Zhou Yuhe got out of the nanny car with thick sunglasses and mask and walked into the I.S. building.         When the elevator arrived at the familiar floor, he pushed open the door of Yang Yu’s office and suddenly froze when he saw the scene behind the door.         “Brother Bai?” Zhou Yuhe asked uncertainly, […]


The Golden Dragon Award was the most authoritative film awards ceremony in China, the red carpet alone would be laid thousands of meters away, the journalists and guests were surrounded by the red carpet outside, looking at the scale, it was no less than an international awards banquet.   Such an event, was naturally star-studded. […]


Who was Ji Chen? And who was Meng Churong! This news immediately set off a bloody storm on the Internet. Behind every top star stood a group of a considerable number of brain-dead fans, Ji Chen was no exception, their combat power was higher than others. Like Zhou Yuhe and Bai An, they more or […]


In China, there was no clear line of demarcation between commercial films and literary films, and most films were simply labeled as “feature films”, so there were some disputes on this point. In the minds of old-school filmmakers, literary films represented the highest artistic pursuit of a director’s film career, and often focused on expressing […]


Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe were nestled on the sofa at home watching the premiere of the Battle of the Peaks. Zhou Yuhe was lying across the five-seater leather sofa, his head rested on a soft and comfortable pillow, his feet lazily rested on Xie Yifeng’s lap, covered with a wool blanket, he was extremely […]


The sound of crackling heavily echoed. Seeing that the surrounding temperature was getting hotter and hotter, the attic passage to escape was close, but Zhou Yuhe couldn’t take even a tiny step. The air around him was getting thinner and thinner, and just when his consciousness was blurring due to lack of oxygen, he was […]


After the game, it was logical to have a small celebration, and then go home. But since it was a summit battle, it was obviously not that simple. According to the script given by the program team, they had to stay in the lodge for one night after the big gamble on the night of […]


In order to shoot a good “summit battle”, the program team spent a lot of money. Not only was the set built, but they also specially invited the country’s top screenwriting team to write a script for the last three episodes, so that the game would be more emotional. Blizzard Villa. It was a legendary […]


Many people said the variety show was a little too brain-dead. “I watch variety shows to relax, but watching this show almost made my brain twitch, although Zhou Yuhe’s reversal was very cool, but overall, the viewing threshold is still quite high.” “Forgive me for not seeing half of it, it was the beauty of […]


And let’s not talk about how Xie Yifeng’s win came about. The fact that Zhou Yuhe was able to finish all of his cards and get out of the elimination circle was very unbelievable, okay? Zhang Sheng looked at him in surprise, “Zhou Zhou, don’t you still have three cards left?” Player C couldn’t help […]