C110—- First Scene




Her first impression of Zhou Yuhe was very good, although there were many rumors on the Internet, frankly, in this industry, what kind of dirty and filthy hook had she not seen? He was only gay and hadn’t done anything unusual. Of Of course, she wouldn’t be prejudiced against Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng because of this.





It wasn’t that he was bad, but she worried such a person didn’t seem like he could manage Cheng Ying’s scenes.



This concern continued until Zhou Yuhe came out after makeup. The skilled make-up artist put on a layer of gray puff foundation on his fair and transparent skin , and his features were deliberately made “plain”, the colorful and beautiful young man suddenly turned into a handsome dull man, his appearance now seemed a lot closer to the young Cheng Ying.



After the script was adjusted, the first thing they shot was the scene of Cheng Ying and Jiang Si on a blind date after graduating from college.



Early autumn, rainy days, the old teahouse inside.



Jiang Si absent-mindedly fiddled with the small napkin in front of her, her plain face showing a hint of coyness, there was an unnatural tension.



Maybe this couldn’t be called a scene.



This was because this scene appeared in Jiang Si’s memory, when she was receiving visits in prison, recalling the image of her first meeting with Cheng Ying.



At that time, the self-proclaimed independent woman refused her family’s matchmaking arrangements, and her parents talked her into it, praising Cheng Ying’s appearance and character to the heavens, before she reluctantly agreed to meet him.



Such scenes were usually not played out in the main film, but with the narration, in the form of a montage, as a clip inserted into the film.

But even so, they had to shoot the whole scene, and even designed lines for the scenes.


There was a soft ringing of the bell.



It interrupted Li Yan’s thoughts.


She raised her head and unintentionally bumped into a pair of dull, drab, and not the slightest glowing eyes.



Because the actor herself knew that the counterpart was Zhou Yuhe, the moment she looked up, Li Yan had a slight expectation in her heart, whether it was for the other’s acting skills or appearance.



But the moment she saw Zhou Yuhe, the other party didn’t give her a feeling of amazement.



It was too bland.



Disappointment immediately diffused her expectation.



Her expression was also naturally a little lost.



However, after the disappointment, she realized…



Just now her performance didn’t fit in the film Jiang Si’s state of mind?



Young Cheng Ying, was he this dull and uninteresting?



Although this scene was about the initial meeting of Jiang Si and Cheng Ying, but there was an implicit premise: Jiang Si had expectations of Cheng Ying under the influence of the outside world, that was why she has a sense of lag after the first meeting, and this sense of lag and the disappointment when Li Yan saw Zhou Yuhe coincided!



Could it be that ……


He did it on purpose?


Li Yan forced down the surprise in her heart, the corners of her mouth pulled into a smile, and she said to Zhou Yuhe, who was standing at the edge of her seat with a hesitant expression, “Cheng Ying?”



“Yes, are you Miss Jiang?” Cheng Ying’s face had an unnatural smile, gently rubbing the thumb of his index finger, he looked a little nervous.



“I am, please sit down.”



Cheng Ying sat down.



It was then that he looked again, and Jiang Si realized that Cheng Ying’s features were handsome.



Other than that …… nothing.


This Cheng Ying, both in speech and manner, was a boring, honest and somewhat wooden ordinary person, with no temperament to speak of.



But somehow, Li Yan’s eyes couldn’t help but stick to Zhou Yuhe’s body and she couldn’t move anymore.



Some people thought it was easy to play ordinary people, but in fact, ordinary people were the most difficult to play.



More than one point was too much, less than one point was reduced to a background plate.



But Zhou Yuhe’s Cheng Ying was right the whole time.



His slightly pursed corners of his mouth expressed his resistance to Jiang Si; The meticulous care for her during the meal was due to the guilt of this blind date; Even when it came to the topic of love, his eyes seemed empty , and he only replied after freezing a little… Too many small details supported the role of Cheng Ying and attracted everyone’s attention.



It was clear that Jiang Si’s character was the dominant person in this scene, but as long as Li Yan’s pair of quiet, dark eyes met his, she was completely led by the other.


“This scene is good, especially Jiang Si’s look of disappointment ……” Meng Chuan rubbed his chin as he pondered out loud, he raised his eyes to Li Yan, “After a few years of not meeting, your acting skills have improved again! ”

“Thank you, director Meng.” Li Yan waved her hand, but her eyes subconsciously glanced at Zhou Yuhe at the side.



At this time, he had come out of Cheng Ying’s character state, and his expression was calm with a comfortingly gentle and elegant temperament.



To say that his acting skills had improved, it would be better to say that the other brought her into the story in that moment of the scene.


Li Yan pursued her lips, now that little worry turned into appreciation of her junior, even when she handed over the water to him, the smile on her face was three points brighter.



“Thank you, Sister Yan.” Zhou Yuhe was a little flattered when he took the water, like a rabbit with a coy smile on his face.


“You’re welcome, it’s been hard for you.”



Zhou Yuhe glanced at Meng Chuan, but his smile didn’t diminish, “Sister Yan, don’t let director Meng hear this, because of the rescheduling, he’s been extremely busy, he’ll lose his temper if he hears that.”



“I can’t even talk about it.” Li Yan smiled, although she said so she didn’t continue the topic, her impression of Zhou Yuhe got better.



It was a pity that such a good child’s future was ruined because of love. She hope this film “Bo Ying” wouldn’t disappoint them….



Because the first scene went well, they took advantage of the hype to shoot two more scenes that day.



By the time they got off the shed, it was already dark.



Xie Yifeng sat inside the nanny van and waved at Zhou Yuhe.



After changing the shooting schedule, his scene was pushed to a week later, and he was the most idle lead actor in the crew during this time.



The exhaustion from a day of shooting was swept away, and Zhou Yuhe knocked on the window of the nanny van with a gentle smile on his face.



Zhou Yuhe: “Why are you here? How long have you been waiting?”



Xie Yifeng blinked, “It’s been too long, my stomach is empty, Mr. Zhou take me to eat?”



Mr. Zhou waved his hand in an old-fashioned way, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”



The door of the van opened in response to the sound, Zhou Yuhe bowed and got in.



The long history of this part of the film and television city, had long formed a business circle for the crew staff, large to high-class restaurants, small to roadside stalls, everything, and people that came and went were the film and television city group actors or crew personnel, actors were like the cabbage seen on the street, usually as long asthey appeared somewhere, they’d be swamped by fans, here, they could experience the feeling of being a passerby.



They walked into an American-style beer hall, just as soon as they were seated, Xie Yifeng called the waiter to order, steak, pasta, snacks …… It looked as if he had been hungry for ten days.



Zhou Yuhe quickly stopped him: “Enough, it’s enough, how come it seems like you were the one that had three scenes today?”



“Okay, these first,” Xie Yifeng handed the menu to the waiter, and then held Zhou Yuhe’s white palm under the table, aggrieved, “You look too tired, I want to take care of you. If you don’t want it now, I will give you some other care tonight?”



Zhou Yuhe didn’t want to know what the “other” was, and turned his head to the waiter and said, “Please serve the food as soon as possible, thank you.”



The waiter was a young girl who looked only 16 or 17 years old, she was filled with the excitement of seeing Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng, and didn’t hear Xie Yifeng’s muddled words, “Yes, I will go right away” and ran to the back kitchen.


“Ji Yuan sent someone to talk to me about a project this afternoon. I couldn’t go in to see your performance. I heard them say that Meng Chuan was full of praise for you.” Xie Yifeng said with regret, Zhou Yuhe, who was serious in acting, was undoubtedly the most charming, but he missed the first scene.



Zhou Yuhe frowned, “Project? It’s still a year, right?”



Xie Yifeng slightly pursed his lips, “Yes, after all, there is only a year left before the time of the betting agreement, and looking at their side, they seems to be in urgent need of money.”



Urgent need of money?


Zhou Yuhe’s expression sank.



Yes, Ji Chen highlighted him being a “white-eyed wolf”, and definitely wouldn’t let go of them, who were making moves under his nose.



Zhou Yuhe was more familiar with the business, if it was like his previous life, then Ji Yuan was defeated, he disappeared to a foreign country, his name assets fell into the hands of Ji Chen, this guy, absolutely wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to hit his uncle.



And by then their betting agreement may become part of the “assets” taken by Ji Chen ……



“‘Bo Ying’, can only win, not lose.” Zhou Yuhe said in a heavy tone.



In order to get this opportunity to fight back, they put their assets into the production of the “Bo Ying film, and became members of the production side, the amount wasn’t small, once the film’s popularity exploded, the box office sales, according to the equity, they could also share a large amount of income, to tide over this crisis would be no problem, if they could turn it around in time, it may also be able to save Ji Yuan’s company.



From all angles, “Bo Ying” was the most important bargaining chip they had in their hands now, whether it would be heaven or hell, depended on the results of this movie after its release.



Zhou Yuhe’s mood sank, then a warm hand reached over and patted him on the forehead, as if to smooth out the folds between his eyebrows, Xie Yifeng said with a smile: “Look at you, your eyebrows can kill a mosquito, don’t worry, ‘Bo Ying’ has you, me, Meng Chuan, this script, this team, we are sure to be fine, if you have that energy to worry, why not think about how to repay me tonight?”



Zhou Yuhe thought about it, in his last life the results were too good. In the Chinese film industry, it was like a king. Even if they were worse, it wouldn’t be extremely bad, right?



Zhou Yuhe was slightly relieved, and only after a while did he react, “No, what does repaying mean?”



Xie Yifeng was sitting on his right hand side, smirking, he slowly pulled over the bill that was stuck to the table, “A drop of water is considered a ‘spring embrace’, what do you think?”



Zhou Yuhe tried to pretend he didn’t hear anything: “……”



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