C111—- Wanting To Beat Cheng Ying

After the first meeting, Jiang Si’s impression of Cheng Ying was faint.



It wasn’t good, nor was it bad, but he seemed honest and didn’t get handsy, he was a good person, so she could try to deepen the relationship to see.



What really made Jiang Si change her opinion was a small detail. Because of some private childhood reasons, Jiang Si hated people getting close to her, a close relationship would make her feel uncomfortable, and even suffocated. After learning this, Cheng Ying’s expression held some pity, and he said he would respect her ideas, after dating for a year, he didn’t take the initiative to hold hands once.



Jiang Si was very touched, so she thought her boyfriend was a thoughtful and kind person, he was a good person worthy of trust.


Who knew, this was the beginning of eternal doom.



After getting married, Cheng Ying didn’t touch her. Even if they slept in the same bed, he put his right hand on his chest, in a defensive state.


Jiang Si knew that his family had been bad to Cheng Ying since childhood, which made him form such a habit. She thought that even her husband had accepted her unacceptable past. Why couldn’t she also understand him?



What was more, she really wasn’t ready to share a bed with others.



Having said that, however, for more than two months in a row, the two of them were silent, and Jiang Si was a little worried.



On this day, the bright moon hung in the sky, and the night was as cool as water.




Jiang Si stood by the bed, looking at the bulging quilt. After wrestling with her heart, she gently climbed on the bed, lightly biting her lower lip, untied her pajamas, revealing only the lingerie inside, the bare and attractive torso, incomparably shy and incomparably nervous, she slowly hugged Cheng Ying.



The next second, Cheng Ying woke up.


The next second, what she expected didn’t happen.



Cheng Ying shuddered violently, opened his eyes and saw Jiang Si in front of him, seeing the woman’s white body, he immediately pushed her away, his frightened and scared face was revealed in the moonlight, as if she had climbed up from the hell.



She could never forget the way Cheng Ying looked at her that night.



It was a humiliation that was engraved into her bones.



As you can imagine, Jiang Si couldn’t stay the next day anyway.


She packed her bags neatly and had to go back to her mother’s house.


When collecting the boxes, Cheng Ying leaned at the door of the room and looked at her for a while, opened his mouth, finally said nothing, and went into the kitchen alone in silence.



His mother got the news and immediately rushed over.



After all, Jiang Si was dissuaded, and Cheng Ying was scolded at the top of her voice. “Her family trusted us to marry her to you, a worthless thing. If you don’ t make progress, you can’t coax your wife. You’ve grown so big!”



His mother scolded him mercilessly, and Jiang Si couldn’t bring up the matter of returning to her mother’s house. She had to stop her mother-in-law. “Mom, mom, it’s okay. This is a small matter between the husband and wife, not as serious as you said…”



His mother quickly calmed down, “Well, it’s not serious, good, dead boy, you’re still standing there for what? You’ve got to get your daughter-in-law’s luggage back!”



Cheng Ying still said nothing, lips pursed straight, he looked at his mother and wife with wooden eyes, as if something flashed from his eyes, to fast for Jiang Si to carefully to see, Cheng Ying lowered his body to carry her suitcase.



After such a time, the relationship between the two seemed to have returned to the original point.



The difference was that from then on Cheng Ying began to try to touch Jiang Si, but each time failed. And Jiang Si also dared not touch her husband in the middle of the night.



Jiang Si finally realized that Cheng Ying was sick.



But Cheng Ying always avoid telling her what it was, after asking for a while, she decided to take him to see a doctor, but Cheng Ying finally said it was premature ejacu-lation.






Li Yan threw the script on the table and sat down on the sofa in the lounge and said with a huff: “Wow, I’m really nauseous, you know? I want to rush in and hit Cheng Ying …… Zhou Zhou, are you sure you are not inviting anti fans to yourself by taking this role?”



With a smile, Zhou Yuhe handed Li Yan a cup of warm water. “We’re not done yet, sister Yan. He also has difficulties.”



Li Yan looked at Zhou Yuhe with his Cheng Ying makeup, somehow the fire in her heart had nowhere to go, she wanted to raise her hand to knock off this cup of water!



Li Yan held back the anger in her heart and gulped a large mouthful of water, the smooth feeling partially removed the heart ache, she squeezed the empty cup: “I know, I know all! It’s because Cheng Ying is a loser, but because he is a loser, he has that loser energy ah, it really boils my blo-od. Your family won’t let you come out of the closet and force you to get married, so you resist! Your wife left home, you want it, say it! I’m really anxious!”



Zhou Yuhe was both amused and helpless.


What Li Yan just said, it seemed to be targeting Cheng Ying, but in fact she vaguely complimented Zhou Yuhe – if the character of Cheng Ying’s cowardly performance wasn’t played to the fullest, his opposite actor wouldn’t be so deep into the scene, even angry enough to want to go into the script to beat him.



You should know that young Cheng Ying wasn’t a big evil person, and could even be said to be a pitiful person, he was just weak and afraid of things and couldn’t afford to take responsibility.



It could make people so angry, it could be seen that Zhou Yuhe had indeed portrayed the essence of the character.



But on the other hand, her concern wasn’t unreasonable.



Although Cheng Ying had no intention of hurting Jiang Si, his so-called fraudulent marriage was also the result of family oppression of the Cheng family, theoretically Cheng Ying was also a victim. And he didn’t make much effort to reduce the harm to Jiang Si, he also wanted to go to a normal life, and contact with the opposite se-x, marriage and children, but the homose-xual thing was after all irreversible, forcing would only be more repulsive and disgusting, bringing irreparable pain to both sides.



But in the eyes of the audience, it wasn’t necessarily acceptable to such a setting.



The poor man was pitiful, but he also personally buried a woman’s youth and all her aspirations of love.



After the film came out, people would either be a little more heartbroken about Cheng Ying, or hate him a little more, this degree was really difficult to grasp.



However, this was also the charm of complex characters.



If Zhou Yuhe could really play this role that people loved and hated so much that they couldn’t hate him, then next year’s major award shows would definitely have his name on the list of nominees for film awards.





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