C118 —- Qiong Yin Award

There were two things that concerned the entertainment industry the most, one was the national wave caused by “Bo Ying”, and the other was the result of the review of the Fan Junxi yin-yang contract dispute.


The shady contract case, which had been disturbed for months, had finally been decided.


Fan Junxi was fined 200 million yuan, and was criticized by the official media one by one, the original good reputation suddenly fell to the bottom.


And his company, I.S wasn’t spared.



Perhaps because the country was determined to crack down on tax evasion in the entertainment industry, I.S was found to have been fined a total of 900 million yuan for the shady contracts!



The staggering amount of money was accompanied by the inevitable attack from netizens.




I.S stock had been tumbling for a week in a row, its peers deliberately trampled on it, and the internal people of the company were in turmoil. How was this the appearance of the original giant in the entertainment industry?



The video of Ji Chen paying the fine was uploaded to the Internet, and Zhou Yuhe happened to see it when he checked Weibo, Ji Chen had lost a lot of weight over the past few months, with his head bowed in silence, as if all the burdens were on him, many netizens originally denounced him, but after watching this video, they also had a few moments of intolerant sympathy.



“The company is not his alone, it hurts, our prince.” The original fans of Ji Chen said.



“The fans are so pissed off, casually selling misery and forgiveness, oh he is innocent. He is the CEO, does he not have a part in the shady contract? It’s all because you fans accept it!” An uncomfortable passerby rebuked.





“Upstairs, tell the truth. Our prince doesn’t really have a share in this matter. He’s only had I.S. for a few years, and can be fined 900 million? If you want to scold him, you can also scold Ji Yuan!” Fans retort.




Mr. Ji was innocent.


No matter how much the outside world had going on, this matter was considered to have come to an end. As for Fan Junxi, such a big mess, even if I.S didn’t terminate his contract, it would be difficult to escape the fate of being snowed out.




After the shady contract dispute, the entertainment industry ushered in the most important awards season.


The music awards came a little earlier than the long acting awards promulgation period.


Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were invited to attend the extremely important Qiong Yin Awards in the Chinese music industry as award winners.




Several songs from the movie soundtrack of “Bo Ying” were selected for the Qiong Yin Awards, and the theme song of the same name sung by Cao Qiyue was one of the candidates for the best song of the year.



The theme song performed by Cao Qiyue, once released, caused wave after wave, Cao Qiyue’s unique ethereal voice, made the song that was already sad and melancholy even more solemn. Although it wasn’t a popular style in the music world, it was more addictive to listen to.



Xie Yifeng, wearing a well-cut suit, opened the envelope containing the list of winners, and deliberately made an exaggerated “surprised” expression, “the winner is Cao …… Qiyue who do you think it will be? ”



The audience on stage resounded with wailing voices.



Big brother, you’re too much!


However grandmother Cao was worthy of being grandmother Cao.



“I won’t guess, hurry up.” Cao Qiyue waved her hand, she looked like she was waiting to get off work. She wore a very flashy blue long dress gown today, even in the face of tens of millions of viewers, facing Xie Yifeng, she was still casual and natural to the extreme.



A burst of laughter erupted from the stage.



Even the viewers in front of the computer exclaimed.



Now in the entertainment industry, the only person who dared to talk to Mr. Xie like this was Cao Qiyue.




Who made her have courage?



If it was said that in the acting industry, the representative of top popularity was Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng.


In the music industry, this person was Cao Qiyue.




After avoiding the tragic and gloomy fate of her previous life, Cao Qiyue had really blossomed on the road of music, so dazzling, so hot, with an irresistible attraction.



Cao Qiyue releases an album every year and was bound to dominate the major music charts. Although the frequency of albums released in the past two years wasn’t as high as before, it was still impossible to shake its position as the dominant music source, and other singers of the same period would change the release date of Cao Qiyue’s album after it came out, so as not to break their heads.



Cao Qiyue’s music hadn’t only been well received by the public, but had also been recognized by professional music critics. For four consecutive years, Cao Qiyue won all the major domestic music awards, including the Qiong Yin Award, and every year she won the award. She even went international, becoming the first Chinese-American singer to be nominated for the highest music award in Europe and the United States, the Cypress Award.



She had been in the music industry for less than ten years, but she had reached a height that many of her predecessors hadn’t been able to reach in their lifetime.


The real diva of the music industry.



Xie Yifeng wasn’t embarrassed after being brushed off, with a big smile, he read thepredictable name on the card: “Cao Qiyue, ‘Bo Ying’ congratulations!”


The applause was thunderous.



Cao Qiyue got up from her seat with an elegant smile.



Her old friend Zhou Yuhe, who was sitting next to her, kept remembering the thin and capricious girl in his memory, step by step, with a firm and confident stride, a natural and powerful aura spread out from her petite body.



The lights of the whole audience were on her body, as if she was the center of the world.



After going on stage, Cao Qiyue still said a speech of thanks in her own style, unlike before, this time she specially cued Xie Yifeng, as if in return for him just teasing her.



“”Bo Ying” is a very good work, I am honored to sing the theme song for this movie, the honor I received today I think is not only mine personally, but also belongs to all the creators of this movie, especially the two main actors, your heartfelt acting gave me a great emotional touch …… so I also want to ask on behalf of all the fans of “Bo Ying”, when do you plan to muster up the courage to meet for the third time?”



“Wow!!!” The whole room was agitated, this time not only the audience, but several artists also got excited.



Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, from the peak down to the valley, and from the valley to the peak, such ups and downs, even if ordinary couples in the entertainment industry wanted to adhere to the romance, it was a very difficult thing, let alone they were the first public same-sex couple in the entertainment industry, they suffered so many different eyes, vicious abuse, but still managed to hold on to the end, cut through the night and usher in the dawn.




This courage, this deep love.


In the flashy, materialistic entertainment industry, it was precious.



What was even more valuable was that they were still young and had deep roots of love so far.



After being teased by Cao Qiyue, Xie Yifeng smiled, and almost subconsciously looked at Zhou Yuhe’s position in the front row.



Zhou Yuhe happened to be looking at him with a smile.


Love deeply, without words.



This scene was screenshotted by netizens who called it “a glance for a million years”.




In the end, he ended up with the person he fell in love with at the age of 19.



The first 24 years he only had eyes for acting, but later he only had eyes for him.


These two comments were topped to the highest, and became the most famous words of the ZhouXie fandom.


“Then ask our Cheng Ying, he won’t stand me up for the third time.” Xie Yifeng shallowly smiled.


“So what if I let go?” Zhou Yuhe on the stage took the microphone handed over by the staff and deliberately asked.


“What can I do, pick you up and run.” Xie Yifeng shrugged his shoulders, looking like he was really poor.


The words of Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, which were equivalent to “betrothal”, were so powerful that they instantly rose to the top of the hot search, completely overpowering the heat of the Qiong Yin Award.



Xie Yifeng had done enough. Somehow, he remembered his status as the award guest and finished the rest of the process.


According to the Taiwan edition, after the award, the winners needed to perform the winning works.


He left the stage to Cao Qiyue.


After completing his mission, he silently retired and returned to the stage next to Zhou Yuhe.


The stage was filled with Cao Qiyue’s ethereal and silent voice.



Xie Yifeng quietly took Zhou Yuhe’s hand and asked, “Like when we were watching the concert?”


Zhou Yuhe looked at him, “Not like that.”


Xie Yifeng didn’t expect him to say that, he couldn’t help but squeeze his hand, “huh?”



Zhou Yuhe laughed, “At that time we weren’t allowed to see the light, now we are open and honest, of course not.”



Movie Emperor Xie finally hooked the corners of his mouth in satisfaction.


During the song performance, Zhou Yuhe glanced at the afterimage and saw a surprising person.


Meng Churong.


She was in a corner far away from Zhou Yuhe, looking up at the dazzling Cao Qiyue, the expression on her face couldn’t be seen clearly.


Zhou Yuhe frowned and withdrew his gaze.


He went to the toilet at the midway point.


Unexpectedly, he ran into Meng Churong in the passage corridor.


“Long time no see.” Meng Churong said.


“Hmm.” Zhou Yuhe nodded and passed by her, his footsteps not stopping, he didn’t even bother to spare a superfluous gaze.




This look full of carelessness seemed to have stung Meng Churong.




Now she was no longer the little princess of the entertainment industry, but a disgusting hom-ose-xual that everyone shouted at, a cheating dog, and most of the people in the industry looked at her as a joke, but because of the residual power of the black emperor, she wasn’t blatantly ignored like Zhou Yuhe had been.



The other was also gay, but everyone’s attitude towards him and Xie Yifeng was completely different.



And also thinking of the first time they met, he was a nothing but a down and out kid, a small artist in I.S, the two were worlds apart, now they completely changed positions …… all kinds of emotions were in her heart, like a sinister snake.



Although Meng Churong thought a lot, in fact, it was a momentary thing.



The corners of her mouth curved, red lips slightly opened, as if to provoke him, “The matter of you and Xie Yifeng was exposed by me.”




Zhou Yuhe stopped in his tracks and looked at her with some surprise.



Meng Churong’s mood finally balanced before she slowly said: “I saw your photo together in Cao Qiyue’s cell phone, so I went to tell Ji Chen. How is it? Are you very angry? Want to scold me? If you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself and Cao Qiyue, if it wasn’t for your own blindness, how could you have gotten into that mess in the first place.”



Meng Churong raised her head like a c-ock with a high spirit, her expression provocative, her eyes very aggressive.



Unexpectedly, Zhou Yuhe only smiled lightly, “Oh, so, thank you then.”


“You thank, thank what?” Meng Churong was stunned.



Zhou Yuhe hooked the corner of his mouth and said somewhat nastily: “In fact, we had wanted to go public at that time, you just happened to push us, otherwise how would there be “Bo Ying”? There is no such thing as a coincidence, it was all planned.”



If Xie Yifeng was present, he would have said that Hehe had learned badly.





Meng Churong was really exasperated, he dared to say that the things she had been painfully happy for so long were all arranged?



A sense of being teased like a clown made her laugh in anger, “Good, good, you and Cao Qiyue are both good! One looks innocent and harmless, but behind the scenes they are entangled with my girlfriend, and one says I am her only one in this life, but in the end she is more heartless than anyone else. You are the two people most suitable for the entertainment industry, I admire you, awesome!”


“…… Cao Qiyue, she really loved you.” Zhou Yuhe was silent for a long time.


“……” Meng Churong didn’t expect him to say that and was stunned.



“Flowing Fire”, “July” and “Chang’an” the last song of these three albums, the titles of these three songs are actually hidden head poems. The first word together is your name, Meng Churong.”



Meng Churong was completely dumbfounded, Zhou Yuhe’s words had brought her too much shock, it wasn’t something she could understand overnight.



Zhou Yuhe gave her a deep look then turned to leave.




When he returned to his position, the Qiong Yin Award was almost over, Xie Yifeng asked, “Why were you gone for so long?”



Zhou Yuhe shook his head, “Nothing, I ran into Meng Churong.”



Xie Yifeng looked at the not very pleasant expression on Hehe’s face, he didn’t ask more, he just nodded, his right hand silently covered his left hand, gently soothing him.





Although speaking at the Qiong Yin Award seemed like a good thing was coming, in fact, the two of them couldn’t think about life events in a short time.



Because after the music award season had passed, the film award season would soon come.



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