Duan Hengye felt that Lan Jingchi had changed a lot, compared to the silent and careful look he had at the beginning, he was like a different person. At this time, standing on the stage, Lan Jingchi looked incredibly confident, and his words and actions were extremely decent, so he could indeed carry the task […]


Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi Cowboy 💐 Duan Hengye didn’t know much in general, but he had seen those gossip discussions about him and Meng Jinhuai. Compared to the statements on the Star Network, the content on the An Luo communication forum was much milder. But it could also be seen that the students […]


Actually, besides driving without a license, today’s behavior was dangerous — after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, that thought flashed through Duan Hengye’s mind.         As a person who had been given the title of “Acting Emperor” by Duan Hengye when he transmigrated, Meng Jinhuai was very good at hiding his emotions and true feelings. When […]


  Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi [Kofi Supporter] The reason why Duan Hengye dared to start this directly was actually mainly because of his high spirituality value. With Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy value, he could overpower it. Duan Hengye slowly put his hand on the opening light screen, then a dark purple screen of […]


The appearance of Yu Xinran’s message, for Meng Jinhuai at this time, was like a pillow being handed to him immediately he became drowsy.         Like Duan Hengye, who stopped looking at his light computer after posting his status a few hours ago, Meng Jinhuai also logged out of his social account after replying to […]


Bonus Chapter: Thanks for the kofi, kofi supporter Although on the outside, he looked mature and sensible, Duan Hengye also had a very childish side.         For example, the current Duan Hengye was very much like a child who promised his parents that he would not watch TV again, but then picked up the remote […]


    Before the event’s the official start, Duan Hengye and others were still on the observation platform surrounded by the huge semi-circular shield. This shield was a single-sided transparent material, they could see through it to see the situation under the stage, but the reporters’ high-definition lens couldn’t capture inside. When the event started, the […]


Duan Hengye just nodded his head slightly, but the people around him were watching his actions. So a few seconds after the room reverted to silence, it was once again up to Yu Xinran as the representative to reveal the doubts in everyone’s mind. She looked at Duan Hengye, and then asked seriously: “…… Professor […]


This time, Duan Hengye didn’t go back to the research institute as originally planned, but took the starship back to Southern Star together with Meng Jinhuai. Southern Star wasn’t very close to the planet X where they were just now, and it had a time difference, it was already late at night on this planet […]