It was destined to be a busy and extraordinary awards season.


The 60-year-old third-generation director had sharpened his sword for seven years and produced a very fine martial arts masterpiece “Wind Crane”, it was a hit, the use of color in the film was extremely perfect, the style of writing was dashing and unrestrained, the ancient style of China was shown to the fullest, originally it was set to win the major award this year.


As a result, a niche drama film emerged two months later.


It’s style and “wind crane” was completely different, one was about the modern rural existence of some real problems, dark realistic with a touch of light-hearted black humor, although the cost wasn’t very high, but the acting was very realistic.


It was said that the cast was thrown into the mountains for half a year just to experience life, until they were fully integrated with the local customs, before starting the long shooting.


Both directors had come prepared for this year’s big awards, and had spent a lot of money on public relations, just when they wanted to fight each other to the death.


Then came “Bo Ying”.


When it came to the use of color, Meng Chuan was definitely the master of masters in this area. Every frame, every composition, every light of “Bo Ying” was carefully studied by him and his personally hired team, although if wasn’t gorgeous, but it was very relevant to the film and the characters’ state of mind, just a glance could pull the audience into that depressing and poignant world.


When it came to realism, the original screenplay of “Bo Ying” was a national sensation and even later caused the state to amend the marriage law, it also caused the exposure of the vast group of undercover wives, the shortcomings of the traditional Chinese family …… and other issues, the hidden meaning behind it wasn’t worse than any film.




The two main characters of “Bo Ying” were the only same-se-x couple in the entertainment industry, one was a movie star, “natural actor”, one was a new generation king of young people that had popularity and acting skills. The most important thing was that the characters of Cai Bowen and Cheng Ying in their childhood was very different from that in their youth. Their acting skills were thick and exquisite, natural and profound. The complexity of emotional changes and the richness of character levels were enough to make the most cunning film critics shut up and marvel.


“Bo Ying” wasn’t lacking in topics, not lacking in box office, not lacking in depth, not lacking in acting, not lacking in face value, not lacking in scenes, not lacking in rhythm …… such a perfect work, almost impeccable in all aspects, could only make people feel – that those two directors were unlucky.



As soon as the list of nominations for the major award shows came out, the online search appeared on time.


The discussion was of course about the fact that almost every prestigious award show had the word “Bo Ying” on the more important awards, like Best Director, Best Actor, Best Film, and Best Screenplay.


Immediately after, all eyes naturally focused on the best male lead.


There were those who only nominated Zhou Yuhe, or only nominated Xie Yifeng.




This year, affected by the shady contract turmoil, many good quality films were delayed in theaters, it wasn’t ready in time for this year’s awards season, so many strong best actor contenders were deferred to next year.


With the duo’s performance in the film.


As long as there was a nomination, there was no reason not to win.


More distressing, was the Golden Dragon Awards.


In previous years, a film that could be nominated for two to three items was very good, this year they actually gave the “Bo Ying” 9 nominations in one breath.



Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were both nominated for the best actor.


At the same time, every fan felt very tangled.


Basically, the palm and the back of the hand were all meat.




Cheng Ying, played by Zhou Yuhe, and Cai Bowen, played by Xie Yifeng, had been selected as the best actor of the Golden Dragon Award. It was a pity that only one could win.


The mentality of the Xie Zhou couple was very good.




Zhou Yuhe directly made a bet on Weibo – whoever took the movie star award would do the housework for half a year.



This kind of bet would usually get anti-fans agitated “they don’t put other candidates in the eyes”, but because this year’s situation, which was a little special, this year’s best actor could really only be one of them.




If they also added special emphasis on the “if both sides did not take the case of the film star” it would make people think they were hypocrites.


The anti-fans could only give up, the betting had become a carnival for their fans, all kinds of fun terrain was endless, greatly relieving the anxiety of the fans.





Although the Golden Dragon Award announced the nomination list early, but the official award was on a later date before the awards ceremony had been completed, everyone’s concern about the award winner paused for the time being.





According to statistics, Bo Ying was the biggest winner in the whole award season. They had won 13 authoritative awards at home and abroad, while Meng Chuan had also won four Best Director Awards, making up for the regret of the original Cat and An Xue.



For Meng Chuan himself, he had perfectly completed the transition from commercial film director to all-round director, successfully ranking among the first-tier directors in China.



The situation was also very intense.


Although “Bo Ying” was said to be a double male lead film, the whole story was focused on Cheng Ying from the beginning to the end, in “Bo Ying” the biggest tragedy was Cheng Ying.



In accordance with the significance of such a plot, Cheng Ying should be the real sense of the male lead.


However, Xie Yifeng acted too well.


It wasn’t that Zhou Yuhe didn’t act as well as he did. From the acting and character level alone, Cheng Ying was even a little more colorful than Cai Bowen.


Xie Yifeng’s “good” was a kind of good that made it complete.



Many of the judges on the organizing committee agreed that without Xie Yifeng’s completeness, Xie Yifeng’s control and tolerance of the scene, Zhou Yuhe’s Cheng Ying couldn’t have blossomed so much.



Such a talent was more worthy of all young actors to learn and pay tribute.



Giving him the film award, was more reflective of the spirit of the filmmaker.


But there was another group of people who didn’t agree with such a statement.



The high or low level of acting was something that couldn’t be mixed with personal feelings.


The previous group of judges disagreed.


Because in the end something like acting was also a very personal feeling, Zhou Yuhe’s Cheng Ying was more eye-catching, but the introverted Cai Baiwen was the real test of an actor’s acting skills ……



Similar arguments had been made since the movie was made public.



The final tally came out to be a shocker: 1 to 7.




Zhou Yuhe got the best actor award.


Although the judges didn’t say why, the fact that in addition to acting considerations, they also had many practical considerations, such as Zhou Yuhe’s age, his super high commercial value and popularity …… all contributed to such a result.



So this last Golden Dragon Award, leaving aside that it was one of the most weighty domestic acting awards, from other aspects alone, it also became particularly important.



If Xie Yifeng got this movie star, he would break his own record of “7 movie star trophies” and break through to reach the pinnacle of his acting career again after five years.



If Zhou Yuhe got this movie star award, although he hadn’t done well in other award shows, but this one was enough to be worth 3 or 4 movie star trophies, he would become the first top artist in the history of Chinese cinema to have both super popularity and recognized acting reputation, directly tearing off his “popular boy” label, and truly become the industry recognized “movie star”.



The Golden Dragon Awards, which everyone had been waiting for, finally kicked off.



No one knew if it was a coincidence or if the organizers intended to take advantage of the popularity of Qiong Yin Awards.




Tonight’s guest of honor was Cao Qiyue.



With the final results in her hand, she looked derisively at the pairs of expectant eyes on the stage, finally landing on Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng.


What was very strange was….



For Zhou Yuhe, this was a very important movie star award, and could even be said to be an obsession of two lifetimes combined.



He could never forget that in his last life, after learning that he had been nominated for the Golden Dragon Film Award, he knew that he wouldn’t live long, and that feeling was like being severely beaten down from the clouds to hell, working hard all his life to get the glory, but when he was one step away, he could never get it in his hands.




A legacy of hatred.



Even after he was reborn, he remembered clearly that his goal was to become an actor recognized by everyone.



But in that life, because of popularity, because of fame, he was never able to get what he wanted.



And now, he was one step away from the goal.



But his heart was very much at peace.



This was because the one who was competing with him for this trophy was none other than Xie Yifeng.



The guy who had never left him in two lives was more important than all the awards in the world put together.




He had gotten what he wanted most.


At the same time, he also let everyone see his acting skills through “Bo Ying”. Although it would be much more justifiable to have this movie star trophy, it would be completely impossible to ignore his performance in “Bo Ying”.


When he thought about it, it didn’t seem so important to win this trophy or not.



It wasn’t that the Golden Dragon Award wasn’t important, it was still a trophy that he wanted very much, it was just that he was able to face the final result of the film award candidacy openly now.



Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng smiled at each other, and the calmness and tacit understanding between their eyes put everyone in a trance, as if this wasn’t the Golden Dragon Awards, which had been fiercely fought for, but a dating scene.




“Who will win the grand prize tonight… I heard that some people’s’ Movie Star Award Pact ‘ is very interesting, saying that they will do housework for half a year. It’s a pity. It seems that housework can’t be done.

Congratulations, Zhou Yuhe!” Cao Qiyue winked at Zhou Yuhe, the corners of her mouth were almost at the back of her ears. She was so happy when she opened the envelope. God knew how hard she tried to finish her prepared speech first!




Zhou Yuhe froze, and then great joy exploded in his chest!





Immediately after, before his brain could react, a person beside him hugged him even more excited than he was, and Xie Yifeng said in a trembling voice: “You did it!! Hurry up!”



He urged him to go up to the stage to receive the award.



Zhou Yuhe was dizzy and walked up the red carpet like he was stepping on cotton.



Receiving the heavy Golden Dragon trophy from Cao Qiyue, he didn’t know what to say for a while.


From his last life to now, after more than thirty years, he finally got this movie star award.





Despite how calm he had been, at this moment, his inner fluctuation was also very intense.



However, Zhou Yuhe was no longer the newcomer in the past who knew nothing and had just entered the entertainment industry, he quickly gathered himself, took the microphone and delivered his acceptance speech under Cao Qiyue’s gesture.



“Honestly I’m really very excited right now, although it doesn’t look like that on the surface …… really, don’t laugh, I was wondering if I was going to cry a little when I took this trophy, and then I thought about how it doesn’t quite fit my persona, so forget it.”



His jokes made the atmosphere a lot more relaxed.


Zhou Yuhe’s expression became serious.



“Acting is like a second life for me, but once I didn’t understand the meaning of this thing to me, I was lost …… I am very grateful to have a ‘do-over’. This time, I really don’t have any regrets, and I won’t look back frequently to see the road I have walked, I am me, I am Zhou Yuhe, an actor, in the future, I will also use this identity to go on steadfastly, thank you all.”



Zhou Yuhe bowed solemnly and got up, the limelight hit his flawless face, looking like a really well-polished jade, warm but firmly blooming his own light.



Zhou Yuhe’s words carried a double meaning.




He drew on his experience in this life to say what he had been trying to say for two lives.


But to an outsider, what he said seemed to referred to this coming out fiasco with Xie Yifeng.




The whole audience erupted in sincere applause.


This young man, already standing at the top of the entertainment industry, had unprecedented popularity and influence.




Such an example was unheard of in the entertainment industry.


Some people delayed in the aura of stardom, immersed in fun, anyway, their fans spoiled them, they weren’t afraid of no resources; some people took the opportunity to climb, using fame to squeeze into the upper circles, become a pet of someone rich and famous; in order to retain their fame status, some did their best to seize all the resources and were busy throughout the year, but their acting became increasingly unwatchable ……



But only this person, from his debut, he had a super high popularity.



He had never slacked off. Even if he didn’t have to work hard just to maintain a life that people didn’t even dare to think about, he also insisted on proving himself with his acting skills, as if from the beginning to the end there was only one goal in his eyes, only one road, except steadfastly climbing towards the goal, there was nothing else.




Such a young artist. Such a young actor.


Was his future promising?


No, he was the future of show business.




After the award ceremony, the two didn’t attend the celebration banquet held by Cai Dong, but silently withdrew from the crowd.




Xie Yifeng took him to their high school alma mater.




Under the street light.




“What did you bring me here for?” Zhou Yuhe looked at Xie Yifeng wearing a suit and climbing over the fence, the skillfulness of the crime, it was obvious he had done this kind of thing a lot.




“A date, you dare not?” Xie Yifeng steadily landed on the ground and unapologetically replied.


“Why not?”



He didn’t know if he meant if Zhou Yuhe dared to go over the wall, or dared to date in school, but he just got the movie star award tonight, Zhou Zhou’s brain was a little hyper, not to mention these two things, if he wanted him to go to the street disco, he dared.



As the words fell, Zhou Yuhe also went over the fence.



When Xie Yifeng saw that there was no one around, he generously took Zhou Yuhe’s hand and walked with him to the famous Lover’s Slope in the school, which was a back hill slope where teachers liked to catch lovers most, and sat on the lawn counting stars.




“You know your way around quite well.” The last time he went back to his alma mater was during the filming of “Rejuvenation”, he didn’t expect Xie Yifeng to be so familiar with the place.




“Not bad,” Xie Yifeng found a suitable position to lie down and pointed to the path not far away, “other than that, this road is where I first saw you back then.”



Zhou Yuhe thought he was talking about the memories of the two of them when they filmed “Rejuvenation”, so didn’t refute, he smiled and also laid own.




Xie Yifeng saw that he didn’t understand, but he didn’t try to explain.



When he said “the first time”, of course, it wasn’t during filming.




When Zhou Yuhe looked into his eyes, he seemed to have a momentary connection. He suddenly recalled that the first meeting was an audition, not a school?


Did it mean ……



“You saw me at school before?” Zhou Yuhe asked, inclining his head.








Combined with Xie Yifeng’s daily performances, when he said some interesting things about the school, and the mysterious “first love”. With the atmosphere tonight, he boldly guessed: “The ” first love ” you said on the previous program…”



“Yes,” Xie Yifeng looked at the dumbfounded Zhou Yuhe, who was a little stunned. “It’s finally far away from the sky and near at hand.”



Zhou Yuhe was instantly dumbfounded.



Although Xie Yifeng said he was the only person he ever liked, but he always thought it was to please him, and didn’t take it seriously.




At this point, there was some bitterness and amusement.



That he was in love with Xie Yifeng in his previous life, but always felt that he wasn’t worthy of him, and thought the other only felt brotherly love towards him, so for more than a decade, he didn’t dare to express his feelings …… It turned out to be not his own wishful thinking?


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help laughing, and the light laughter sounded heartwarming on the wet grass.


The moon also came out from behind the dark clouds, and the soft moonlight hit Zhou Yuhe’s face, making his already stunning face even more bright and beautiful.


“What are you thinking about?”


Zhou Yuhe shook his head, “I was thinking, if we can always look at the moon like this, this life is worth it.”


Tonight was the day that Zhou Yuhe took the first Golden Dragon trophy in his life, it was extremely important. But at this moment under the beautiful scenery, he didn’t mention the movie star award, but felt that to be able to look at the moon with Xie Yifeng for a lifetime was the most worthwhile thing.



This situation, this scene, this heart and this intention.


It was really more than the world’s most beautiful love words.



The moon was bright.



However, the beauty of the moment wasn’t as good as a lover’s heart to heart, which was intoxicating.



This was the moment that using any more words to express the heart would seem superfluous.



“Then we, let’s be like this forever, okay?”



Their hearts, beat wildly.



And somehow they felt at ease.



As if it had been rehearsed countless times.



In the quiet and cool night.



In the vast starry moon.


He heard the answer he wanted.









I loved this novel, the calmness, the sweetness, the tiny acting scenes. Everything about it was calm, which was a nice break from my hectic life sometimes. I think in a way, I’ll always remember them. Sometimes love doesn’t have to be passionate and consuming, it can be calm and sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.


PS: I’ll low-key miss Ji Chen too [toxicccccc and fiery but sometimes cute]


There’s three extras left, I’ll try to post it all at once.

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