The first to emerge was Shen Jue’s mother, Ms. Song.


[Plain as a Chrysanthemum]:?


[Plain as a chrysanthemum]: What kind of person did you invite to the family holiday? If you want to talk about work, go out and eat yourself.


Ms. Song’s loyal dog leg Father Shen also came out to support her.


[Plain is true]: Your mother is right. The whole family is celebrating the festival. You want to invite an outsider?


The Shen family had a lot of people and they liked to get together and be lively, but this didn’t mean that everyone could come, nor were they willing to receive guests on the family reunion day. So soon, aunts and uncles appeared.



The elders in the group were very enthusiastic to teach him a lesson and reached a high level of agreement.


The youngsters who were watching the screen were happy.


Shen Jiu didn’t bother to say much, anyway, when they saw him, they’d know, so he directly closed the group chat.


Five days later.

On this day, the weather was clear and the stars were bright.



Shen Tong guessed right. This reunion day was really similar to the Spring Festival of the earth. There were lanterns and decorations on the streets, lion and dragon dance teams, and various activities emerged endlessly.


Shen Tong was very happy.


His previous life, well, maybe he shouldn’t call it his previous life.



When he lived thousands of years ago, he was inevitably distressed by the excessive care of the elders, as well as the crowded holidays, but after he came to this era, he missed them.



Fortunately, he was lucky enough.



These days Shen Tong also guessed for a long time, and finally felt that the relationship between Shen Jue and him, was probably in the word “Shen”.


Maybe they were family?


Shen Tong came half an hour early to the place where he had an appointment with Shen Jiu.


He didn’t expect him to be waiting there.


Shen Jue nodded to him and looked behind Shen Tong, seeing no unrelated personnel, he was even more satisfied, “Why are you here so early?”



Shen Tong smiled, “I think it’s not good to make people wait too long.”


He knew that Shen Jue was looking for Caesar.



With Caesar’s character, he wouldn’t allow Shen Tong to leave his sight for a second, not to mention that Shen Tong also went to Shen Jue for the holiday.


Caesar could give orders to others, but there was nothing he could do to Shen Tong. He couldn’t stop Shen Tong and didn’t want him out of his sight, so he had to follow his every step. Caesar was going to come with him this time, but unfortunately the front army suddenly had something to discuss with him, so Caesar couldn’t follow him.


Since no one came, Shen Tong didn’t need to explain to Shen Jue.


Speaking of it, if Shen Tong and Shen Jue were really family members, should he be considered the elder?

But after the substitution, Shen Tong felt that Shen Jue was more like his brother. He finally understood the tit for tat between him and Caesar——



The younger brother fell in love behind his back, but the elder brother bumped into him, and he thought that his cabbage had been arched …..



Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh.


He let the fantastic thoughts in his mind fade away.


Shen June finally spoke: “Come with me.”



He led the way in the front, without looking back, “I thought you would ask what our relationship is, but I waited a few days, you never asked.”



Shen Tong gently replied, “I thought about it, both surnamed Shen, we should be family?”



“Yes.” Shen Jue nodded, “There is no need to ask.”


“In fact, your seniority is very high, but people in our family are used to calling you brother.”


Shen Tong tilted his head, “Brother?”


Shen said, “Grandfather and grandmother compiled a lot of audio data of you, they kept it, we saw it from childhood, from the time we could speak, we knew it was our brother Shen Tong.”


Shen Tong’s eyelashes fluttered.



He asked softly, “Are they okay?”


Shen Jue: “I think so. Grandmother had an illness, the medical conditions at the time didn’t support surgery, so they applied for freezing, I recently received news of a medical breakthrough, grandmother and grandfather should soon be thawed.”


He paused for a short while, “When the time comes, you can ask them yourself.”


Even though he already knew the answer, Shen Jue’s words undoubtedly gave Shen Tong a greater sense of truth.



He murmured, “I thought I was alone.”


Shen Jue responded, “Even without grandparents, you are not alone.”



He laughed and stopped in his tracks, “You have many more family members.”


Shen Tong looked at him and followed his gaze forward, it was a single villa.


The garden was very large, in order to meet the reunion day, it was decorated in advance.


At this moment, many people had already come. The garden was full of people and was extremely lively.


“They are all named Shen.” Shen June paused, “We’re family.”


Shen Tong stared in amazement.


Shen Jue looked at him sideways, “Go?”


But Shen Tong didn’t move.


He was a little afraid, that was all.



Seeing him like this, Shen Jue also didn’t urge, he waited patiently.



After a few minutes, Shen Tong nodded and said very gently, “Let’s go.”

Shen Jue thought about it and reminded, “I didn’t tell them that you came, so …… they will probably be a little agitated, don’t be scared.”


Shen Tong didn’t take his words too seriously.


Shen Jue took the lead and stepped in.


In the end, he was her son, the busy Ms. Song saw him first.


Shen Jue was a standard work maniac. He didn’t like to return texts or call. Ms. Shen complained a lot about this, but her son used his face to take advanta it. It was just like the big “brother Shen Tong” they saw when they were young, she loved her house and her husband. So she didn’t really blame him: “You forgot where the door is?”


Ms. Shen’s voice was loud, so the family elders and juniors also looked over.


“You’re back?”


“Busy with work, right? Come and have a drink of water.”


“Hello, brother.”


“Uncle, you’re finally back!”



Shen Jue immediately became the focus of attention.


Ms. Song continued, “You ba-stard, the holiday is a holiday, but you had to bring someone, who did you want to bring? Except your future partner, our family won’t receive anyone, you’re really hard-winged.”


She also nagged at Shen Jue for trying to bring someone home for the holidays.



Actually, who wanted to take the trouble to entertain any guests on such a family reunion festival?



Ms. Song was still muttering about him. Shen Jue got impatient and moved aside.


Shen Tong appeared behind him.


The cub looked small and round.


He looked exactly like Shen Jue.


In recent days, Shen Tong hadn’t tried to control his mental power to recover.


Many times he almost got it but still ended up with no luck, which also led to Shen Tong’s small appearance.


But he felt it was almost time.



The Shen family came together for this holiday. The scene was originally very lively. But when Shen Tong appeared, everywhere immediately became quiet.


Shen Tong blinked, “How are you?”


Ms. Song looked at him, then at Shen Jue and immediately raised her hand and hit him.


“You had a child outside? Who is the mother? You brought him home when he’s this old?”

Shen Tong: “……?”



He felt like there was a bit of a misunderstanding?


Ms. Song, after hitting Shen Jue, squatted down and warmly took Shen Tong’s little hand, “Little friend in, what’s your name? Who is your mother? Tell grandma, okay?”


The speed of the change of face was dazzling.


Shen Jue also reacted to what Ms. Song had misunderstood, “Mom, he’s not.”


“What is it?” Ms. Song said angrily. “He’s just like you. Did you not have a child with someone or did he jump out of a stone crevice?”


Shen Jue, “…”


Shen Tong whispered, “My name is Shen Tong.”


He wanted to call her Grandma, but he felt like he would be taking advantage of her. But according to Shen Jue, everyone should know the name “Shen Tong”, so Shen Tong said it quickly to avoid further misunderstanding.

“Shen Tong?” Before Ms. Song spoke, Father Shen became angry. “Can you use Shen Tong’s name casually?”



In fact, Shen Jue was right.


Whether Shen Jue, Father Shen, or Father Shen’s father, they grew up watching Shen Tong’s tapes.


Many people had some childhood complex. For the Shen family, “Shen Tong” belonged to their childhood and was an important part of this childhood complex, symbolizing many things. He was an invisible playmate who always accompanied them, he liked to laugh, liked playing the piano, and was beautiful and quiet.


The name “Shen Tong” meant a lot and also symbolized beauty.


No wonder Father Shen got angry.


Shen Tong didn’t know why. Seeing Father Shen getting so angry, he anxiously looked at Shen Jue.



He wanted to explain, but he was afraid that he’d make a mistake, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


Shen Jue calmly threw out a report.




Father Shen grumbled and lowered his head.


Ms. Song also followed.


This was a kinship report.


At the end of the report, it was written in bold letters that the probability of kinship with Mr. Shen Bei was 99.999%.


Both of them froze at the same time.


It was clear what this report meant.


Shen Bei was their great-great-great …… grandfather, he and his wife had a son, Shen Tong, who died in a car accident, so they later adopted a child.


In other words, their family had no blood relationship with Shen Bei.


It was also wonderful that even if there was no blood relationship, Shen Jue was very similar to Shen Tong.


The possibility of the relationship between Shen Tong and their grandfather was 99.999%


He was… that Shen Tong!?


Wasn’t he in a car accident?


How could he appear in this era?


He also became a cub!


This was too much information, the impact on Ms. Song could be imagined, she fiercely twisted Father Shen’s arm, “I, am I dreaming?”


Father Shen cried out in pain, “Ouch, ouch, ouch!”



Ms. Song saw that the painful expression on Shen’s father’s face didn’t look fake and said in a trance, “Is this really happening?”


The behavior of the two of them attracted the attention of others, many people curiously came together.


The result was the same as the couple.


“Brother Shen Tong!”


“Am I dreaming? Dreaming about ancient Earth?”



“No, didn’t he die in a car accident? I remember hearing he died in a car accident, how is that possible? A scientific miracle? Human miracle? What’s going on here?”


No one could say clearly what this situation was.



Even Shen Tong himself couldn’t say, he simply put it all down to him being lucky enough.



The Shen family gathered around the certificate and stared in disbelief.



The Shen family’s oldest family head, Grandfather Shen, was also included.


He handed the appraisal certificate to Father Shen like a wandering soul. Trembling, he came to Shen Tong with a cane then he lowered his head and tentatively called him, “Brother Shen Tong?”


Shen Tong: “…”


This scene was a bit weird.



The old man with white hair and beard excitedly called Shen Tong his brother.


He was a little confused.


However, Shen Tong quickly responded.


According to his seniority, it was OK to call him “elder brother”. In fact, he was probably the elder of everyone present.


Shen Tong hesitated and nodded, “It’s me.”


The old man was like this, not to mention the others.



They woke up from their trance and rushed to Shen Tong one after another to surround him. This sentence “brother Shen Tong” and that sentence “brother Shen Tong”, there was no estrangement at all.


They weren’t only reunited relatives, but also close friends.


And thousands of years had passed, but “brother Shen Tong” remained constant.


Shen Tong stared at them blankly.


Time never deserted him.


It even gave many gifts to Shen Tong.


Many precious things.


Shen Tong slowly smiled slowly.


“Call me Tong Tong.”


He said quietly.



The Shen family looked at him and wholly agreed, “OK, Tong Tong.”


This reunion day should be the most solemn one that the Shen family had ever had.


The reunion day of the Shen family wasn’t a fixed family reunion, but a rotation system.


This year, it happened to be Shen Jue’s turn.


But because of Shen Tong’s arrival, the parents lined up in the kitchen to cook their own specialty dishes for Shen Tong.

Shen Tong was pulled in by the older Shen family members, who asked about Shen Tong’s life.


In a way, the questions were familiar to Shen Tong –


How old are you?
What are you doing?
Are you in love yet?


The first two questions, Shen Tong answered with good grace, he got stuck at the last question.



The Shen family didn’t notice his abnormality.


Thinking about Shen Tong’s current state, they hurriedly changed the topic, “… Oh, it’s not appropriate to talk about it now. It’s not good to talk about it until you recover. Don’t worry. ”


Shen Tong raised his eyes unnaturally and glanced out of the room. That was when he saw a private aircraft.



The aircraft stopped outside, and soon a man came out.


His body was tall and straight, and he wore casual clothes.


Very familiar.


Who was it if not Caesar?


Shen Tong blinked.


How did he come?


Not only Shen Tong but Shen Jue also saw Caesar coming.


He tutted in disgust.


He knew that the unimportant person would come.


He would be late, but he would never fail to arrive.



Happy New Year!!! ✨✨✨✨

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