C142 — Extra 8

There were quite a few people from the Ye Tian Imperial Mecha Research Institute who had a large number of fans on the Star Network, and long before that day’s little episode, there were many people who had caught the attention of the public because of their updates on the daily life of little Heyue.


Although they knew that Heyue’s birth had destined him to have a special childhood, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai still wanted to keep a low profile, so after this incident, Duan Hengye deliberately instructed the staff who came to the meeting not to talk about this matter on the Star Network.


But as the saying goes, “gold always shines.”


As a rising genius in the mecha world, Heyue’s deeds were still spread on the internet after a while. It didn’t take long for the netizens who held an extremely high interest in Heyue’s life to learn about this matter.


As for Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, although the two of them had discovered that Heyue was interested in mechas before, the words spoken at the meeting that day finally showed Duan Hengye that it was necessary for him to start paying attention to Heyue’s hobby.


After a very serious interstellar family meeting of the highest standard, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai reached an agreement with Heyue to formally let Heyue learn mecha-related knowledge.


After the end of the last big battle, Duan Hengye properly nourished his body for almost a year. During that year, he was almost always remotely handling the work related to the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute. Because of his health, the matter of going to An Luo University to attend classes came to a halt just like that.


This wasn’t a surprise to anyone. After all, some time ago, Duan Hengye didn’t just teach classes for An Luo University’s Mecha Department; in addition to his daily teaching duties, he also wrote relevant teaching materials.


Anyone who had read his new textbook would find that, unlike the previous version that was obscure and difficult to understand, Duan Hengye’s new textbook was very practical. The difficulty of the new textbook progressed from shallow to deep, and it wasn’t just a list of his personal views and research records but rather a step-by-step guide. In short, after a busy period of time, Duan Hengye had made a huge contribution to mecha education. Although An Luo University still wished that Duan Hengye could come back to teach, the truth was that he really didn’t have to work so hard anymore.


However, unexpectedly, after a year of recuperation, at the same time that Duan Hengye returned to the institute to begin his normal work, Duan Hengye’s assistant, Ye Pu, unexpectedly sent a message to An Luo’s side.


Startling everyone, Duan Hengye once again appeared in the classroom during a new semester at An Luo University. This time, the subject taught by Duan Hengye was still the fundamentals of mecha theory, but unlike the last time, this time, this class wasn’t only open to the new students of the mecha department; the target of the class was expanded to include the entire An Luo University who were interested in this subject.


A few months later, it was another start of school in An Luo University; the students who had chosen Professor Duan’s course early wouldn’t have thought that there was a new surprise waiting for them.



Half an hour before the official start of the course, the students who had chosen the course had already arrived in the classroom ahead of schedule. People who had taken this course before told them that Duan Hengye usually arrived on time, but for the first class, he usually chose to come to the classroom a little earlier to communicate with and understand the students, after all, the course hadn’t officially started yet. Even before Duan Hengye arrived, the atmosphere in the classroom was already very lively, and the students were chatting with the people around them.



Just at this time, the entrance in the center of the circular classroom slowly opened. In an instant, the originally somewhat noisy classroom quieted down. At this moment, everyone unanimously held their breath and looked towards the entrance. Today’s Duan Hengye was wearing a simple white shirt, just like every teacher at An Luo University. However, even though it was just a simple white shirt without any decorations, on Duan Hengye’s body, it gave off a feeling of an “Immortal Taoist.”.



Many years had passed since Duan Hengye came to this world, and although he was often described as “cold,”  those who had been paying attention to him were able to see that today’s Duan Hengye was very different from the beginning—although he still didn’t say much and was still very quiet, he no longer had an air of detachment like before. Duan Hengye smiled more.


They had chosen this class before, so everyone knew that they would be meeting Duan Hengye and listening to his lectures in the near future. But knowing that and seeing him in person were always different feelings. The “legend” of Duan Hengye had long been spread across the stars, and a few years ago, in the silver ring classroom of An Luo University’s Mecha Department, a great event that shocked the entire universe happened.


Seeing Duan Hengye, who had already become an interstellar legend, in this legendary classroom, everyone wondered if they were in a dream.


Due to the fact that this course was no longer only open to students focused on mechas, during class, in addition to Duan Hengye, there was one more teaching assistant in the classroom. This teaching assistant was one of Duan Hengye’s first students, and over the years, the two were already very familiar with each other. Before Duan Hengye came, the teaching assistant had already arrived in the classroom.


And now that he saw Duan Hengye appear, that teaching assistant hurriedly came and greeted him. At this moment, the classroom was very quiet, and everyone’s eyes were locked onto Duan Hengye. Therefore, after Duan Hengye walked to the side of the podium, very few people noticed the movements of the teaching assistant.


While Duan Hengye walked to his position, greeted everyone, and then adjusted his light device, Duan Hengye’s assistant didn’t leave his previous position. On the contrary, his gaze was still on the entrance of the classroom. Immediately after, people who were closer to the center area of the classroom noticed that even after Duan Hengye came up, the entrance had still not closed, and a faint figure appeared there.


Was it another teacher from the school who had come to listen to the class? The students couldn’t help feeling a little puzzled.


However, soon the behavior of the teaching assistant told everyone that what they were thinking wasn’t right. Now Duan Hengye in the center of the classroom had opened a mecha model, but because it wasn’t yet the official start time, he had no intention of starting the lecture. Immediately after, under the gaze of everyone, a small figure suddenly appeared in the center of the classroom.


Who was that? Obviously, he appeared somewhat suddenly, so those who saw him didn’t react to the identity of the visitor for the time being. But just a few seconds later, that person appeared beside Duan Hengye and then… hugged him with one hand.


What was this situation? After seeing this scene, the students froze in place.


Duan Hengye had always felt that although Heyue was a chatterbox, he was still essentially an introvert. After coming in through the special entrance in the center of the classroom and seeing so many older people, Heyue was obviously shy. Feeling the nervousness in his embrace, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reach out to gently touch the little one’s head before squatting down. “Alright, don’t be nervous; go and sit in the position I told you about earlier.” He specially lowered his voice when he spoke, sounding gentle beyond words.


Before coming to class today, Duan Hengye had already spoken to Heyue and told him to sit directly in the first row. But Heyue, after all, was still a child. After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Heyue playfully shook his head and hugged him, whispering in response, “No, I’m a little scared. Why are there so many people here? Dad, is everyone looking at me? Can I stay with you? I don’t want to sit alone in the seat.”


After seeing his son’s playful appearance, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel a little amused. He patted Heyue’s shoulder once more: “We agreed before; you can’t disturb my work if you want to stay.”


After thinking for a while, the little kid pouted and said, “Okay.” Although he had just played a little trick, in essence, Heyue was a very obedient child. So after getting Duan Hengye’s response, the little guy reluctantly lifted his head up, then turned around and gritted his teeth as he trotted towards the position that had been arranged for him earlier.


Despite seeing Heyue’s shyness, after realizing the identity of the child on the stage and seeing his face, gasps were heard inside the classroom.


Professor Duan’s child! He was so cute! And by the looks of it, he wasn’t too old, yet he came to An Luo with Duan Hengye? Everyone had more or less heard of the stories related to Heyue before, but seeing him here still surprised the older students. However, as students of An Luo University, they weren’t distracted by this matter; on the contrary, everyone was actually inspired by the appearance of this little guy.



But for them, the surprise at the start of the school year was far from over. Right at the end of the class, a huge shadow suddenly appeared at the window on the side of the classroom. Some people noticed this shadow, but they didn’t really care about it and just took the shadow as Duan Hengye’s levitator.



This was the first class of the semester, and Duan Hengye didn’t have a lot to talk about, plus he had an early start to his lectures, so when there were still three minutes left from the end of the class, Duan Hengye stopped and told everyone to feel free to read and ask questions. Just as Duan Hengye turned around and started answering the questions of the first row of students, some sharp-eyed people saw that the entrance to the center of the classroom had once again opened up. Then… a figure that people were too familiar with appeared.



Although everyone knew him, because his appearance was so sudden, the classroom fell silent at the same time the man appeared. In such a situation, Heyue’s childish voice became unusually obvious.


“Daddy!” He Yue called out excitedly, and then he ran out of his position and rushed into Meng Jinhuai’s arms.


That’s right, the Marshal appeared in An Luo’s classroom! By the looks of it, he was here to pick up Duan Hengye from work. Right at this time, the classroom finally lit up with the cue for the end of class, but after seeing Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, even after some minutes, not a single person was willing to leave, and of course the students who froze there no longer asked questions.


Duan Hengye turned around in confusion, and then he saw Meng Jinhuai. “Why are you here?” Duan Hengye was slightly surprised; after all, there was no such note on Meng Jinhuai’s schedule today.



“I came to pick you up and take you home.” Meng Jinhuai smiled, then walked over with Heyue in his arms. And after noticing the frozen students around him, Meng Jinhuai finally turned around and greeted them, then said, “Your Professor Duan is getting off work.” Meng Jinhuai’s words carried a hint of amusement; he was obviously joking with the students, but it was just that the aura from the Marshal still affected everyone, and it wasn’t long after Meng Jinhuai’s words fell that the students got up and left.



The circular classroom was noisy again. Meng Jinhuai walked forward to place Heyue on the floor, then lightly kissed Duan Hengye’s forehead, then he gently spoke, “Alright, let’s go home.”



“…… Hmm.” Duan Hengye also smiled at Meng Jinhuai, then together they held Heyue’s small hand and walked towards the exit of the classroom.


The afterglow of the setting sun in the distance spilled onto the hovercraft outside the classroom. Dusk was coming to an end, but it seemed like their story was just beginning.



The End ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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