C113 —- When Will He Return


Li Yan looked up and saw Xie Yifeng walking in the direction he came from wearing the same white T-shirt. His back was facing Li Yan, even without seeing his face, it gave Li Yan a strong sense of youth, whether it was the thin body, soft hair, and slightly swaying arms, he had a youthful atmosphere that couldn’t be ignored.



The same was true of the back, the back of the youthful Cheng Ying was completely different from the present, that was a hooked back, slightly curled, banal with a hint of desolation.



Li Yan was stunned, she didn’t think that someone’s acting skills would be so good that the same role, different periods, even the back was completely different!



She held her breath, as did all the staff present, expecting the two to meet in the corridor to look at each other …… Unfortunately, no.



Meng Chuan didn’t use the old “love at first sight” movie scene, after the two bumped shoulders, Cheng Ying walked straight past, while Cai Bowen was slightly stunned, he turned his head, staring at the back of Cheng Ying and his friends talking and laughing out loud.



This was a very small clip, at most Cheng Ying only slightly tilted his head, revealing the side of his face, but this small half of the side face, in the corridor under the sunlight made the scene kind of heartwarming and beautiful.



Cheng Ying used his face to bend the universal straight man Cai Bowen, but also just with a back, he stunned everyone in front of the camera.




Of course at that time Cai Bowen didn’t realize.





The director shouted out in satisfaction.



Zhou Yuhe turned around and went to Xie Yifeng who was dazed, waving his hand in front of his eyes, with a rare smile with a hint of slyness and smugness, “What, stuck in a daze?”



In fact, when the director shouted, Xie Yifeng had already come out of the scene, but he deliberately waited for Zhou Yuhe to come over to tease him, so he pretended to be dazed, and grabbed Zhou Yuhe’s white thin wrist that was constantly waving: “Yes, I’m dazed.”



“If you’re dazed, how can you still hear me?”



“Your words, even if I’m dazed, I still have to listen.” Xie Yifeng suddenly showed a smile, making Zhou Yuhe’s heart jump.



Zhou Yuhe was thin-skinned, seeing him play with him here in public, the skin on his face was slightly hot, he was about to dodge Xie Yifeng’s direct gaze, when he suddenly saw the dazed Li Yan, he immediately found a shield, he smiled and walked towards Li Yan.



“Sister Yan, haven’t you finished your scenes? Why did you come over today?”



Li Yan saw him walking over, with a smile as subtle as a spring flower, she instantly stood up and patted the hem of her clean and dry clothes, “I had nothing to do, so I’m just wandering around.”




As if forgetting that a few days ago she jumped on Zhou Yuhe’s back to scratch his head at the end of her scenes.



After a short break, the next scene started.


This scene was when Cai Bowen was selected as the host of the orientation party, and his female partner went to the concert hall to practice, but he witnessed his classmates not selected as the piano player because they were outclassed by Cheng Ying, and they went to the concert hall to make things difficult for Cheng Ying, Cai Bowen stood up for Cheng Ying, and the two met formally.



Cheng Ying’s long fingers pressed on the piano keys with boredom, making a muffled, unpleasant sound.



Li Yan gazed at Zhou Yuhe in the field and couldn’t help but sigh.



It wasn’t uncommon for people to change their clothes, make-up and aura after they finished filming. How could people get used to it? Cheng Ying’s appearance… wasn’t it too beautiful!? The amazing feeling of the front wasn’t inferior to that of the back!



The short hair with white T-shirt, a few days ago he looked extremely ordinary but now it was the right amount of slimness, the main thing was that his body emitted the kind of foggy innocence and a trace of charm …… Yes, charm, although it seemed inappropriate to describe a man, he did hook people as the teenage Cheng Ying. And it wasn’t his usual clean temperament, this belonged to Cheng Ying.




Who could imagine that such a stunningly beautiful young man would become so ordinary and weak under the wear and tear of time and reality? Today’s Cheng Ying held a smile with an inescapable pride and stubbornness!




It was also this contrast between before and after that made Li Yan, who had obviously read the script, look forward to the release of the film!



Everyone was in very good shape this day and was out of the studio before seven o’clock.



Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng politely said goodbye to the staff on site and waited for everyone to leave before they were ready to leave with their company.



Looking at the blue and red sky, Zhou Yuhe let out a long breath, turned his head and made a rare proposal to Xie Yifeng, “Let’s, go for a drink?”




These days, playing the adult version of Cheng Ying was really too depressing, the role was depressing, the plot was depressing, his life right now was also quite depressing, while the teenage scenes were relatively easy and sweet, with many pure love scenes added in it, so acting it made him feel comfortable and relaxed.



Xie Yifeng knew he was trying to relax, but he favored a very serious tone and pointed to his school uniform that he hadn’t taken off yet, “What for? I’m underage.”



“Oh, so you’re not going.”



“No, no, I was wrong. I was joking.” Then he pulled Zhou Yuhe to the direction of the nanny van.



When passing through the dressing room, they heard two familiar voices: the makeup artist and lighting artist.



“Eh, do you know about that recent gossip?” A voice said.



“Isn’t it about Fan Junxi signing with I.S and taking the spokesperson of BHY men’s collection? You say he is really powerful ah, BHY endorsement, how many young people can get the head of the international endorsement, I.S probably put in a lot of effort.” Another voice said back.



“More importantly, do you know who the former spokesperson of BHY was?” The make-up artist’s voice got more excited, “It’s Zhou Yuhe! In addition to this I heard that he also lost a lot of endorsements and advertising offers, this time I’m afraid it is really going to be ……”



“Who says it’s like that, he’ll ……”



The door of the dressing room suddenly opened.



The sound of talking came to an abrupt halt.



In the next second, the makeup artist and lighting technician looked like they had seen a ghost.



Xie Yifeng walked in with a smile, “You two haven’t gone back yet?”



The make-up artist stammered nervously, “Brother Xie, how can you ……”



Xie Yifeng very naturally walked to the sofa to pick up his jacket that served as a quilt during his lunch break, raised the clothes in his hand and said, “I forgot my jacket.”



The makeup artist saw him move naturally, it seemed he really just came back to get the jacket, and hadn’t necessarily heard how much they gossiped, they were about to breathe a sigh of relief, when Xie Yifeng said in a low voice: “It seems that Meng Chuan is usually too good to you guys, so you have nothing to talk about behind the scenes, don’t come tomorrow, you can go get your salary for the month. ”



He calmly closed the door behind him.



The Makeup artist and lighting technician were stunned in place.




Xie Yifeng usually treated people kindly, so they didn’t realize Xie Yifeng’s status, although the matter of coming out affected him a lot, but that was a matter of the fan circle, in the film industry, he was still the movie emperor, if replaced by other film and television industry big brothers, not to mention being thrown out of the crew, whether you could get work in the future was a problem. Therefore, the make-up artist and lighting technician could only blame their own broken mouth at this time.



Outside the door, Zhou Yuhe saw Xie Yifeng walk out with a sulking expression, on one hand he blamed himself for not stopping him, and on the other hand he felt moved.



“In fact, they are right ……” Zhou Yuhe sighed.



Xie Yifeng didn’t speak, he just firmly held Zhou Yuhe’s hand, this period of time in the crew seemed to isolate them from the outside world, but in fact they still more or less understood. Zhou Yuhe was serious about filming, and put off the few events and interviews, in the eyes of the audience, it was as if he “evaporated”.



Everyone speculated that Zhou Yuhe was completely gone from now on, some of the advertisers who wanted to wait and see also rested their minds, and switched to others.



There were many people in the entertainment circle who provided timely assistance.



Overnight, many people that were like Zhou Yuhe sprouted up, the most powerful, the most profitable, was Fan Junxi and Yan Yingyi.



The two of them quickly divided up the resources lost from Zhou Yuhe, and they were also acting very high-profile, Fan Junxi, who had a lot of problems, even said directly on a show that “a person should not forget his original heart, not to be ungrateful, otherwise God will punish him”, which was suspected of sarcasm that Zhou Yuhe left I.S. in spite of the kindness he received, completely forgetting that he was the one who abandoned his old employer for the sake of interests.



But in the current environment, it seemed that it was “politically correct” to accuse and insult Zhou Yuhe, and instead of being accused, what Fan Junxi did was praised by passersby as the most likely candidate to replace Zhou Yuhe in the next two years.



When Fan Junxi saw this hot search, he was pleased and at the same time a little disdainful.



He was a gay man, how could he be compared to him? These people were also a little too insensitive, at the beginning they put Zhou Yuhe to the sky, but now they “abandoned the darkness and moved to the light” with polished eyes ……



The corner of his mouth hooked into a mocking arc, with a wave of his hand, he signed his name on the contract.



He signed the contract, but hesitated to hand it to the investor, and the other party, seeing his appearance, couldn’t help but be a little overwhelmed.



“Mr. Fan, this is ……” The investor barely managed to keep a smile on his face.



“This is the 10 million actor’s contract for ‘Bright Moon’, I also invested 5 million in your project in my own name, and the 20 million dividend that will be returned to my company at that time hasn’t been forgotten, right?” Fan Junxi raised the contract he was holding.


In order to avoid tax, stars apparently signed a part of the contract with investors for acting remuneration, the remaining part was signed in the name of personal investment or company investment contract, the income fell into the category of “company income”, and personal tax decoupling, the entertainment industry also called this tax avoidance meant “Yin Yang contract”.



It wasn’t uncommon in the entertainment industry, but people as arrogant as Fan Junxi were rarely encountered by investors.



“Mr. Fan, if you do this and Mr Ji finds out……” said the investor.



“If you want to make a success of this project, you can go ahead and show me how difficult it’ll be you to sign Bai’an for 35 million yuan of film remuneration.” Fan Junxi said with confidence.


Not only the artists did it, but also the artists’ companies also did it.




I.S also invested 5 million in the form of investment to the “Bright Moon” project, and when the time came, no matter how much the movie grosses, the project would have to give I.S 15 million in dividends, which was equivalent to paying 10 million more for the actors in disguise.



I.S had other uses for this money and it wouldn’t all go into Fan Junxi’s pocket, otherwise Fan Junxi wouldn’t be so greedy and open his mouth to ask for an extra 15 million in remuneration.



He wasn’t afraid of I.S. checking him, I.S. was at the time of employing people, knowing that he was doing these things behind the scenes, at most they’d reprimand him, as long as it wasn’t too much, they’d turn a blind eye, after all, he was now I.S.’s number one god of money, if they offended him, they’d only lose more.



When the investor saw that he looked like he had no fear, he had to call his secretary and indignantly signed the other contract.



The signing ended as if he had fought a stifling battle.



The investor couldn’t help but miss the days when Zhou Yuhe was still around.



When Zhou Yuhe was popular, he was at the top of young stars, even if he shouted 30 million for a film, who dared to reject him? Who wouldn’t be overjoyed?


Although Zhou Yuhe’s film pay wasn’t low, be didn’t play tricks like the other stars, using fans, traffic, endorsements, and influence to bid up the price, but he really reached that level. For years, the male protagonist of the drama king in the TV drama industry, the first actor in the literary film, broke the box office record of the literary film, and the global spokesperson of HS – the first Chinese spokesperson of HS… Who didn’t know he was at the top?

Moreover, Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills and how much traffic he pulled. For investors, the income they got from him was often several times, or even more than ten times the remuneration they paid. Who didn’t like to use such artists and who didn’t want to use them?




Unfortunately, since Zhou Yuhe came out of the closet, the ecology of the entire entertainment industry’s traffic market had suddenly become chaotic.



They really missed the old days when there was Zhou Yuhe.



They didn’t know when he would return to acting.



Could the kid even return to the industry…..



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