Now that the power of the Ye Tian Empire had finally been transferred from the royal family to the parliament, the meeting between the Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance, which had been on the shelf for a long time, had also been officially put on the agenda.     This meeting was different from […]


After Meng Jinhuai left, Duan Hengye redirected his attention to the light screen in front of him. Now the original light screen with only a little text had been filled with dense data, ordinary people would feel a headache just by looking at it. But Duan Hengye was different, such complex data was the object […]


The new mecha’s manufacturing had been completed, so the test flight had to be put on the agenda as soon as possible. But although the last conversation with Meng Jinhuai acted as a base, as the designer, Duan Hengye’s worry didn’t reduce.       During the period when the mecha was built and waiting […]


Duan Hengye appearing here, seemed to be an unexpected thing, but also considered expected.     The research results of Lan Jingchi were closely related to the toxin that Duan Hengye used to carry, and his relationship with Lan Jingchi had long been a consensus. But the current situation on the interstellar wasn’t simple, as […]


The words in front of him surprisingly pulled Duan Hengye’s heartstrings. Although he was sure he still had no memories of his childhood, after seeing these words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help feeling that he saw the scene back then.     …… probably in the eyes of his parents, Duan Hengye grew up to be […]


Thanks for the ko-fi, ✨✨ Byako_123✨✨     The hovering machine was still parked outside the side door of the classroom, and the people who came to watch outside the circular classroom didn’t have the slightest intention to disperse.     After Duan Hengye went out and raised his eyes, he saw this huge crowd, […]


The direction of this press conference definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. When the live channel was opened, the audience thought that Dongfang Hewen would talk about the content of the Star Island incident in a moment. There were even a lot of people that guessed that it was definitely not simple, and had a lot to […]


Meng Jinhuai once told Duan Hengye that from the piloting of a mecha, people could tell a person’s personality. After studying for a while, Duan Hengye strongly agreed with him.     Unlike Yu Xinran’s aggressive driving style, Duan Hengye gave off a much calmer feeling. During the beginning of the competition, he was almost […]


  The drink Yu Xinran sent over was fruit flavored, and after drinking it, its sweetness lingered on Duan Hengye’s lips. This kind of fruit was very special, it didn’t exist on earth. Especially when it was brewed into the wine, it tasted sweet, it wasn’t cloying, and it even had a light floral fragrance. […]


  For Duan Hengye, these ten hours were both long and short. He didn’t know what was added to the nutrient solution, but when he entered the cabin not long after, he became drowsy. And at the same time, the toxins also began to move in his body, a dull pain that couldn’t be ignored […]