Shi Fei flung the black fan up and tapped Jiang Yu on the head, “Don’t even think about it, it’s too late to redo it.”   Jiang Yu smiled, “Then why don’t we switch?”   Shi Fei: “Hanfus are made according to each person’s body size, you can’t wear it.”   Jiang Yu: “No, […]


After understanding the one-sided knowledge, the first thing everyone had to do was to draw the design they wanted.     Although they all said they had put their hopes on Shi Fei at the beginning, they didn’t really leave it all to him.   Everyone drew out the design with simple drawing methods and […]


  After eating the noodles, Shi Fei checked Weibo and saw that the latest comments had increased by more than 100,000, all asking for his help with their homework.     There were also people on their knees begging for his reading notes, he really couldn’t help with that, he casually registered for school, him […]


After the mass withdrawal from Drunken River at the same time, Shi Fei secretly disguised himself to visit teacher Xia Haiyan.     Yesterday she was sent to the hospital after emergency treatment, after a day of treatment, Xia Haiyan just had to rest, so she was living in the VIP ward, she’d be discharged […]