C114—- Preparing For The Release


From the time Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng came out of the closet to now, it had nearly been a year.




From the beginning of the shock, anger, to the later slander and abuse, the network had gradually calmed down.




It wasn’t that people had accepted the fact that “true love is invincible”, but the entertainment industry changed too fast.



Xie Yifeng was fine, he hadn’t been exposed much. In addition, Xie Yifeng was constantly being approached by directors, and such news would appear every two or three months. Nobody dared to ignore Xie Yifeng’s position in the film and television industry.



But it wasn’t the same for traffic stars.




Eight months, no work, no exposure, enough for everyone to forget that there was still Zhou Yuhe and this person’s existence in the entertainment industry.




The fall of a bright star affected not only the artist himself, but also the entire ecology of the traffic industry.



When Zhou Yuhe was still active, he had always shown an actor’s reverence for acting, the pursuit of acting skills, with him as a role model, many people dedicated themselves into polishing their acting skills.


Who said this was an era when acting was useless and traffic was king? Didn’t Zhou Yuhe rely on his excellent acting skills to create this legendary star road? Could an actor call himself an actor if he didn’t act?



Such a belief.



When Zhou Yuhe and Xiao Hua were in their prime, countless young people were told by the brokerage company not to forget their original intention and to be humble and diligent.



Such a belief.




When Zhou Yuhe fell overnight, and was abandoned.



What was the use of good acting? If the persona collapsed, who still care about you?



The traffic market, which was originally actively changing and transforming, had relapsed, and one packaged idol after another had been pushed into the entertainment industry.



However, when the audience had seen what was good and understood what a “good” standard was, how could they accept it?




“Oh my God, this is just reading the lines, were they relying on post dubbing?



“I’m really impressed. There’s only one expression in the whole process. Can fans also use this to praise his acting skills?”




“Wow, in the end Fan Junxi can’t act ah, does he know what an evil smile is? Is he playing ‘Yuan Tian’ again?”



“Upstairs, you’re funny, Fan Junxi will never get pass this.”


“In fact, compared with the current stars, it isn’t so unbearable, who let the person who played the role at that time be Zhou Yuhe?”



“Don’t mention Zhou Yuhe. But, hey ……”



No matter how much the audience was dissatisfied with the flow of people’s acting skills, they still took the advantage of the times, quickly gathered up capital, climbing towards the peak, the most prominent of which was Fan Junxi and Yan Yingyi.




Perhaps the most clear about the operation process of Zhou Yuhe’s acting career, I.S took advantage of the similarity in appearance between the two and Zhou Yuhe, quickly snatched the resources lost by Zhou Yuhe, I.S also earned a lot of money as a result.



Ji Chen’s commercialization layout also began to accelerate the process.




The good news of mergers and acquisitions kept coming, which made Fu Xiaoyu, who originally planned to let I.S and Black Emperor merge, overjoyed, but unexpectedly, after a few days, an explosive news occupied the headlines – Black Emperor’s daughter Meng Churong seen in and out of G-ay bars! And spent the night with a local short-haired netizen!



This was the second time since Zhou Yuhe that a popular celebrity had come out of the closet in the entertainment industry!




And this time, it was Meng Churong, who had been known as the “little princess of the entertainment industry”!



The netizens were furious.



Even more fierce than the last time to Zhou Yuhe!



Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were love, and were still with each other until now, even if their careers suffered a devastating blow, they never left each other. People said it was disgusting, or they pitied them but the heart of these two people was respected and admired, the most important thing was that the two from the debut to now, never had a scandal, but was often praised by people in the entertainment industry.



But Meng Churong went in and out of ga-y bars, obviously her virtues had problems, looking at her spring appearance, it was estimated that it wasn’t her first time there, there was no possibility of her being tricked into it. And that short-haired netizen didn’t have a good reputation, she just got exposed a few days ago, dom-estic viole-nce, yet she also cried and begged her girlfriend to get back together, and in a blink, she and Meng Churong got together.



The most serious thing was that this Meng Churong had a marriage contract with the prince of I.S.! She not only cheated, she cheated with a woman!



What kind of person was Ji Chen? He wasn’t only the current helmsman of I.S, he used to be a top-tier artist! Although he had moved to the backstage, he had implicitly expressed that he might make a comeback to acting in the future just for fun, so there were still many fans of Ji Chen in the industry, the first explosion was from them!




Meng Churong’s Weibo page was instantly butch-ered within an inch of its life.



She was the daughter of the Black Emperor’s boss, so her Weibo account had always been managed by her, no agent dared to take over.




When Meng Churong knew about this, she was sleeping with the lady in the hotel’s presidential suite, drunk and unaware of the present and the past.



A phone call from her mother, Fu Xiaoyu, woke her up.



Meng Churong picked up the phone senselessly and sleepily spoke, “Hello?”



The other end was silent for three seconds before she asked calmly, “Where are you now? With whom?”



Fu Xiaoyu was known as a tyrant in Black Emperor, thunderous and decisive, but when she was really angry, she wasn’t hysterical, instead she had a cold-to-hell expression and voice that made you feel fearful from the bottom of your heart.



She immediately knew something was wrong, she moved away the woman and sat up, “Mom, what’s going on?”



The voice on the phone was as cold as the snow in the middle of winter, “Meng Churong, if you still want to be a big star, you ……”




The short-haired woman beside her saw Meng Churong’s expression getting worse and worse, her heart was anxious, she put on a gentle and considerate look, wrapped her arm around her shoulders and said softly, “Rong Rong, what’s wrong with you?”



Meng Churong glared at her, she immediately put his hand down, although Meng Churong had long expected today, she was still inevitably a little nervous when exposed.



Meng Churong hung up the phone, before the woman had time to speak, a black object smashed on her face – it was the phone!



“Rongrong you ……” the woman quickly deflected, but the corner of her forehead was still hit.



“Get out! You bi-tch!” Meng Churong roared in anger, her usual fine upbringing vanished without a trace at this moment.



She casually put on her clothes and rushed out of the hotel and drove to Black Emperor.




The office of the director of Black Emperor Entertainment.


The delicate makeup on Fu Xiaoyu’s face was already a bit spent, her face was full of fatigue, apparently Meng Churong’s sudden scandal made this woman who once reigned in the entertainment industry shaky, she sat on the chair without saying a word.



Meng Churong stood in front of her desk like a child who had done something wrong, and she didn’t dare to sit down when there was an empty seat next to her.



“Miss Meng, you have the talent, if I had known today, I would have let the entertainment reporters expose you and Cao Qiyue!” Fu Xiaoyu’s red lips hooked up into a nasty smile, that appalling aura terrified Meng Churong.




In fact, she had been a bit sad to let go of Cao Qiyue, it was okay when Fu Xiaoyu didn’t mention it, but now that she did, Meng Churong blamed her mother, if she was still with Cao Qiyue, she would definitely not mix with those people.



But then again, the times were different now. At that time, Meng Churong was popular and she liked Cao Qiyue, but she didn’t have the determination to stay with her.



“Mom, I know I’m wrong, don’t be angry ……”



Fu Xiaoyu turned her head so she wouldn’t look at her and looked to the head of the public relations department at the side, “How is the online public opinion now?”



The supervisor had a worried expression, “Now the Internet is overwhelmingly in …… insulting Miss, we have been withdrawing news from the hot search list, but with little success.”



Fu Xiaoyu frowned, “It’s been less than a day yet there’s such a big battle, it seems that the people behind this matter put a lot of effort, heh.”



Meng Churong: “Yes, Mom! I’ve always been very careful, this time it must be someone ……”



“You shut up,” Fu Xiaoyu interrupted her, then said to the head of the public relations department, “that netizen, did you find out who’s behind her?”



The supervisor shook his head, “The other is doing it very stealthily.”



Fu Xiaoyu pondered for a moment, “What is the direction of the wind on the Internet now?”



“The unanimous request is for Miss to take the initiative to withdraw from the marriage and break the engagement with Mr. Ji.”



Did it mean that ……



Just at this time, Fu Xiaoyu’s cell phone rang.



“Auntie Fu, long time no see.” Ji Chen’s voice came from the other end of the phone.




“It’s you?” Fu Xiaoyu’s expression darkened by three points.



Ji Chen deliberately avoided the topic, “It’s me, Auntie Fu, I’m sure you’ve seen today’s news, I’m really disappointed and sad that such an incident happened.”



Fu Xiaoyu was even more certain, “It was you who found someone to plan all this!”



“How can you say that, Miss Meng’s misbehavior was filmed by reporters and put on the internet, not only was Black Emperor’s reputation damaged, but I.S was also greatly affected.”



Fu Xiaoyu gritted her teeth, “What exactly do you want to do?”



Ji Chen straightened his cuffs before he said calmly, “Things have come to this, the marriage contract between me and your daughter is definitely not valid, the Ji family cannot accept a notorious mistress.”



Fu Xiaoyu was furious, “Good for you Ji Chen, you used our Meng family’s prestige to help you snatch I.S from your uncle, and now you want to tear down the bridge? I’m telling you, it’s not that cheap! If you really dare to break off the engagement, I’ll make sure you can’t get away with it!”





Ji Chen smiled faintly and carelessly replied, “Then we’ll see what happens.”



I would like to see how Black Emperor can fight with I.S.





“Beep beep beep.”




Hearing the busy beep, Fu Xiaoyu was so angry that her chest kept heaving, and Meng Churong and the supervisor on the side were quiet, not daring to let out their breath.



This matter had such a big impact. Not to mention the economic loss of Black Emperor, this was enough to make Black Emperor no longer have a foothold in the entertainment industry!



So ruthless, Ji Chen was really ruthless!



She couldn’t understand, where exactly did Black Emperor offend him that he would do such a terrible thing?



Fu Xiaoyu carefully thought, and saw her daughter fidgeting with a stupid expression on her face, then she suddenly understood.




It wasn’t that Black Emperor had offended him, but that he wanted to offend Black Emperor!



If they put it in the past, when black emperor was at the height of the sun, Ji Chen would think twice about lifting his engagement with Meng Churong. However, since the Cao Qiyue incident, the influence of black emperor hadn’t been as great as before. There was no need for him to fear and worry. That was why he took such a tough measure and started first. Anyway, breaking the engagement would definitely offend black emperor. It was better to offend the black emperor to the end, so that they could never turn over again!



“What an arrogant brat!” Fu Xiaoyu’s hatred made her teeth itch, since he wanted to tear the skin, then he couldn’t blame her for being ruthless, did he think I.S was a clean sheet of paper?



Fu Xiaoyu remembered what she had heard from a certain entertainment industry bigwig, the corners of her mouth hooked up in a meaningful smile.




When the internet was buzzing with the matter of Meng Churong’s coming out, a week later, another shocking scandal broke out – Fan Junxi’s “Yin and Yang contract”, the amount of tax avoidance may amount to tens of millions!



A stone stirred a thousand waves!




Meng Churong’s character was bad, but it was only a moral issue, but Fan Junxi had touched the law this time!



Ji Chen was caught off guard.



One was the amount Fan Junxi played with, his surrounding staff were his “own people” brought from the old company, he thought Fan Junxi’s team would do things more tacitly, so Ji Chen didn’t intervene, but he didn’t expect to give them the opportunity to deceive the top!




But it had happened, throwing blames wouldn’t help, the most important thing was how to remedy it!



But apparently the other side was very well prepared and didn’t intend to drag only Fan Junxi down, other shady contracts signed by I.S had also been exposed, this wasn’t just a matter of individual artists, but the whole company was involved!



I.S was such a big company, could the contract involved be only tens of millions?



A huge shadow loomed over I.S for a while.





The National Tax Bureau normally didn’t take action, but when it did, it was a thunderbolt.



All the acting activities under Fan Junxi’s name were suspended and put off, even he himself was controlled at the international airport and disappeared for a whole 100 days afterwards.





With Fan Junxi’s example, other young people who weren’t clear about tax affairs became good people one after another, and the entertainment industry had become much quieter.



After so many farces, many people suddenly felt that Zhou Yuhe’s coming out last year was nothing.



“Compared with Meng Churong and Fan Junxi, Zhou Zhou and Brother Xie were simply wronged, there are still people who don’t know that love doesn’t distinguish between the sexes?”



“Don’t mention it, upstairs, I can only live on his previous works now, without Zhou Zhou I don’t know where to find good dramas.”



“Forget it you guys, you fans were the ones who scolded Zhou Yuhe, and now you’re summoning him? Zhou Yuhe I support you, quit the industry and never come back hahahaha.”



“Wow this anti fan upstairs is so vicious!”





Many of the fans who had previously stepped back gradually came around, and it took them a long time to accept the romance between Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng, although they didn’t immediately become fans again, but the continuos assault against Zhou Yuhe gradually disappeared.



Although Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo page was cold, it was also a lot cleaner.



Just at this time, “Bo Ying” was ready to be released.



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