C115 —- The Release of Bo Ying

The shooting time of “Bo Ying” wasn’t long, and it was a literary film, post-editing didn’t take as long as special effects blockbuster, the reason why it took a year to release, was entirely because of the sensitivity of the subject matter, it took a while for it to pass the review.



In order to get through the review, Cai Dong used many resources, before “Bo Ying” began to launch a publicity campaign, Cai Dong held his breath all through.



Because the subject matter was sensitive, it couldn’t have overwhelming publicity.



Just twenty days of publicity, the three main actors ran 37 cities, held more than forty roadshow meet, it could said that a 24 hours a day rotation wasn’t too much.



The most visible change was that at the beginning, the audience who came to the meeting weren’t satisfied with the seats in the hall, but after they arrived, the hall was full. Many fans who came to see Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were even crowded in the aisles, so they needed to come down to maintain order.


Delay! Literary film! Meng Chuan! Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe!



Which of these keywords didn’t make people’s heart pound and scream?



After a year of silence, after being stirred up, the acting industry, where everyone had been resting on their laurels, it was like a missile dropped on the calm surface of the sea, raising huge waves!



“Hello everyone, I am Zhou Yuhe.” Zhou Yuhe was wearing a simple beige thin sweater, standing in the center of the stage, his eyes were still as gentle as before.



“Zhou Zhou! Zhou Zhou! Zhou Zhou!” The fans on the stage shouted in unison, as if they wanted to vent out all their thoughts for this year.



Zhou Yuhe smiled and made a gesture of silence, and the whole audience fell silent.



A year had passed, Zhou Yuhe’s body shape was much thinner than before, the character needed it on one hand, the trough of the loss also affected him, Zhou Yuhe’s temperament in the entertainment industry belonged to the elegant nobleman style, it wasn’t that he was very masculine, but it made people feel very secure, but now he seemed to be completely like a slender beautiful boy.



Some fans couldn’t still numb themselves when they saw see him with their own eyes. They may not be happy, but after seeing that the other had lost so much weight, especially when he still looked at you with such a gentle and quiet expression, a strong feeling of heartache was enough to crush anyone’s heart in the world.



He just liked someone, what the hell did they do to him!



How could they abandon him and even step back and attack him with vicious words? Was the person who did that kind of cruel thing really them?



Some fans couldn’t control their tears when they heard the host ask about Zhou Yuhe’s life during this time.



“In fact, it’s really not as serious as people think,” Zhou Yuhe waved his hand as if nothing had happened, but the exhaustion between his eyebrows was impossible to ignore, it was a kind of storm ravaged precipitated, faint, heart-wrenching exhaustion, “Although many things have happened during this period, it is also a rare time for me to have a chance to think about what actors are and what acting is, so I have had a full life. I am very grateful to all of you who have stuck to the present. If you are willing to trust an actor named Zhou Yuhe, I believe he will never let you down in the future.”



When the soft light hit him, a soft but firm aura emanated from his body, obviously he looked like a gust of wind could scrape him down, but he held the firm belief that this time, he wouldn’t be knocked down again.



There was thunderous applause from the audience.



The host waited for everyone to quiet down before picking up the microphone: “Thank you for our Zhou Zhou’s speech, I still have a question I want to ask Zhou Zhou, we all know that today Brother Xie is on the other side of the city for a road show, it is a great pity that he couldn’t be there, so Zhou Zhou do you have anything you want to say to Brother Xie?”



Zhou Yuhe obviously choked for a moment, and the scene immediately resounded with endless coos.


Only after they quieted down did Zhou Yuhe look levelly at the arena as if Xie Yifeng was standing right in front of him, “Brother Xie, remember you still owe me three bottles of ice coke ah.”



The fans screamed in unison, too excited to contain themselves.



Only the host was confused, “Eh? What is the stigma of Co-ke? How come everyone is so excited?”



Fans said in unison, “Teaser!”



It turned out that the last part of every roadshow meeting was the preview, and there were many fans who had attended the previous roadshows and already knew the preview.



But the host hadn’t seen the preview, so she didn’t know – in the movie, teenager Cai Bowen used a round gauge to carve “IU” on the inside of the cap of a Co-ke bottle he bought to confess his love for Cheng Ying.


“Those who have watched the trailer will know that Co-ke in “Bo Ying” is a very important prop, so after the scene, I was lamenting because I couldn’t drink Co-ke, brother Xie said he’d buy me three bottles later, anyway, I haven’t seen a bottle so far. ” Zhou Yuhe very cleverly in the absence of drama illustrated this Co-ke terrier, which drew another burst of laughter from the audience.



The host also reacted, “Is that the kind to be engraved?”


Zhou Yuhe, in the hot atmosphere, couldn’t help but joke along with this stunt, “You have a point, I can buy it myself without engraving, so what do I need him for.”



The host laughed gleefully, “Then Brother Xie has a lot to do.”



She went on to ask a few questions and finally said, “Today’s roadshow ends here, let’s finally watch the wonderful trailer of “Bo Ying”.”



The big screen that originally held the banner picture went black and the trailer began.



Although many of the fans in the audience had already seen the trailer, they were excited and waiting with baited breath every time the trailer was shown.



The teaser trailer for “Bo Ying” was very beautifully produced, with a high level of quality, and many of the best parts of the film were cut in. The beautiful faces of Cheng Ying and Cai Baiwen when they were teenagers, and the explosive acting skills of the main actors when they were young, all became very attractive in the trailer.



Zhou Yuhe stood in a corner of the stage, then the light shot out of the big screen, looking at the people full of expectation, an indescribable emotion lingered.



Xie Yifeng, Zhou Yuhe.


We’re back.




Not only was the ground propaganda of “Bo Ying” a trend from nothing to something, even the online propaganda was also the same.



When it was first said to be released, it didn’t make much of a splash on the internet.


All kinds of factors affected the film’s spread on the Internet.



Perhaps anticipating today’s situation, Cai Dong adopted a starvation sales strategy.



The trailer was only released at the time of the road show, but the Internet was clean.



And in contrast to the full swing of the ground publicity, online publicity could be said to be almost non-existent.



This created a serious polarization between online and offline.



Netizens could only hear from viewers who had been to the roadshow meetups how wonderful the trailers were, how good looking Cheng Ying and Cai Bowen were, and how awesome Meng Chuan was ……



These “how much” pile up, enough to make people itch to the point of no return.



It was the first film after the comeback of Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, and it was still a delayed movie; Meng Chuan, who had taken the box office record for literary films, was making a literary film again; and it was blown out of proportion, but there were no HD resources online. The trailer for the cinema’s sought-after version ……



All of this converged into a hiss of endurance –



When the hell was “Bo Ying” going to be on line!



Just when this mania reached its peak, “Bo Ying” was released.




At the premiere, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe sat in the audience, waiting with bated breath for the screening of the finished film.



In order to maintain a sense of mystery, Meng Chuan didn’t show the finished film to Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng, so the two of them were seeing it for the first time.



At the beginning of the movie, a police officer enters the interrogation room and started interrogating Jiang Si, who had already committed a crime.



Officer Rong Jiafu was the most important character in “Bo Ying” in addition to the three main actors, and his obsessive visit to the case tied the whole story together.



It was worth mentioning that Rong Jiafu happened to play “Cheng Ying” in his previous life. He also looked a lot like Zhou Yuhe, or the real Cheng Ying, so he was chosen for the role of Cheng Ying.



Fate was really amazing.



The police officer in the film was also a very important role, to make Jiang Si and Cai Bowen to reveal the truth and confide in the past, rather than his empathy and sense of justice, his face that was similar to “Cheng Ying”, seemed to make the story more complete.



The warm orange light of the setting sun was cast on Jiang Si’s messy hair, so that people couldn’t feel the slightest warmth, there was only the relief and quiet despair.



Faced Rong Jiafu’s probing and curiousity, Jiang Si still refused to retell the murd-er process on the night of the mur-der, Rong Jiafu had no choice but to visit many people, and finally used the child’s relics to move the mother, she began to weep as she revealed the hidden past.



A wind chime tinkled.



When Zhou Yuhe’s face appeared in the picture, a soft cry rang out in the darkened screening room.



This person was Zhou Yuhe?



The media people sitting near Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but look over at him frequently.



The difference was too great, right? There was no trace of star quality in him.



And his next performance were also amazing enough, from the details to the lines, none of them were vivid to the extreme.



It was one thing to present the state of the actor when filming, it was another thing to be on the big screen.



When filming on the scene, the staff had already felt the heavy sense of the character. On the big screen, they magnified the details, which was undoubtedly beneficial to Zhou Yuhe and his exquisite acting skills.



In learning that Jiang Si had been living a very depressing life for so many years, and finally couldn’t stand it before exploding to end it all, Rong Jiafu felt saddened.



But on the other hand, he vaguely felt that there was a hidden agenda in this matter.



Cheng Ying took the haiku book in the end to do what? What was the story of him and Cai Baiwen?



With mixed feelings, Rong Jiafu came to the kiosk where Cai Bowen was, and linked up Cai Bowen’s memories.



It went without saying that Cai Bowen, played by Xie Yifeng, was showing his numbness and vicissitudes of life on the big screen before he got old. He exuded a heavy and introverted aura all over his body, which was no less than Cheng Ying , who was cowardly and evasive.



When watching the movie, one could also hear many whispers of praise.



With Cai Bowen’s memories, finally the teenage years opened.



The moment the sun shone on the face of the teenager Cai Bowen, the screening room, which had returned to silence, suddenly resounded with exclaiming.



Sunshine, clarity, pride, bravery.


The proud son of heaven, Cai Bowen.



The contrast between before and after was so strong, so strong that people couldn’t stop admiring.



The same admiration also occurred after the appearance of teenager Cheng Ying.



The slender and thin body, snow-white and clear skin, obviously innocent but he was charming to the bones, people couldn’t help but wonder how there could be such a contradictory and harmonious existence ……



These two people, in the end, what kind of divine acting skills was this ah!?




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