Thanks for the ko-fi, ✨✨ Byako_123✨✨     The hovering machine was still parked outside the side door of the classroom, and the people who came to watch outside the circular classroom didn’t have the slightest intention to disperse.     After Duan Hengye went out and raised his eyes, he saw this huge crowd, […]


The direction of this press conference definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. When the live channel was opened, the audience thought that Dongfang Hewen would talk about the content of the Star Island incident in a moment. There were even a lot of people that guessed that it was definitely not simple, and had a lot to […]


Meng Jinhuai once told Duan Hengye that from the piloting of a mecha, people could tell a person’s personality. After studying for a while, Duan Hengye strongly agreed with him.     Unlike Yu Xinran’s aggressive driving style, Duan Hengye gave off a much calmer feeling. During the beginning of the competition, he was almost […]


  The drink Yu Xinran sent over was fruit flavored, and after drinking it, its sweetness lingered on Duan Hengye’s lips. This kind of fruit was very special, it didn’t exist on earth. Especially when it was brewed into the wine, it tasted sweet, it wasn’t cloying, and it even had a light floral fragrance. […]


  For Duan Hengye, these ten hours were both long and short. He didn’t know what was added to the nutrient solution, but when he entered the cabin not long after, he became drowsy. And at the same time, the toxins also began to move in his body, a dull pain that couldn’t be ignored […]


  Su Mingge was a person who liked to gossip, and also a person who liked to chat with his colleagues. The video conference ended successfully with Duan Hengye’s insistence, and from the effect of the conference, it could be seen that Duan Hengye was in pretty good shape except for looking a little weak. […]


After the announcement of the arrival of the Southern Star Starship, it arrived at its destination ten minutes later. But in such a short time, all the residents in the surrounding area had gathered here. From the starship, it was really a huge crowd, the scene was very spectacular.   After seeing this scene through […]


Meng Jinhuai’s voice was muffled, seemingly blending all the complex emotions of the moment into this one sentence.   After hearing his words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, before slowly raising his hand and hugging Meng Jinhuai back. Although when doing research, Duan Hengye’s mind was sharp, it must be admitted […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi FuHero ( ^◡^)っ ♡ Although they were holding weapons in their hands, the k!lling force of those weapons was definitely not comparable to the mecha. After Duan Hengye entered the cockpit, the mecha was surrounded by dozens of people in black, and all kinds of weapons were aimed at […]