On this trip, Rong Yue’s idea of building a tribe became even better.   At first, he just wanted a place to stay, but now, he wanted to really develop a city, a place that could run according to his wishes, a place that belonged to him.   Planning was especially important.   As the […]


The wound that was originally “arched” by the crystal was healing at a speed that could be seen by the na.ked eye, and during the short period of time that Fang Ziming was observing, a thin layer of new skin had already grown on the huge wound in Tang Yu’s hand, only that the surface […]


Qin Hengyi didn’t know what happened on Weibo, after he bought omega inhibitors, he returned to the military headquarters under the gaze of the paparazzi.   His little omega was still waiting for him.   He opened the bedroom, the rich omega pheromone came on the face, it was a very strong milk flavor and […]