushed back home: “Where is the mermaid?”



In the empty dark blue huge fish pond, a two-meter-long shark swung its tail and emerged from the surface of the pool.


He opened his mouth toward Qi Hanyi, showing a row of neatly pointed teeth, waving his fins to greet him cheerfully, and pointed to his mouth.


Then Qi Hanyi heard the shark in front of him stuttering to him in a not-so-skilled human language: “Honey, hungry, hungry, food.”


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