The Oriental Charm Design Competition was the highest design competition in China, which was held once a year.   Previously, they mainly focused on fashion trends. With the gradual emergence of Hanfu culture in recent years, a design competition for Hanfu was added two years ago.     At the request of Wei Ru, he […]


  The laptop popped up with hundreds of windows at once, which would have caused an ordinary computer to get stuck or even crash.   The laptop was still running very freely, not limited at all.     It took about twenty minutes for the computer to beep, and Shi Fei called up the screen. […]


  The video wasn’t mosaicked, there were photos and names, netizens would soon find out everything.   The people who were talking were real, and many of their friends around them could testify to their experiences.   After the video came out, many victims around the family or best friends had come forward, accusing Xu […]