C97— Bad Acting

 Bonus Chap Thanks for the kofi MlleAdler 💐💐💥💥💐💐💥💥✨   Zhou Yuhe was wearing a typical ancient Confucian costume.         A long green shirt, a waterfall of ink hair was tied firmly by a hairband of the same color, with darker colors, he looked meticulous, neat and tidy.         For the sake of his persona, the […]


Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi diabolomenth 💐❤️        Even Zhou Yuhe, who was well versed in the ways of getting attention and public relations, had to admit that Xu Feng and Xie Yifeng’s move was really k!lling three birds with one stone.         The first was to solve the conflict between the […]


        After the entertainment frenzy, more people gradually began to think, and began to worry about Movie Star Xie’s resources being reduced.         Although in the current entertainment industry, the star’s personal influence was very important.         The popularity and importance of a star even exceeded the resources that agents and companies could bring.         […]