C117—- Turning Danger into Peace

In every sense of the word, “Bo Ying” was an amazingly legendary work.




The first part of “Bo Ying” told the story of a desperate housewife; the middle part told a story of pure love; all the conflicts and contradictions were concentrated in the last thirty minutes, which exploded fiercely, and the final statement of truth pushed the film to another level, making people unable to come back.



Leaving aside the acting skills of the actors, the many changes of pace and the richness of the layers of “Bo Ying” were enough to make it go to the altar, not to mention the perfect acting skills of Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng, once “Bo Ying” was released, it led to waves of movie-going frenzy.



100 million, 150 million, 200 million, 300 million …… The staggering single day box office record was set again and again, if Meng Chuan’s last “Cat and An Xue” still had a strong commercial style, then this “Bo Ying” was fully a literary film, it was a complete miracle!



The ending of “Bo Ying” made many viewers cry, and the story of Cheng Ying and Cai Bowen’s love was very reminiscent of Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng.



They played these two characters to perfection, was it because the reality of the same lack of understanding, the same pressure?



People were always susceptible to emotional resonance and drive.


At that time, they were sick of them, but now they had a lot of love for Cheng Ying and Cai Bowen, and for Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng.



“They just fell in love with someone of the same gender, what exactly was wrong for them take on something so heavy?”



“I declare, from today onwards I am a ZhouXie CP brain dead fan, as long as they don’t break up, I won’t stop, you should take Cheng Ying and Cai Bowen with you! Sobbing! ”



“Your father will always be your father, anti-fans should open their eyes to take a good look, how is Zhou Yuhe a ‘traffic star’!”



“Praise for Zhou Zhou and Mr. Xie, their divine acting skills are really the world’s treasures QAQ!”




All the negative news and influences were wiped out in the frenzy that was “Bo Ying”, and the two seemed to have stepped back to the center of the world overnight and were highly sought after.



In this magical soil of the Chinese entertainment industry, once a miracle happened, then it was followed closely by one miracle after another.


“Bo Ying”, Meng Chuan, the case, Zhou Yuhe, Xie Yifeng, coming out, the wife …… and “Bo Ying” related headlines occupied a whole week of hot search pages, it could simply be said that it was a rotation on the hot search, when one went down, another would immediately become a hot spot for people to discuss.




FengHe studio’s phone was also busted, those investors and advertisers who had ignored Yang Yu, changed their decisions and actively tried to negotiate.



“Agent Yang ah, before it was my bad attitude ……” “Brother Yang, are you dissatisfied with your itinerary this week?” “Brother Yang, I was wrong. ”



Yang Yu smiled shrewdly. The once high spirited agent Agent Yang came back.


Zhou Yuhe’s fans rose back at an eye-popping rate, and even continued to soar upwards, 57 million, 58 million, 59 million ……60 million!



The number of messages and likes also rose from a pitiful few hundred dilly-dallying to millions, as if back to the top traffic ceiling journeyman status.



More importantly, this time the fans that were left after experiencing the scandal, their cohesion and loyalty was stronger than ever before. Some passers-by jokingly said that Zhou Yuhe was able to soar even when he came out. If he didn’t ‘t break the law, his position in the industry would be hard to shake.




“Bo Ying” –



An unimaginable turnaround battle.


Although Zhou Yuhe had mental preparation because of the memory of his previous life, he still felt unreal when it was really successful.


This was an unimaginable achievement for any literary film, from the paper media to the online media, from the audience to the venomous critics, too many people “blew up” because of the film.



For FengHe studuo, the box office sales was also a very happy thing, in this period of time, although Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were busy with publicity, they didn’t forget the studio and Ji Yuan’s initial betting agreement.


At the beginning, they put most of the remaining working capital of the studio into the shooting of Bo Ying, occupying a large share of shareholders, not counting the remaining box office gains in the film period, they could make a net profit of more than RMB 1 billion just with the RMB 1.5 billion. With their salary, the profit of nearly RMB 200 million was enough to make Feng He Studio safe.

In the midst of their busy schedules, the two took time to go to Ji Yuan’s company to settle the betting agreement.


Ji Yuan’s company wasn’t big, and naturally couldn’t compare with the magnificent and towering I.S. building, but it occupied a whole floor of a high-class office building, which was very elegantly and stylishly decorated.



Ji Yuan didn’t look good, this always shrewd and decisive businessman, even when his nephew seized power, and he left I.S. in desperation, there was no such melancholy and exhaustion.



Even during the settlement of the contract, his expression was still indifferent and absent-minded.



Xie Yifeng couldn’t help asking why.



“Oh, nothing, it’s just that the old man he, hey.” Ji Yuan sat on the boss’s chair, his expression was somewhat decadent and mournful.


Zhou Yuhe thought about the current time period and recalled that in his previous life it seemed about this time when old man Ji passed away.



Ji Chen became the real I.S. Emperor, and from that time onwards, his and Meng Churong’s relationship became worse, like a couple of strangers.



Zhou Yuhe heard the news once again and fell into a trance.



Xie Yifeng looked at Ji Yuan’s expression and tone, he also guessed: “When was it?”



Ji Yuan: “Just the day before yesterday, the media hasn’t been notified.”



The original I.S leader died, this news would be extraordinarily shocking for the outside world, not to mention the recent I.S scandal because Fan Junxi was caught in a legal dispute over the Yin Yang contract.



The news of the death of the old man couldn’t be easily publicized.



Xie Yifeng gently sighed, he had been in the industry for so many years, although he wasn’t an I.S’s artist, he met Old man Ji a few times and had a deep impression of this hale and hearty, strong and shrewd old gentleman, hearing the news of his death made him a little sad.



“Sorry for your loss.”



Ji Yuan waved his hand and smiled reluctantly, “I’m so old, how can I be so sentimental as you youngsters.”



Although he said so, but the vicissitudes of life on his face was obviously more obvious than before.



The betting agreement was perfectly fulfilled, which would have been a win-win situation, but because of this news, the whole office was shrouded in a faint sense of grief.



Zhou Yuhe took care of the remaining matters and was about to leave with Xie Yifeng when behind him, Ji Yuan suddenly spoke, “Ji Chen asked me to return to I.S.”



Zhou Yuhe was startled and turned back to look at him.



A tired and torn look appeared on Ji Yuan’s face, and after a pause he asked, “Do you guys think I should go back?”

His voice was soft, as if he was asking them, and as if he was asking himself.



I.S was in the midst of a stormy and life-and-death moment.



If it was before, Ji Yuan would have felt very pained when he saw I.S in such a chaotic state under Ji Chen, he wasn’t a man with a big heart. Ji Chen, his ambitious and scheming nephew, had used unseemly means to pull him down at first, and now he was rushing him to his death, and if the matter of the yin-yang contract hadn’t suddenly appeared, he might have used some other means against him.



But Master Ji’s death hit him hard.



He was almost fifty-five this year, time flew so fast, counting down, it seemed that there wasn’t much time to support his ambition.



He even sometimes thought.



For the sake of money, for the sake of power, was it worth not having a family and a home?



Although his father was eccentric since childhood, he still left I.S in his hands for more than a decade.



Zhou Yuhe saw the struggle in his eyes, thinking of Ji Chen, his heart sank.



Zhou Yuhe turned around and faced Ji Yuan for a moment of silence before he spoke, “Do you think he would return to I. S if you changed places today?”



There was a chink.



Ji Yuan lit the cigar he was holding.



The tiredness on his face was blocked by the smoke, making him look a bit deep.



He just asked a casual question.


He didn’t expect Zhou Yuhe to give such an answer.


“I know.”



After a long time, Ji Yuan extinguished the cigar in his hand, and his hesitant and wavering expression was gradually replaced by a cold and hard one.



He had changed back to the president who once held the power of life and death of I.S.



Zhou Yuhe nodded and left Ji Yuan’s company together with Xie Yifeng.




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