Shi Fei carefully thought about it, had Shen Qingran given him an autographed photo?     “No.” Between two men, giving an autographed photo seemed strange.       Zhang Xiaomei anxiously responded, “How can there be none? Think about it again.”     Shi Fei shook his head: “There’s really none.”     Zhang […]


The concert tickets were scattered all over the floor.   Fortunately, Lotus Club’s restroom floor was mopped clean without water stains, otherwise these tickets would be soaked.   Shi Fei squatted down to pick up the tickets at his feet and said to the classmate next to him: “Help me pick it up, I put […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi FuHero ( ^◡^)っ ♡ Although they were holding weapons in their hands, the k!lling force of those weapons was definitely not comparable to the mecha. After Duan Hengye entered the cockpit, the mecha was surrounded by dozens of people in black, and all kinds of weapons were aimed at […]


For the staff on the starship, Duan Hengye’s order was definitely frightening. In normal navigation, the starship was usually on autopilot mode. But if they followed Duan Hengye’s order, they had to manually control it.     The starship belonged to Duan Hengye personally, but the staff on it were all from the Southern Star. […]