The overhead lights illuminated the slightly darkened cultural center.   The two models placed in the front of Shi Fei were traditional Hanfu men’s and women’s clothing, both of them used the jujube red color. Compared to the festive red color, the jujube red color was a bit more solemn.   The men’s wide […]


Time passed by, and the cooperation between Shi Fei and Xu Zeming was very tacit, people who didn’t know it would think that the two had been working together for many years.   When they saw Shi Fei asking Xu Zeming to cut those strips of cloth, everyone was curious about what he wanted to […]


  Soon the host found a topic of conversation, and everyone started the competition.     The space here was still big enough, each designer was prepared with a table, a sewing machine, and pens, rulers, scissors, etc. for tailoring.   The rows and rows of tables looked quite spectacular.   Soon the organizer pushed […]


Probably because of his status, the organizer arranged an empty lounge for him.   After entering the lounge, Shi Fei looked over the requirements for the competition, and while looking, he asked, “Did you notice anything in what happened just now?”     Xu Zeming thought for a while, “Wang Yuanzhi’s temperament is a bit […]


The Oriental Charm Design Competition was the highest design competition in China, which was held once a year.   Previously, they mainly focused on fashion trends. With the gradual emergence of Hanfu culture in recent years, a design competition for Hanfu was added two years ago.     At the request of Wei Ru, he […]