C49— Day 49

   Caesar asked indifferently: “Who got it?”         The ministers, fearing that they might bear the wrath of the emperor, told the truth with fear and trepidation: “The steward, Lady Natasha, and a few of your guards.”         “Tell them to come and see me.”         Caesar expressionlessly ordered, they immediately went forward to convey […]

C47—- Day 47

  This direction was different from everyone’s expectations.         Including Shen Tong.         Shen Hua apologized to him, “Tong Tong, I’m sorry, I wasn’t careful ……”         Shen Tong shook his head, “It’s okay.”         He really didn’t mind.         Shen Tong, in the process of flipping through the comments, had an idea.         Maybe […]

C46— Day 46

  Shen Hua was at the top of Starnet’s hot search list, and his every move attracted people’s attention. In these two days, his behavior was even more eye-catching. -Fans Sad Day, Anti-Fans Carnival.         The internet was full of articles about this incident.         The most uninterested people in the entertainment industry were compelled […]