Ever since the end of the battle, a strange calm had once again fallen over the vicinity of Tize Star. Although there were occasional outbreaks of w.ar, it was generally peaceful. However, after Meng Jinhuai personally stepped out to face the battle, he was no longer behind the scenes like he was in the beginning, […]


  Now the matter of Duan Hengye coming to the vicinity of Tize Star had almost spread throughout the entire interstellar world, because his identity was really too special, so Dongfang Hewen’s main task was to ensure Duan Hengye’s safety. At this time, not much time had passed since the end of the last exploratory […]


  To be able to sit at the conference table of the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute, there was certainly no one with a bad mind here. Although due to work, people’s attention to news related to the upper echelons of the empire and current interstellar events wasn’t very high. But those who had […]


After all, Duan Hengye hadn’t yet decided whether he wanted to continue teaching at An Luo, so this time the “last class” also seemed very important. After the class Duan Hengye didn’t rush to leave An Luo University like before, but was stopped by some familiar teachers.   Duan Hengye’s identity was special, before he […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi ✨✨✨MaiBerry28✨✨✨       For Duan Hengye, participating in this meeting was a little different from the past, in the past when he participated in a meeting, it was just to appear in the scene as the main character. But this time was different, this event actually didn’t have […]


  This was only the first meeting, and not long after the meeting ended, Southern Star and the Imperial Council publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the results. When the Ye Tian Empire was ruled by the imperial family, the entire empire seldom spoke out publicly, and even if they did, they used ambiguous language and […]


After seeing this, Duan Hengye, as an audience, couldn’t help holding the pillow tighter in his arms, and then moved closer to the light screen.     Of course, Duan Hengye had no problem with his vision. His action wasn’t because he couldn’t see clearly, it was just because of his subconscious concentration.   This […]


Now that the power of the Ye Tian Empire had finally been transferred from the royal family to the parliament, the meeting between the Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance, which had been on the shelf for a long time, had also been officially put on the agenda.     This meeting was different from […]