Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi FuHero ( ^◡^)っ ♡ Although they were holding weapons in their hands, the k!lling force of those weapons was definitely not comparable to the mecha. After Duan Hengye entered the cockpit, the mecha was surrounded by dozens of people in black, and all kinds of weapons were aimed at […]


For the staff on the starship, Duan Hengye’s order was definitely frightening. In normal navigation, the starship was usually on autopilot mode. But if they followed Duan Hengye’s order, they had to manually control it.     The starship belonged to Duan Hengye personally, but the staff on it were all from the Southern Star. […]


The Empress’s dark blue skirt was a little narrow, although it looked very fashionable, it was totally useless. When it came to real action, the dress hindered most of her movements.     For example, now, if the Empress who was surrounded by three or four men in black walked slowly, she would be pushed […]


Because of his advanced age, and his lingering sickness, the man’s voice was unusually hoarse, as if squeezed out from the cracks of something hard. Duan Hengye had always felt that aging was an inevitable process, no matter how advanced technology was now, there was still no escape from the laws of nature. Natural aging […]


Bonus Chap: Thanks for the Ko-fi, Lolo ❤️❤️❤️. Glad you enjoyed reading.   Time passed quickly day after day, in this repetitive and calm interstellar, Southern Star was still as busy as ever, and the work progress of the Mecha Research Institute never slowed down. At the same time, the capital of the Ye Tian […]


Since Duguang star was also one of the Marshal’s stars, Meng Jinhuai’s sudden visit didn’t alarm anyone. No one on the planet except Duan Hengye knew that the marshal was also at An Luo University.   Meng Jinhuai knew that if he appeared suddenly, he would probably cause a lot of trouble for the organizer […]


Duan Hengye felt that Lan Jingchi had changed a lot, compared to the silent and careful look he had at the beginning, he was like a different person. At this time, standing on the stage, Lan Jingchi looked incredibly confident, and his words and actions were extremely decent, so he could indeed carry the task […]


Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi Cowboy 💐 Duan Hengye didn’t know much in general, but he had seen those gossip discussions about him and Meng Jinhuai. Compared to the statements on the Star Network, the content on the An Luo communication forum was much milder. But it could also be seen that the students […]


Actually, besides driving without a license, today’s behavior was dangerous — after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, that thought flashed through Duan Hengye’s mind.         As a person who had been given the title of “Acting Emperor” by Duan Hengye when he transmigrated, Meng Jinhuai was very good at hiding his emotions and true feelings. When […]


  Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi [Kofi Supporter] The reason why Duan Hengye dared to start this directly was actually mainly because of his high spirituality value. With Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy value, he could overpower it. Duan Hengye slowly put his hand on the opening light screen, then a dark purple screen of […]