C47—- Day 47

  This direction was different from everyone’s expectations.         Including Shen Tong.         Shen Hua apologized to him, “Tong Tong, I’m sorry, I wasn’t careful ……”         Shen Tong shook his head, “It’s okay.”         He really didn’t mind.         Shen Tong, in the process of flipping through the comments, had an idea.         Maybe […]

C46— Day 46

  Shen Hua was at the top of Starnet’s hot search list, and his every move attracted people’s attention. In these two days, his behavior was even more eye-catching. -Fans Sad Day, Anti-Fans Carnival.         The internet was full of articles about this incident.         The most uninterested people in the entertainment industry were compelled […]

C45– Day 45

   Caesar: “……”         Shen Hua: “……”         The two cats stiffened and their dislike almost overflowed.         Shen Tong said good night to the butler, and went back to the room with them.         When the door closed, there was another silent smoke.         The snow lion stepped in gracefully and took over the […]