It also started with the show <<The Sims>>.         Reality shows were usually filmed in a short period of time and were usually broadcasted while filming.         The theme of the first episode was already out, while the main broadcast would be divided into two phases.         The team of the program in order […]


After all, Shi Fei was young, Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang catching up to him was unlikely. But in the end, Shi Fei was caught, mainly because this was their territory, they had so many students around, Shi Fei couldn’t fight them all ah. In a painting room, Shi Fei was sitting properly, like a […]


Shi Fei didn’t know at all. Someone was driving to catch him. At this time, he was thinking about how to sell these paintings. For the current Shi Fei, he was just a newcomer in the world of Chinese painting, and not Mr. J, who had sold paintings for a billion dollars. In order not […]


Jiang Yu thought about it, and said, “Then I’ll sleep with you.” He couldn’t let him sleep with his master, who knew if this person would grind his teeth and snore at night. Gu Yueze looked at Jiang Yu, his eyes were extremely cold, and Jiang Yu began to feel nervous. He was afraid of […]


An ancient house, outside the courtyard on the left, purple bamboo and flowers were planted, the right had a variety of vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, etc. it grew well next to a small area, which had three chickens. An old man in a white Tang suit, with white hair and a sprinkler in his hands […]


A painting could be sold for tens of millions if it was very famous, famous paintings sold for more than a hundred million were generally those famous antique paintings, it could even be sold for an astronomical price.   Someone once said, like calligraphy, the painters died before the painting became famous.   Mr. J’s […]


There was an invisible cold aura being released, anyone with little tolerance was going to be uncomfortable, fortunately, Shi Fei’s face was thick enough. Yu Wenwen sat in the car, grabbed a snack to eat and asked: “Have you inquired about the program? I have secretly poked around a few times along the way, they […]


Shi Fei entered Yiyuan studio, it was a large place, but it was still empty. The studio was really poor ah, there were no more than five staff in total. He walked to the dance practice room, and saw Wu Yan practicing, with sweat covering his body. Wu Yan had started dancing in elementary school, […]


After parting ways with He Lulu, Shen Qing Ran drove back to his place, and before the car could enter the neighborhood, it was stopped at the entrance of the neighborhood. Shen Qingran looked at Chu Yuefei standing in front of his car, his expression blank. The window of his car rolled down, and he […]