C71.1—- Day 71


It couldn’t really be called a kiss at all.


It was intimate, soft, but something was missing.


But it was enough to destroy Caesar’s composure, to cause a great deal of unrest in his heart.


The knot in his throat rolled a few times, Caesar said slowly: “You ……”


There was no more afterword.


He yanked, pulling Shen Tong, who had turned his face sideways, into his arms.


Without forcing him to look at him, Caesar simply asked, “Do you know what you’re doing?”


Shen Tong absentmindedly stared at the decorative paintings on the wall and said softly, “I didn’t know, but suddenly I wanted to do this. But now …… I already know.”


His heart was beating like a drum, and his white complexion reddened from behind his ears to his neck.


Shen Tong not only knew, he was also sure.


–Caesar was different.


He was so arrogant that it was cute.


Also domineering to the point of childishness.


The man entered his life with a strong stance, invading everything about him, weaving an airtight net, letting him fall into it without realizing it.


The response from Caesar was to hold him in his arms for dear life.


His grip was very tight, Shen Tong’s face was pressed against his chest, Shen Tong could hear Caesar’s heartbeat, one after another, steady and strong, it was heartwarming.


The air was mingled, and the temperature was passed between each other.


He didn’t know how long it took, but Shen Tong’s jaw was cupped and gently lifted up.


They looked at each other.


The atmosphere was ambiguous.


Shen Tong pushed him a few times.


This time even his hand was also held, covered under the man’s long and slender knuckles, Caesar lowered his eyes, maintaining such a position to look fixedly at Shen Tong, he slowly asked: “You know?”


Shen Tong didn’t speak, Caesar pulled his hand up, lowered his head and kissed his fingertips.


Shen Tong’s eyelashes trembled abruptly, and his fingers curled up.


This action of his was even more subtle, but it let Caesar accurately understand, his chest slightly shook with his laughter: “Then you know, what this means?”


“It’s ……”


Before the words fell, the door was abruptly pushed open.


Shen Tong was so shocked that he subconsciously wanted to retract his hand, but it was held back.


The atmosphere was swept away.


The foreign minister went and returned, and with him, there was Shen Jue.


“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Something bad has happened!”


He didn’t even notice what was going on in the room, he just kept on blathering: “Your transformation back into your original form at the Starport was filmed and uploaded to the Starnet.”


In fact, it was much more than that.

Caesar’s form was never exposed to the media, this was in addition to his personal will, but also the unwritten rules of successive heirs to the throne.


After all, in every feline, there was an instinct that was irresistible.


Even after thousands of years of evolution, felines couldn’t resist catnip.

To subdivide, cats liked wool balls and paper boxes, which was their nature that couldn’t be changed.



Once you know the noumenon, you would master their general preferences.


For an emperor, this was equivalent to mastering one of his weaknesses.

Except, of course, catnip.


He was the soft underbelly of the entire feline race.


“Besides that, there’s ……”



The foreign minister looked up and froze on the spot.


The king, with expressionless face, turned his head sideways and stared at him.



And his posture remained unchanged, half kneeling on the ground, Shen Tong was pulled in his arms, with the intimacy of the gesture, there was almost no need to think to know what he was doing in here before he barged in.


The foreign minister swallowed and took another look at Caesar.

He looked displeased.


If one had to describe it, then it could probably be summed up as –


The expression of wanting to kill a cat.


A few words came to the Foreign Minister’s mind.


Something really big happened.


He was done.


While he was still in despair, Shen Jue coldly spoke: “Your Majesty, you’d better let go of him. If I remember correctly, there is a similar provision in the interstellar law that starts at five years.”


With just one sentence, he attracted all the firepower.


Foreign Minister: “……? ”


The interstellar law didn’t have this provision, but, but wait a minute…


Shen Tong passed the growth period, he wasn’t really a pup, right?


He glanced over.


Oh, but because of the accident, he was currently a cub, so thinking about it….


Even a cub wasn’t spared!




Foreign Minister: “……”


It was over.


He was deceived.


The foreign minister wiped his cold sweat.


Caesar narrowed his eyes and glared dangerously at Shen Jue.



As for the person in his arms, he let go of him, but not because of Shen Jue’s sentence, but there were too many people, Shen Tong wasn’t used to being too intimate with people in front of so many people, he had pushed Caesar several times, seeing that he was really embarrassed, Caesar let go of him.



Thanks to these two, he had to wait for the next opportunity again.


Caesar coolly glared over at the Foreign Minister, who jolted.



He bowed his head very begrudgingly and tried to reduce his presence.


Caesar snorted, and then his eyes fell back on Shen Jue.


Shen Jue’s attitude was strange to him at first, but now he even said that he was taking advantage of the cub.


Caesar smiled, “I know better than you whether he is a cub or not.”



Shen Jue retorted: “Your majesty, no matter whether he is mature or not, his body is still a cub so far. The interstellar law may not stipulate that, but in our blue star, all of them are classified as cubs, so that no one may try to make a mistake.”


The conversation between two people was full of flavor.


The foreign minister was sweating.


He looked at Caesar, then at Shen Jue, and finally tried to wink at Shen Tong——


Quick! Help!


They’re going to fight!


Shen Tong: “……”


He actually read the Foreign Minister’s eyes.


But this matter was indeed because of Shen Tong, even if Shen Tong was thin-skinned and very much didn’t want to participate in this topic, he had to say stiffly: “Actually, he didn’t do anything about me, it was me, it was me ……”



Shen Tong said very quietly, “I took advantage of his inattention and kissed him.”


These words were no less than dropping a b-omb.


Shen Jue: “?”


Foreign Minister: “?”


Who kissed who?


The Foreign Minister almost broke his neck because it twisted too much.


He grimaced on one side and his head was full of question marks on the other side, the whole person could be called a grimace.



Seeing that the two of them were full of disbelief, Shen Tong had to repeat: “It’s me, I kissed him.”



Hesitating for a moment, he asked softly: “Your interstellar or blue star should not have cubs molesting adults …… law, right?”



Shen Jue: “No.”


Caesar: “There is.”


They both spoke almost simultaneously.


As far as Shen Jue was concerned, Caesar kissing Shen Tong was equivalent to a pig arching a cabbage, even if Bluestar didn’t have this law, he had to immediately let the Ministry of Law pass this article, but if Shen Tong had moved first, it was the pig’s honor, and such strange law naturally didn’t need to exist.

Caesar was totally ungrateful. He had to play tricks on Shen Tong at this time.


He paused, “Blue Star doesn’t have, but the interstellar has.”



Facing Shen Tong, Caesar withdrew his hostility, his attitude was no longer as cold as before, his voice was cold but clear, “As punishment, you need to be personally looked after by me.”


He bit the words “personally look after” with extra weight.


Shen Tong was almost fooled, “How long?”


But soon he reacted, “Why are you …… again?”


Caesar’s thin lips lightly curved, “Depending on my mood.”


Shen Tong: “……”



The one who couldn’t stand it was still Shen Jue.



He was protective of Shen Tong’s mentality, he wouldn’t stop Shen Tong from interacting with anyone, and he had no right to do so, but this didn’t prevent him from being displeased with some people with bad intentions, such as this sire.



Shen Jue thought Shen Tong really believed in Caesar’s nonsense, he passed Caesar to appease Shen Tong: “As far as I know, there is no such article in the interstellar law, you don’t need to worry too much.”


Obviously it was a placation, but it somehow became an encouragement.


Don’t need to worry about kissing this Majesty and be punished, so …… continue to make efforts?


Shen Tong was amused.


Seeing him smile, Shen Jue was stunned at first, and then recalled for a moment. He also realized that there was something wrong with his words. He smiled, “It’s not wrong to understand it that way, but I suggest you don’t.”

Caesar lightly tsked, signaling that others were still here.


Shen Jue looked at him, his expression unchanged.



Caesar measured them with his eyes, extremely dissatisfied with the harmonious atmosphere when this Shen Jue and Shen Tong, he picked up the storybook on the ground and stuffed it into Shen Tong’s arms, “don’t you like reading? Go read a book.”


Between reading a book and looking at him, Shen Tong must choose the latter.


But between reading a book and looking at others, he would rather Shen Tong immersed in the book again.



Shen Tong helplessly held the book in his hands, “Okay.”



He knew that his majesty’s old problem had returned.


When he was a cat, he wasn’t allowed to tease other cats, and when he was a human being, he was not happy that he was close to people.



The reason why Shen Tong cooperated wasn’t exactly to accommodate him, because the foreign minister came in a hurry, he seemed to have something important, Shen Tong felt that if he was here, the topic would only be repeatedly deviated, so he agreed to it.


But he wanted to see something else more than reading a book at this moment.



Shen Tong went to the terrace by himself.



He took out his terminal and opened the Starnet, which he hadn’t logged into for a long time.



Shen Tong swiped the messages for a while, and finally knew why the foreign minister would say that something big happened.


He also had something to do with it.


The cause of the matter was a netizen named “100g can of fish” uploaded a video on Starnet.



@100gfishcan: The mystery of the century is solved, Your Majesty’s for!.



In order to show the authenticity of the video, 100g can of fish also turned on the location, showing that it was shot at the Blue Star port.


The video wasn’t long, only about ten seconds.


The camera swung past military personnel in uniform and rested on a man. He was upright, hair color and eye color was very characteristic, the man was bubbling outward with cold air, he strode a few steps forward, and suddenly turned into a snow-white lion.

This was where the video ended.


This person, absolutely no one could be mistaken.



Almost everyone who had seen this video was sure that this was their majesty.


In other words, this Majesty’s form was a lion.


This post almost immediately exploded.


In a few seconds, hundreds of comments appeared.



[Oh my God! Good transformation!]


[Bluestar Port? What happened?]



[I guessed it! His Majesty’s body definitely can’t be a cute kitty, I’m actually not surprised to see a lion, he’s a big cicada that will eat kittens, very good, the cat’s image didn’t fall apart!]



[Is this an albino species of lion? cool.]


[Look at this hair, this beautiful mane QAQ I have a very dangerous idea.]


[I don’t know if it’s an illusion, I think this lion looks a bit familiar, I seem to have seen with which blogger?]



In line with the spirit of gossiping, they’d rather just create an illusion than miss something. Under the comment that it felt familiar, everyone talked about it one after another, and not only this netizen said he was familiar:


[Sister, there are many lions, which are not rare, but there should be few albinos. I guess there are only a few in the whole interstellar space. If you don’t think about it carefully, you may have seen it in some blog!?]


[When you say this, it does look familiar.]


[Hand over the blogger’s ID?]



After tens of thousands of comments, one enthusiastic netizen finally tried to reply: [Look at @shentong’s avatar?]


This time, it simply stirred up a hornet’s nest.



The Star network could be said to be the meeting ground of a group of devils.


Shen Tong’s Starnet avatar was indeed Caesar.



That was when he gave the snow lion a bath, he piled foam on its body, the snow lion looked very unhappy, Shen Tong thought its expressionless look was a little cute, so he set it as an avatar.


At that time, Shen Tong didn’t know that the big cat was Caesar, so it was set without pressure.


Now he knew, but it was too late.


Because all of the Starnet netizens also knew.


Shen Tong hesitated for a moment and then browsed the comments.



From here on, the direction of the comments changed.


[What’s the situation? Is it the Imperial Queen 2.0 gossip from the other day?]



[Is this a rumor? Wake up, this is a fucking stone hammer, it’s already well known in the whole interstellar]


[No? I think his majesty also doesn’t look like a loving person, ah? He was cold the rest of the time except for the time when he was overwhelmed by catnip, he couldn’t allow someone use him as an avatar, right?]



It was common for couples to exchange photos for each other’s social account avatars.


But it was unusual when it came to Caesar.


This was also due to his character.


For many years, Caesar was known as a tyrant, he was tough and aloof, and rightly so, people never thought they would have a queen until then, in other words, the felines who met him were scared, and no cat would dare to be the queen.



That was another way of saying that they wanted to die.


Now more than that, they seemed to have done this exchange of photos as social account avatars, just like normal lovers?





Is your cold and heartless persona crumbling, Your Majesty?


The proof was actually quite simple.



Caesar also had a Starnet account.


Many people immediately rushed over to see it.


Caesar’s Starnet account was only registered at the request of the council, and in fact, he had never posted anything on it.


In short, there wasn’t even an avatar.


Not to mention exchanging photos with Shen Tong.


So this was …… personal behavior?


For a while, there were many different opinions on the star network.



Some people thought that Shen Tong’s photo was enough of a stone hammer to prove that he had a great relationship with Caesar, while others thought that this was Shen Tong’s personal behavior, the king and queen rumor spread, but the official website never reacted, so maybe it was just personal hype.


The former were mostly fans of Shen Tong, the latter were mostly fans of catnip.


Yes, Shen Tong’s presence on the star network was actually a bit special.


To promote stars, they needed to focus on the key points, so many people recommended Shen Tong as “walking catnip”, which attracted many fans and caused him some trouble.


Everyone loved catnip. Some people didn’t dislike the title of “walking catnip”. Even because they hadn’t seen it for too long, they really took Shen Tong as a substitute for it. It was better to take a few sniffs than nothing. But some hardcore fans of catnip were disgusted with this.


They thought that the blogger was using catnip, so it wasn’t surprising that he was using the King this time.



Two groups of people started quarrelling like this.





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