Bonus Chapter: Thanks for the kofi, kofi supporter Although on the outside, he looked mature and sensible, Duan Hengye also had a very childish side.         For example, the current Duan Hengye was very much like a child who promised his parents that he would not watch TV again, but then picked up the remote […]


    Before the event’s the official start, Duan Hengye and others were still on the observation platform surrounded by the huge semi-circular shield. This shield was a single-sided transparent material, they could see through it to see the situation under the stage, but the reporters’ high-definition lens couldn’t capture inside. When the event started, the […]


Duan Hengye just nodded his head slightly, but the people around him were watching his actions. So a few seconds after the room reverted to silence, it was once again up to Yu Xinran as the representative to reveal the doubts in everyone’s mind. She looked at Duan Hengye, and then asked seriously: “…… Professor […]


This time, Duan Hengye didn’t go back to the research institute as originally planned, but took the starship back to Southern Star together with Meng Jinhuai. Southern Star wasn’t very close to the planet X where they were just now, and it had a time difference, it was already late at night on this planet […]


Although he had practiced, compared with Duan Hengye who accumulated two strong skills to an abnormal degree, Duan Hengxing, who was only a sinecure in the royal family at present, had not only a bad foundation but also not a lot of practical experience. As he shot, Duan Hengxing couldn’t help but close his eyes. […]


The huge starship belonging to the military ministry slowed down its speed, but still sailed out of X city after a few minutes. The villa that Duan Hengye wanted to visit wasn’t far from the city, and the starship arrived at a large docking area nearby after driving for a while. This docking pad was […]


The heroine, Shang Mengzhen, was attending an event on the first floor of a building on the planet, which was located in the center of the city, opposite a huge central square. As a starship that belonged to the military and was always ready to go into battle, the vehicle that Duan Hengye was riding […]


Unlike Duan Hengye, who had been focusing only on the Star network technology version and factual news, as Duan Hengye’s assistant, Ye Pu, also paid attention to the entertainment news. Out of admiration, and the fact that Shang Mengzhen knew Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, Ye Pu had been paying attention to Shang Mengzhen. As […]


After the start of a new semester, An Luo had returned to its original quiet state. However, if someone was a little sensitive to the school’s senior management, they would find that at some point, the details of the school’s leaders and trustees disappeared from the official website. This was a situation that had never […]