C64 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Change privacy settings They stayed at the hotel until seven in the morning. The system had reminded him at three in the morning: [Congratulations! You have completed the Sub Copy Quest.] [Reward Points: X500] [Please keep up the good work.] Unfortunately, at that time, Chu Chen’an could no longer hear what the system said. …… […]

C85 —- [3.24 — Judgement Day]

Change privacy settings Jiu Shu’s expression was a bit subtle. Just when he wanted to say something, he saw many more tentacles growing on the walls.   As far as the eye could see, the entire banquet hall was wrapped in flesh and b*lood, and the elegantly designed decorative walls were filled with vegetation-like growths […]


Change privacy settings Whenever Shi Fei appeared in a place, there were always hot searches. No wonder even Song Yiyuan doubted whether Shi Fei was doing monthly subscriptions on hot searches. The popular physique that made celebrities envious referred to people like Shi Fei.   #Shi Fei swore in public. #It’s a surprise to find […]