Change privacy settings Shi Fei had just gotten off the plane and opened his mobile phone when he saw a call from Shen Qingran on it.   There was also an unread message from him.   Shen Qingran: [Master, there is something I need your help with].     Shen Qingran wasn’t the unorthodox simpleton […]


Change privacy settings The hungry CP fans were quietly growing, while Shi Fei began to be stuffed with a variety of work.     With Shi Fei’s popularity getting higher and higher, the previous so-called Tianxing Media’s blocking had simply become a joke.     Resources continued to find their way to the door, especially […]


Change privacy settings Inside a forty-square-meter hotel room. The smell of spaghetti floated in the room. Shi Fei took a fork and quickly ate the pasta in the bowl. From time to time, he drank a mouthful of milk and ate two mouthfuls of vegetable salad; like a small hamster, his mouth hadn’t stopped moving. […]


Change privacy settings Whenever Shi Fei appeared in a place, there were always hot searches. No wonder even Song Yiyuan doubted whether Shi Fei was doing monthly subscriptions on hot searches. The popular physique that made celebrities envious referred to people like Shi Fei.   #Shi Fei swore in public. #It’s a surprise to find […]


Change privacy settings   The overhead lights illuminated the slightly darkened cultural center.   The two models placed in the front of Shi Fei were traditional Hanfu men’s and women’s clothing, both of them used the jujube red color. Compared to the festive red color, the jujube red color was a bit more solemn.   […]


Change privacy settings Time passed by, and the cooperation between Shi Fei and Xu Zeming was very tacit, people who didn’t know it would think that the two had been working together for many years.   When they saw Shi Fei asking Xu Zeming to cut those strips of cloth, everyone was curious about what […]


Change privacy settings   Soon the host found a topic of conversation, and everyone started the competition.     The space here was still big enough, each designer was prepared with a table, a sewing machine, and pens, rulers, scissors, etc. for tailoring.   The rows and rows of tables looked quite spectacular.   Soon […]