C73— Day 73


Closer and closer.


Each other’s breath intertwined, eye to eye.


Shen Tong was enveloped by the breath belonging to Caesar, and fell into his arms completely.


Hot, violent, extremely aggressive.


He heard his own heartbeat.


It was so rapid that it almost leapt out of his chest –


Thud, thud, thud.


At the same time, there was an unexpected sound.


“Tong Tong.” Someone pushed open the door, “You ……”


The rest of the words, were all swallowed back.


The Shen family was immediately dumbfounded.


There were two people in the room.


The youth was very recognizable, he was Shen Tong. Although before this, he was in front of everyone in the form of a cub, but this didn’t prevent the Shen family from immediately recognizing him, and the other person, was Caesar.


They were in a bed, unclothed.


One pressed the other down, in a blushingly ambiguous position.


Shen’s family: “……”


Everyone was an adult, so they naturally understood what this meant.


Their first reaction was to take a step back and quickly close the door.


Shen Tong also pushed Caesar away as soon as he sat up from the bed, futilely smoothing out the folds on his clothes.


His neck was slightly lowered, his complexion was red and moving, his glowing eyes shone through his eyelashes from time to time, and the place Caesar had touched was still hot to the touch.


Not only the Shen family needed to be quiet, Shen Tong also needed to be quiet.


The scene that was broken was really too embarrassing.


Shen Tong took a soft breath.


However, a few seconds later, the door was pushed open again.


Shen’s family went and returned.


They finally reacted.


The point was not that they had barged in recklessly and disturbed Shen Tong, but that…


How did Caesar get here?


Why did he pin Shen Tong down on the bed!


The Shen family rushed in again in an aggressive manner.

“Your Majesty, if I remember correctly, this seems to be Tong Tong’s room.”


“…… How come you are here?”


“Your Majesty, it’s not good to enter without being invited, is it?”


The Shen family said a lot. In fact, they were looking for Shen Tong, it wasn’t a big deal, after watching and reacting to the fact that Shen Tong himself was here, instead of reliving the video, it was better to chat with Shen Tong, plus it was still early, the light in Shen Tong’s room was also still on, so they pushed the door open.



So there was this awkward moment.


According to reason, facing the emperor of the empire, they should not be so rude, but this involved Shen Tong.



Great-grandfather and great-grandmother left a video that recorded many things about Shen Tong from childhood to adulthood, it was also equivalent to watching Shen Tong grow up, even though Shen Tong’s generation was much older than theirs, but in the hearts of these people, they had a sense of responsibility for Shen Tong.


At the same time, Shen Tong was also the most beautiful soft treasure of their hearts, but also their bottom line.


Caesar’s behavior in the eyes of Shen’s family, undoubtedly angered them.


No matter how honorable his status, they couldn’t control their anger, which led everyone to speak with an involuntary tone of questioning.


The atmosphere wasn’t very good.


Shen Tong was keenly aware of it, he quickly tried to explain: “We just ……”


Just what, he didn’t even know.



The person finally regained his youth. He was disturbed before he could celebrate. Of course, Caesar’s mood wasn’t much better. He raised his eyes slightly and glanced at the Shen family with dissatisfaction before slowly speaking, “What is it?”



Shen Tong: “….”


He looked askance at Caesar in shame.


What is it, are you not clear?




Caesar raised his eyebrows lightly, it must be said that Shen Tong’s reaction greatly pleased him.


The youth always gave the impression of being gentle and soft, he didn’t much of a temper, and the fact that he would make a pass at him and glare at him out of shame all showed that in Shen Tong’s mind, Caesar was different, he hummed lightly, it was more fun to tease Shen Tong than to release his displeasure to his family, Caesar let out a snort, “Hmm?”


He rather playfully gestured for Shen Tong to go on.


Shen Tong would like to say.


Just playing?


The two people accidentally fell into bed together while playing?


…… probably no one would believe it.


He himself didn’t believe.


Shen Tong hesitated for half a day without saying anything, Caesar looked at him calmly, which in the eyes of the Shen family, was immediately interpreted as another layer of meaning, but also let them be more sure of their previous speculation –



Shen Tong was bullied!


As for why Shen Tong suddenly changed from a cub to a youth, it didn’t matter, what mattered was how did this Majesty appear in his room?


And this act, he obviously also avoided them, was done secretly.


What was this if not a mischief in mind?


Such an association, coupled with Shen Tong not speaking, the Shen family’s thoughts quickly dispersed.


He refused to answer, because he was afraid that with Caesar’s position, he would drag them into it.


And Caesar knowingly asked, was secretly pressuring him not to speak up.


The Shen family exchanged looks, their expressions weren’t very good, and they all agreed with the idea.


To be honest, despite Caesar’s noble status, their Shen family had always been protective, especially the one being bullied was Shen Tong, even if it was the emperor of the empire, they wouldn’t hold back their anger.


“Tong Tong, don’t be afraid.”


“Yes, what did he do to you, just say it, there is us to back you up.”


“Don’t worry about us, speak.”


One after another, they opened their mouths, the care was completely going to overflow, they looked at Shen Tong who could barely lift his head, mistaking Shen Tong’s embarrassment for worry, and repeatedly reassured him.


“We’re all here, it’s okay.”


“If you think we can’t back you up, how about I go get some uncles to come?”


“Uncle can also.”


“It’s okay, really, we’re all here.”



Shen Tong was actually just not very good at dealing with such a situation and found it too difficult to talk about it, not at all expecting that the Shen family would make up the whole cause and effect for him and misunderstand the whole thing.


Shen Tong was previously completely struggling with how to explain, until he heard this, then he realized that something was wrong.


“He and I ……”


“I and him?”


The partial deep voice sounded, Caesar lightly raised his jaw, “You didn’t see?”


This action made his posture appear extra arrogant, so much so that it could be called lighting a fire.


The fact that Shen Tong didn’t mention a word had made the Shen family anxious, they treated Shen Tong with an extremely careful, yet full of care attitude, but when they turned to face Caesar, there was only anger left.


“We just want to make sure that you are not forcing him.”


The Shen family members were extremely serious.


At this moment, Shen Tong finally figured out what was wrong, he recalled the previous Shen family’s reassurance and questioning of him, for a moment he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but also somehow he felt moved.


No matter what, the Shen family were facing an emperor ah.



Or the emperor who had always had a reputation as a tyrant.


But even so, they were afraid that Shen Tong was forced, repeatedly told him they would stand up for him, patiently asked him about the situation, from beginning to end, without the slightest hesitation, and didn’t worry about themselves.


Of course, there was no need to worry.


No matter what, he couldn’t let them misunderstand, Shen Tong had to say stiffly: “…… no.”


“He didn’t force me. ”


How should he describe Shen Tong’s mood at this moment?


He remembered when his cousin, on the pretext that her best friend was not in a good mood, planned to walk back with her and chat with her. In fact, her best friend was just a cover up. She just wanted to spend more time with her little boyfriend, so she asked him to take her back. However, on that day, the Shen Tong family happened to come to his cousin’s house for dinner. In front of everyone, the cousin and the little boyfriend walked over hand in hand.


The aunt’s smile, who was waiting outside for Shen Tong, gradually solidified. Her cousin also sensed the killing intent and slowly looked over.


At that moment, the atmosphere was so awkward that Shen Tong still remembered it clearly.


But to really compare, he was obviously a little more embarrassed.


After all, it was more than just holding hands.


Shen Tong twisted his eyebrows, secretly angered , he shouldn’t have been fooled and allowed Caesar to behave like this.



Shen Tong’s explanation was actually very futile.


Although the Shen family hadn’t had time to inquire too much about Shen Tong’s life situation, based on their daytime interactions, they had determined that Shen Tong and Caesar had never known each other before.

The way they decided was also very simple, the two people hardly had any communication, except for Shen Tong asking Caesar to help pick up his personal terminal during dinner.


That’s not coercion?


How was it possible?


Someone sulked, “Tong Tong, it’s really okay, you don’t have to worry too much.”


The Shen family tried hard to persuade, they didn’t even think that Shen Tong didn’t have concerns, and that he and Caesar, too, were much more than just acquaintances.


In addition, the Shen family knew very little about Caesar, all their impressions of him came from Starnet, and they simply didn’t know that with this monarch’s superior nature, it is impossible for him to agree easily when someone asked.


Not to mention taking a terminal, Caesar even bowed his head rarely.


Of course, even if they knew, they would only be attributed to a reason.


Tong Tong is so cute, absolutely no one will be willing to refuse his request!


In the final analysis, it was the tenderness in Shen Tong’s personality that was too deeply ingrained in people’s hearts, which directly led to his refutation being misunderstood again——


Why did Tongtong refuse to tell the truth?


It was for their sake.


But they really didn’t need Tong Tong to compromise for them.


This wasn’t just the emotional inability of the Shen family to accept the impulsive thoughts caused by Shen Tong being bullied, but they actually had some capital.



This wasn’t an exaggeration.



The Shen family was engaged in all walks of life. Among them, some were in politics, some in business, and some in the entertainment industry, including politicians like Shen Jue, financial tycoons who had been on the interstellar rich list, movie queens who had taken the interstellar world by storm, and arms traffickers who were wanted by the interstellar world …… and so on.


One person’s influence was limited, but when many people added up, the impact couldn’t be ignored.


Every one of them, they were willing to do everything they could for Shen Tong.


The Shen family’s thoughts were completely written on their faces, Shen Tong had to reassure them, “I’m fine, you guys don’t worry, it’s not what you think, we’re just ……”


Just what, Shen Tong’s face was too thin to say, he once again fell into a dead end.


Shen Tong’s enlightenment was sudden, it was a moment of subtle emotion, and he put it into practice, from which he faintly glimpsed his own thoughts. It was just that they hadn’t fully discussed it with Caesar yet, to be more precise, there was no response from Shen Tong.


That day, Shen Tong gave Caesar a dragonfly like kiss. Caesar asked him if he understood what it meant. Shen Tong was interrupted before he could nod or answer.


He wasn’t forced.


He was actually willing.


He also liked Caesar.


To answer like that?



This would be more than just an explanation to the Shen family, it would also be equivalent to Shen Tong giving Caesar an answer himself.


Shen Tong’s heart abruptly jumped, he subconsciously looked at Caesar.


It was right up against a pair of smoky gray pupils.


It was deep and dark.


Slightly stunned for a moment, Shen Tong came back to his senses, he didn’t look at Caesar again, but said to the Shen family, “He and I, we ……”


Shen Tong slapped his face a few times, as if he had made up his mind about something, and explained very gently, “It’s really not what you think, he didn’t force me, it’s me, and I like him.”


The Shen family was still trying to get Shen Tong to tell the truth, and for a while, no one reacted to what he had said.


They were still saying one thing to you and one thing to me.


“Tong Tong, you may not know that our family has always been protective of shortcomings.”


“Yes, it’s okay to get beaten up for committing a crime at home, but never outside, let alone you.”


“The sky is falling we are willing to hold up for you, not to mention is, is – ah?”


Finally, someone was the first to react.


The last “ah”, almost immediately changed the tune, they were wide-eyed, someone incredulously asked: “Tong Tong, what did you just say? Did I mishear? He did not force you, you also, you also like him!


He repeated the key point, and this time, directly made all the Shen family members present pay attention.


Everyone looked silly.



A gaze fell on Shen Tong, Shen Tong felt it and knew who its owner was. Under the long gaze of this gaze, Shen Tong slightly unnaturally pursed her lips and finally nodded gently.





He answered very softly, and in the ears of the Shen family, it was like a loud thunderclap.


What did Tong Tong say?


He also liked him?


He also liked this man!


Wait a minute, why “also”?


The Shen family turned their heads in unison and stared at Caesar in shock.


But Caesar himself was in a different mood.


Full of pleasure.


But he was still a bit dissatisfied with this, Caesar side eyed Shen Tong, “You like me, but you say it to others first?”



The tone of his voice was light and slow, which undoubtedly indicated that the master was in a good mood.



Of course, even if he was in a good mood, he still had to pick the bone out of the egg.


As the words fell, Caesar slowly scanned the reactions of the Shen family, all had a ghostly expression.


Caesar snorted softly.



These people were noisy and repeatedly challenged Caesar’s patience. However, due to Shen Tong, Caesar would not be foolish enough to treat them badly. However, this came from Shen Tong’s mouth, he looked at the Shen family, “Did you hear?”


Caesar’s thin lips flicked up, “He likes me.”


In the opinion of the Shen family, Caesar’s reaction was almost considered a provocation.


No, not almost, it was a completely provocative behavior.


Shen Tong, who knew him best, however, knew otherwise.


This man, if he were to take the form of a snow lion at this moment, he should be wagging his tail wildly when he said this.


That’s right, he would be like this, not as a result of his bad character, let alone provoking Shen Tong’s family, Caesar was just showing off to people because he got Shen Tong’s reaction.


Unfortunately, the people felt that he was provoking and didn’t understand his intention at all.


Shen Tong couldn’t help but want to laugh.


How childish.


He couldn’t help but say, “Don’t wag your tail.”


Shen Tong’s tone was familiar and didn’t seem to be fake.


The Shen family looked at him, then at Caesar, and finally looked at each other.


What was this situation?


How could Tong Tong be in love?


He was still a child!



There were many questions floating from the minds of the Shen family, their unprincipled love for Shen Tong could be reflected both in the suspicion that Shen Tong was bullied, wanting to support him, but also in the moment after Shen Tong told the truth, the Shen family then looked at Caesar, his head immediately appeared a new label.


Stinky man.


Yes, stinky man.


No matter how honorable your identity is, you are still a stinky man.


He also asked if they had heard Tong Tong say he liked him!


What was wrong with Tong Tong liking him?


Who hadn’t been blind when they were young?


What was the big deal about liking him?


After losing the battle, the Shen family reacted, they in the heart coincidentally gave a reply –




Being liked by Tong Tong is great.


This is Tong Tong .


Immediately after, the Shen family’s emotions were visible to the naked eye a little lower.



Subsequently, the Shen family visibly became a bit depressed.


Their emotions weren’t difficult to understand. Shen Tong was a very special presence for them, they wanted to get close and even more so. Shen Tong had only recently returned home, and they hadn’t had a good conversation or much emotional exchange before being told that he had someone they like. In this way, Shen Tong should spend most of his time with Caesar.


And they could only watch eagerly.


Stinky man!


Everyone’s hearts were surprisingly unanimous.


“Tong Tong, you and this stinky man – Your Majesty!” In the silence, someone was the first to open his mouth, and almost let it slip, “How did you and His Majesty meet?”


The group echoed, “That’s right, how did you two get together?”


“Do you know that if you are with him, you will have to stay on the capital star in the future. It’s sunny all year round, it’s not much fun there, and not as pretty as our Blue Star.”


“Yes, yes.”


The thoughts of the Shen family were clear as day.


They couldn’t let Shen Tong stay in the capital star, so they quietly made a stumble.



However, these were just some irrelevant things. They were unwilling to give up, but they didn’t want Shen Tong to have any unpleasantness with Caesar because of them. They couldn’t care about that stinky man, and Shen Tong couldn’t be wronged.


Even if he liked someone they didn’t like.


Of course, today no matter who, the Shen family wasn’t quite able to look good.



The more excellent, more noble, in their case, was just a pig who had arched a cabbage.


Their watery cabbage, was stolen just like this .


And without knowing it, it was given to the pig!


Who could like this?


But Shen Tong did.


For the sake of Shen Tong, they were no longer satisfied, but also had to learn more about the things between them.


Not to say anything else, at least later to support Shen Tong.


And so, the awkward scene immediately turned into a large parent meeting.


The Shen family asked one question after another.


“Tong Tong, how long have you known each other?”


“Your Majesty, are you serious about Tong Tong?”


“Tong Tong, can you tell us about what happened to you before? You can talk about the two of you if you want to.”


The concern of the Shen family was almost written on their faces.



Shen Tong looked at them, each of them, looking serious and grave, their eyes repeatedly hovered between Shen Tong and Caesar, and finally their brows were wrinkled to death. They were probably uneasy, they felt that Shen Tong couldn’t cope with Caesar, so they would ask the beginning and end one after another.


The reason for this was that they treated Shen Tong as their own family from the very beginning, they accepted him without reservation and couldn’t wait to shelter him under their wings.


This knowledge made Shen Tong’s heart warm, and he listened to everyone’s rambling questions without the slightest impatience.


These people were his family.


After thousands of years, he regained his family again.


They cared and loved him.


Shen Tong smiled, “Okay.”



At this time, just after nine o’clock, the young people almost all gathered here in Shen Tong. When there were many people, the atmosphere was inevitably lively, and they were all familiar family members, for a while, it was rowdy.


The sound reached the chess room upstairs.


Young people loved electronic products and couldn’t get along with their elders. Those who stayed in the chess and card room were some old guys and those forced to play chess with these old friends.


For example, Shen Jue.



A table of four people, all three of whom were playing chess with Old Shen. He was famous for his poor chess quality and loved to repent. To be honest, playing chess with him wasn’t very meaningful, and he couldn’t complete. He had to give up everything to his elders, but respecting the elderly and loving the young was a traditional virtue of their Shen family. No matter how much they complained, they could only honestly accompany Old Shen to play chess all night at this time of year.


The roar suddenly drifted over from the balcony.


Old Shen was thinking about which chess piece to move, when the sound scared his hand, and the chess piece fell down with a “thud”.


He was so old that he got startled, he yelled, “What are those bastards down there howling about? They almost gave me a heart attack.”


One of them was too eager to leave, and immediately said, “I’ll go see what they’re doing.”


After saying that, without waiting for Old Shen to say anything, he ran away in a flash.


Old Shen didn’t think much about it, he hurriedly picked up the pieces, “This does not count, this does not count, let me think again.”


This pondering, a full twenty minutes had passed, Old Shen slowly put down the chess, and then back, and then put down another place, finally finalized the best plan, when he looked up, the personhadn’td returned, his old face fell: “that bastard didn’t run away? How come he hasn’t come back yet?”


One of them said, “Maybe there is something, wait for him.”


This wait, another ten minutes passed.


“I’ll go see what’s going on with him.” Another accompanying fighter couldn’t sit still and volunteered to go find him.


Old Shen waved his hand, “Go and return quickly.”




Shen Jue listened carefully again to the sound, which seemed to come not from the second floor, but from the second floor.



Shen Tong’s room was placed here.


Somehow, thinking about it, Shen Jue suddenly felt that this person wouldn’t come back either.


The result proved that his hunch was correct.


Ten minutes passed.


Fifteen minutes passed.


Half an hour passed.



Old Shen couldn’t sit still, he slapped the table, “What’s going on?”


He stood up with his cane, “Xiao Shen, go down with me to see.”


Shen Jue nodded helplessly, “Okay, I’m with you, take your time.”



What was going on downstairs?


Nothing more than to go through the heart of the young people.


What, Tong Tong has someone he likes?


What, it’s His Majesty?


When did this stinking man arch their Tong Tong!


They had to hear what this was all about!


Just like that, they came one without the other.



Shen Jue helped Elder Shen down, as expected, seeing people blocked in the room, he was about to knock on the door to remind, Old Shen seemed to have heard something, and quickly pressed his hand, “Wait a minute.”


Shen Jue stopped.


Inside the room, someone was jokingly saying, “So Tong Tong this time, did you bring His Majesty back to meet the parents?”


Shen Tong was stunned, he didn’t expect that.


But this situation right now, it seemed to have really become a meeting with parents.


It was a coincidence.


He laughed silently, but didn’t say anything, Caesar’s eyebrows lightly raised, then he asked a rather provocative question: “What, don’t want me to meet the parents?”


He slowly gazed sideways at Old Shen at the door, and slowly spoke: “The parents are here, even if you don’t want me to meet, it’s too late.”


With these words, Caesar stood up, collected some of his haughty posture, and finally explained his intention: “Elder Shen, I am Caesar, I am here for Tong Tong.”


“In your Blue Star words, it should be to meet the parents.”


Old Shen: “……”


Shen Tong gently pulled him down.


Caesar obediently held his hand.


Old Shen looked at Caesar, then at Shen Tong, and finally looked dumbfounded at Shen Jue for a long time before speaking: “Is it too late to throw him out?”


Too late.


Shen Jue gave his answer with his eyes.



Old Shen pondered for a moment.


No wonder this majesty suddenly came to their Shen family.



No wonder this His Majesty had been responsive to their Tong Tong at night.


No wonder this His Majesty wanted to stay for meals and stay overnight at Shen’s house.


He had bad intentions!


He was coveting Tong Tong!


This bad thing from nowhere!


Old Shen took a few deep breaths and glared at Caesar several times, someone saw his chest rise and fall sharply, and quickly asked, “Grandpa, are you not feeling well, do you want to go back and lie down for a while?”



Old Shen waved his hand and calmed down before he softly said to Shen Tong, “Tong Tong, come out for a moment.”


Although Shen Tong didn’t know what was going on, he nodded.


Old Shen called Shen Tong over and shooed away Shen Jue before whispering, “You two ……”



He was obviously a family with those before, because Old Shen hesitantly lowered his head, the moment he opened his mouth, he also asked Shen Tong: “Tong Tong, you would not be forced, right?”


Old Shen said, “If it is forced, you can rest assured that he does not need to agree, we can protect you.”



Shen Lao lowered his voice, “Do you know that the arms tra-ffickers hunted all over the stars are our family members? And Shen Jue, that brat, in fact, our blue star is rich, he really dares not force you, we dare to take the starship to the capital star and blast them, don’t be afraid, we have to back you up.”



The old man said, patting Shen Tong’s shoulder, he looked serious, obviously not joking with Shen Tong.


Shen Tong froze in his tracks.


After a long time, he said with tears and laughter, “Grandpa Shen, he didn’t force me.”


It was strange to say like or dislike in front of the old man, so Shen Tong had to explain to him in a different way, “I didn’t wake up long after I met him, he was very nice to me, I actually …… wanted to.”


“You don’t have to worry about me.”


Old Shen wasn’t quite at ease, “You mean it?”



Shen Tong softly hummed.



Not long after, he said to Shen Tong in a serious tone: “No matter what, you should not compromise yourself, you know Tong Tong?”


“Our whole Shen family is behind you.”


Shen Tong was stunned.


After a long time, he slowly nodded his head.



He knew that no matter how he explained that Caesar liked him, the old man would still not be at ease, because they cared whether he would be aggrieved, cared whether he would be suppressed everywhere, so Shen Tong also assured him, “If he bullies me, I will complaint to Grandpa Shen, you can back me up.”



Shen Tong’s words simply melted into Old Shen’s heart, he nodded repeatedly, “Good, good.”



“Not to mention to give you support, even for you to blow up the capital star, the problem is not big!”


Shen Tong: “……”


He wouldn’t want this, right?


But this he didn’t say, after all, the old man was also to be coaxed.


Shen Tong pursed his lips and smiled, “Okay.”


He turned back, just as Caesar also raised his eyes and looked over.


This was the person he liked.


Shen Tong blinked at him.


Caesar raised his eyebrows slightly, and his smoky gray eyes subconsciously dipped in with a bit of laughter.



It was just some light, but it was enough to dissipate the coldness between his eyebrows and the sharpness of his temperament, so Caesar inexplicably felt more soft.


And it was all dedicated to Shen Tong.


The soft bell orchid in his heart.


This night, the night wind was too gentle, the star river was also bright to the extreme.


And their hearts, leaped.



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