C72.1—- Day 72

Shen Tong didn’t know how much misunderstanding has been caused on StarNet.


He put down his personal terminal after reporting peace.


The little snow lion poked and prodded at the screen with its claws, and finally found the information it needed.


It pushed the terminal to Shen Tong.


Shen Tong took a look at it, it was teaching him how to control spiritual energy –


Keep a calm state, feel your spiritual energy, and try to drive it.


It seemed simple, but Shen Tong didn’t feel it would be that easy.


He moved his eyes to the little snow lion and patted it lightly. The little snow lion looked very upset and slowly stepped back. His paw pushed the screen again to signal Shen Tong to concentrate.



“I can’t.” Shen Tong smiled, “You’re so cute, I just want to play with you.”



The little snow lion responded with a sneer.


It was fierce, not cute.


Shen Tong was again stunned by its cuteness, he lifted it up and rubbed against it.


The little snow lion looked up at him, took Shen Tong’s finger and bit him without hesitation.



It had its own sense of propriety. Besides, when it was a cub, it couldn’t use much strength. It was more like licking than biting. Shen Tong’s fingers trembled, he turned his head to it, “Are you a puppy ?”


The noble feline felt offended and stared at Shen Tong with great displeasure.


Shen Tong smiled and pressed his forehead against it, the little lion was unbelievably soft, and the moist tip of his nose was also cute.



He almost forgot the usual arrogant and unbeatable appearance of his majesty, and gently kissed the tip of its nose.


Just a kiss.


A simple expression of affection and love.



Since Shen Tong could, so could he.



The little snow lion proudly raised his head and stared at Shen Tong with a blank expression, then suddenly stuck to his lips.


He also licked it with his tongue.


Shen Tong’s eyes suddenly widened.



He couldn’t even hold the cat firmly, so the little snow lion fell from his arms.



It was a snow-white ball, it rolled several times, and finally flopped on its back.



Shen Tong blinked and immediately forgot what the little lion had just done. He gently pressed his hand on the white velvet belly of the snow lion and rubbed it several times.


The snow lion’s size limited its strength, so it couldn’t fight back.


Its tail flapped side to side.


He would never use this form again.



No matter how much he pampered him, it wasn’t possible.




If he kissed him a few times, he could reluctantly make it happen again.


Caesar thought expressionlessly.


Shen Tong was afraid of playing too much, so he suddenly stopped. As a result, Caesar turned back to his human form.



The little snow lion on the ground suddenly turned into this King, it was extremely mind blowing.


Shen Tong paused and hurriedly took his hand back.


But it was late.



His hand was caught.


Caesar’s voice was deep, “Fun?”


Shen Tong hesitantly nodded his head, and felt that he couldn’t tell the truth in this situation, he quickly shook his head.



“If it’s not fun, why did you refuse to let go?” Caesar snorted lightly, smoky gray eyes glanced at Shen Tong, “Enough fun, you should replace it, right?”


Shen Tong: “?”


He was still confused, when his hands pushed him to the ground.



Shen Tong finally felt a sense of crisis, he asked uncertainly: “You, you want to play what?”


Caesar stared at him from above and slowly responded: “You.”


Shen Tong: “?”


This answer was really too bad, Shen Tong was more confused.


“Close your eyes.” Caesar said.


Shen Tong subconsciously closes his eyes, and then remembered. He shook his hand wrapped in the palm of the man and whispered, “No, no.”




“Blue star laws have provisions.” Shen Tong stammered, “It’s okay in ten years.”



Caesar: “…”



A finger flicked the tip of Shen Tong’s nose, he opened his eyes and met the man’s smoky gray eyes, Caesar said with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”



He came closer to Shen Tong, “thinking about how I’ll play with you?”


Shen Tong: “…… no, no.”



He was thin skinned and easily blushed. Caesar looked at him and whispered, “I’m not such a beast.”


“Close your eyes and I’ll teach you to control your spiritual energy.”


What could he do with a cub?


The youth was more fun.



Realizing that he had misunderstood, Shen Tong bit his lip and apologized: “Sorry, sorry?”



Caesar said carelessly, “No need.”


After a moment’s pause, he slowly continued, “I also want to apologize to you.”



Shen Tong blinked.


Caesar said succinctly, “I lied to you.”



In fact, Shen Tong was more concerned about why he had lied to him than the fact that he had lied to him.


So he asked.



“Why did you want to deliberately ……” Shen Tong stuttered, “hide from me?”


“You hate me.”


Caesar lifted the curtains of his eyes, “In my spiritual world, you said that.”


Shen Tong was stunned, “I didn’t–”



The words stopped.


He remembered.



That time, he was sent to the Perth Palace by the Science Academy not long ago.


This sire also liked to bully him for some reason. At that time, Shen Tong didn’t have a humanoid state and was only a pot of catnip, he always loved to play with his leaves, and Shen Tong was afraid of itching, when he touched his leaves, Shen Tong would itch and roll into a ball, but even so, this sire didn’t let him go, he also threatened to stretch his leaves.


Shen Tong: “……”



His majesty’s behavior was as bad as ever.



He used to like to play with his leaves, but later he liked to hold him in his arms.




He really didn’t think that would be the reason.



His majesty was used to his own way, and didn’t seem to care about others. But just because he complained a few times, he remembered. He even asked many people to cooperate with him in order to tell a lie.



His anger had long subsided.


But he wasn’t amused either.


Shen Tong had mixed feelings.



He thought about it and said softly, “You were too much, you knew I didn’t like it.”


Caesar looked down at him, “You would say no if I touched you, but you don’t hate that form.”



Shen Tong tried to explain: “it’s different.”



Caesar: “Nothing different. It’s all me.”


Shen Tong: “…”



At this time, the sky was already very heavy, the galaxy was filled with starlight and the night breeze gently swayed, Shen Tong laid on the carpet and quietly look at Caesar for a few seconds, then he suddenly smiled.



His eyes became moist.



Caesar raised his eyebrows.


They watched each other, and finally Caesar leaned down and very gently dropped a kiss on the end of Shen Tong’s eyes.


Shen Tong couldn’t help but close his eyes.



His eyelashes fluttered lightly and also swept over Caesar’s thin lips one by one, very lightly and softly.



Caesar turned his head and said in a deep voice, “Change back quickly.”


He got too close, and his breath sprayed on Shen Tong’s neck. “Do you want to know how I will play with you?”


Caesar asked.



Shen Tong was startled and subconsciously moved away, but accidentally knocked something down.


The paper scattered.



He couldn’t care less, and quickly got up to check, it seemed to be the documents Shen Jue left him before leaving.



Shen Tong haphazardly gathered up, inadvertently looking at the contents.


This one in his hand was a notice issued by the hospital.


From the Blue Star Medical Center.


Cryopreservation application.


What was this?


Shen Tong curiously looked at the next one.


Cryopreservation application.


Applicant: Shen Bei, Qu Shushu


Time: 2019.11.18


Shen Bei, Qu Shushu.


These two names, these two names ……


Shen Tong stayed for a moment and immediately went through them one by one.


This pile of information spanned through several thousand years of time.

From Earth to the current interstellar era, it all started when Shen Bei and Qu Shushu applied for the latest cryo-compartment technology. As time changed, humans moved from Earth to the Blue Planet, and the hospital changed again and again until they finally arrived at the Blue Planet Hospital Center.



These two people, since Shen Tong came to the interstellar era, he always missed them.


It was his family.


Shen Tong didn’t know what to feel for a while.


He thought he would never see his family again.


He thought they were separated by many years of time.


He thought ……


Tears rolled down one after another.


Shen Tong cried in confusion.


Caesar didn’t know what had happened, but when he saw Shen Tong crying, he immediately took him into his arms. “What happened?”



Shen Tong didn’t know his feelings at the moment, but he wasn’t sad at all. He opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say, so he held Caesar tightly and bury his face in his neck.


Caesar was stunned and immediately patted him on the back.



Shen Tong slowly said, “I have a family.”


Caesar’s voice was very gentle, “Well?”


Shen Tong didn’t go on.


He remembered what Shen Jue said——



If you change your mind, you can contact me.


Did Shen Jue know that this was his family?



No, what was the relationship between Shen Jue and him?


Shen Tong hurriedly withdrew from Caesar’s arms and tried to find his contact information.


Since Shen Tong saw these things, his mood had fluctuated greatly. Caesar blamed this for his crying and put it on Shen Jue. He watched Shen Tong, “What are you looking for?”


Shen Tong replied absentmindedly, “Shen Jue’s contact information.”


Caesar: “?”


His expression turned dark again.



It was so late, yet the young man dared to find the contact information of another man in front of him?



Caesar picked up Shen Tong without saying a word, and pressed him to the bed.




Shen Tong’s heart was burning, “Let me go, I have something to ask him.”



Caesar held him down. His gaze was deep. “What’s the matter? It won’t be too late tomorrow.”


“But ……”


Caesar forcefully covered his eyes.


Shen Tong calmed down a little.


It was getting late. It wasn’t good to wake him up now.


But he was very happy when he thought that his relatives were also in this era.


Shen Tong took a deep breath and gently asked Caesar: “Do you still remember your parents?”


Caesar’s tone was light, “I don’t remember much.”



Shen Tong was stunned and realized that Caesar was different from him.


He grew up in a very good family. His parents were loving, his life had love everywhere, Shen Tong was told he didn’t need to have much achievements, he only needed to be healthy and happy, they also tried to give Shen Tong the best of everything, Shen Tong was spoiled, it was very fortunate that he didn’t develop a proud nature.


Caesar and Shen Tong mentioned their life experiences.



However, the Snow Lion only had a few words to say. It was detected that he had SSS level spiritual energy and he was sent to Capital Star.



From childhood to adulthood, he was feared and respected more than loved by others. It should be rare to have such love, right?


Shen Tong stopped the topic.


He said quietly, “I can take you to see my parents soon. They are very good.”



After a pause, Shen Tong added: “I like you, they will definitely like you.”



After that, Shen Tong, who thought he would lose sleep, slowly fell asleep in Caesar’s arms.


And Caesar squinted his eyes.


He wasn’t sleepy.


He wanted to shake the person in his arms.


And make Shen Tong say “I like you” a few more times.


No, maybe it was better to record it.


Caesar pondered thoughtfully.


The next day, Shen Jue received a message.


[The day of the reunion, can I still come?]



The message came from Shen Tong.



Shen Jue: [You’re welcome.]


He sent the time and address together.


In fact, Shen Jue also wanted to remind him not to bring irrelevant people, the words were already typed in the input box, but Shen Jue thought about it, His Majesty shouldn’t be available.


The empire decided to attack the Zerg race, his majesty had a lot of things to do.


So Shen Jue deleted these words and informed the family group chat of the matter instead.


[. ]: I invited someone to celebrate the reunion, and he agreed.


[. ]: Get ready.



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