C94 – Sensational Post

The two of them had a good night’s sleep, and when He Yishu got up the next day, he began to discuss the matter of the auction in detail with Adrian.

As Adrian had said earlier, although He Yishu was alone and didn’t have any big families behind him as backers, with his current strength and popularity, his appeal in the rune card world was definitely comparable to any big family.

“As long as we have the Han rune card as well as the support of the military department, we don’t need to worry at all that the auction will be unattended.” Adrian poured a glass of milk for He Yishu, recounting his thoughts. “In addition, we can also take this opportunity to feel out the attitudes of the major rune card families; after all, the rune card world is about to usher in a huge change.”


The Brandt family, who was the number one family in the Rune Card Realm, wouldn’t say much; after all, they had previously thought of monitoring He Yishu and obtaining his method of creating Rune Cards.

But there wasn’t only the Brandt family in the Rune Card sector; there were many other large and small Rune Card families, and among these families, there might be families similar to the Brandt family that were hostile to He Yishu, but there were definitely families that could see the situation clearly and wanted to befriend or even cooperate with He Yishu.

In this case, an auction could bring many problems to the surface and get them solved.

He Yishu drank a mouthful of milk and nodded. “That’s fine; I actually don’t have much interest in these people, but since you think it can be done, then let’s settle it together, by the way.”

“Leave this matter to me; you can concentrate on what you want to do.” Although the decision had been made, it was clear that a lot of preparation was still needed to actually organize a successful auction.


“Then I’ll work hard for you.” Yishu didn’t know much about this, so he simply left it to Adrian to handle.

And apart from the auction matters, what He Yishu needed to put his efforts into now was the matter of the lectures and the tournament; the former still needed some time to be prepared, and as for the latter, He Yishu had already received the schedule of the virtual arena.

Through the brutal elimination of the individual mixed match, there were only 500 teams left in the Mecha Competition, and next, these 500 teams would start the two-player match, accepting the challenges of countless opponents.

Although 500 participating groups didn’t sound like a small number at first glance, because the number of people who had signed up for the virtual athletics competition was very large, these 500 selected participating groups were all very powerful.

And the battles between the strong and the weak were often hotly contested.

Therefore, in the next round of the tournament, the pace of the tournament would be slowed down a lot, with five two-player duels arranged in chronological order every day, with those who lost being eliminated directly, while those who won would be able to rest for a while and wait for their opponents in the next round.

Also, starting from this round, the Virtual Arena would open up the live commentary function for the matches, and professional judges would be invited to provide live commentary for each match.

And in addition to the interstellar live broadcast that had been used before, the Virtual Arena also opened up the spectator mode, selecting a portion of the registered spectators and allowing them to enter the virtual tournament site so that they could intuitively observe the tournament and, at the same time, communicate with their favorite contestants.

He Yishu didn’t care much about any of this; he only knew that his current schedule was much looser than before in terms of time arrangement, allowing him to have a lot more free time to do other things.

Due to He Yishu’s previous performance in the various competitions of the Mecha Athletic Competition being too outstanding, this time, the virtual arena chose to place him in the grand finale position, and as a result, He Yishu had even more free time.

Just as He Yishu was filling his free time with various things, a post suddenly appeared on the virtual network.

This post had a very sensational title called [Xiao Shu, please accept mom’s confession], and as for the content of the post, it was a mother deeply confessing in the first person about her years of negligence towards her son while hoping to gain his forgiveness.
In addition to these emotive words, a video was also attached to the very beginning of the post, in which a mother’s tearful confession could be clearly seen.

“Xiao Shu, mom knows that it has always been me who has neglected you and made you suffer a lot of grievances. Now that I really know where I went wrong, please forgive me once and give me a chance to make it up to you.” The middle-aged woman looked pitiful as she confided and wept in front of the camera.

After the middle-aged woman finished her words of repentance, a young boy who looked like he was in his teens ran in from outside the camera and jumped into the middle-aged woman’s arms, reaching out with his small hands to help the woman wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, while tilting his head up and looking towards the camera, saying, “Don’t cry, mom. I believe that my brother, when he sees this video, he will surely forgive you, as you love and care for him so much! And don’t worry, I will also care for him and love him as much as you do; after all, he is my only brother.”

“Leilei, thank you.” The woman raised her hand and touched the boy’s face, but her tears fell more fiercely.

At this time, a middle-aged man slowly walked into the shot, sat down beside the woman, reached out and wrapped his hand around her shoulders, and softly soothed, “Xiuzhen, you don’t need to blame yourself so much; after all, it’s not your fault. In the beginning, if it wasn’t for Xiao Shu’s father doing something wrong to you, you wouldn’t have divorced him. And for so many years, we didn’t even know that Xiao Shu’s father was treating him like that. If you had known that Xiao Shu had suffered so much, you would have brought him here in the first place and let him live with us.”

“But in the end, it’s me who didn’t do right by him, I allowed him suffer so much, and now that he refuses to answer my communication requests, I really don’t know what to do.” The woman leaned on the man’s shoulder with tears in her eyes, looking very sad.

The man soothed the woman for a while, and only after the woman’s emotions calmed down did she speak to the camera again: “I don’t know if I can make Xiao Shu see this, but he refuses to accept my communication requests now, and he doesn’t want to see me, so I could only think of this method.”

The man added at the side, “If any of you know Xiao Shu, after seeing this video, please help convey it to him, let him know that his mother has always cared about him. By the way, Xiao Shu’s name is He Yishu, and he’s currently studying at the First Academy as a Rune Card Major. Thank you.”

If there was only the first video and not the last sentence, this post would just be an ordinary sensationalist post, but when the three words He Yishu reached the ears of the viewers, the nature of this post instantly became different.

Onlooker #1: Cra*p, cra*p, cra*p, cr*ap! Named He Yishu, also studying in the first academy as a Rune Card major, the person mentioned in this post couldn’t be the Rune Card big brother, right?

Onlooker #2: So this woman is the mother of Rune Card Big Brother? Although this person does look quite pitiful, I won’t make a subjective judgment until he speaks.

Onlooker #3: I think it’s not normal for a person to be rejected by Rune Card’s big brother and to try to contact him in this way, so I’ll just be an innocent onlooker for the time being.

Onlooker #4: Calling Rune card boss, your mother wants you to come home for dinner!


Because of He Yishu’s popularity, this post quickly caught attention, and as he watched the number of reposts drift up, the smile on Zhao Yan’s face became more and more obvious.

The purpose of him letting Chen Xiuzhen upload this post was obvious; that was, he wanted to use the pressure of public opinion to force He Yishu to take the initiative to lower his head so that he could make up with Chen Xiuzhen again.

And right now things were really moving in the direction of his expectations; the more people replied to this post, the more pressure would be exerted on He Yishu. By then, no matter what he thought, he would have to take the initiative to bow down, or else he would definitely be chastised by everyone.

And as long as He Yishu and Chen Xiuzhen made up, by then he would be able to seek more benefits from He Yishu. Thinking of this, the smile on Zhao Yan’s face became a few points more obvious.

After selecting this person and adding the blacklist, He Yishu didn’t go to the virtual internet much, so when he learned about the existence of this post, it was already a day later, and he got to know about it from Qiao An.

“I don’t know if this person is your mother, but after seeing this video, I don’t think it’s quite right; you’d better be careful.” Out of concern for He Yishu, Qiao An couldn’t help but remind him.

He Yishu’s expression didn’t look abnormal; he just smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, this matter won’t affect me.”

After that, He Yishu took a closer look at the post, and by the way, he watched the video, and after seeing all of this, the smile on He Yishu’s face had been replaced by a cold smile.

Although the comments in this post seemed particularly emotional, and Chen Xiuzhen in the video was indeed crying pitifully, He Yishu couldn’t feel any sympathy because he knew the other party’s purpose for uploading this post better than anyone else.

They wanted to use the pressure of public opinion to force him to forgive her. It seemed that Chen Xiuzhen really didn’t care about her own son. He narrowed his eyes and thought for a while, then made a very simple and brutal decision.

He neither replied directly to this post nor did he take the initiative to contact Chen Xiuzhen, instead, he added three more people to his blacklist.

Chen Xiuzhen, Zhao Yan, and Zhao Lei—these three people became the newest people on He Yishu’s blacklist.


After that, He Yishu just threw the matter away.



Scum family No. 2


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