Shen Jue: “Your Majesty.”



His voice was normal, but Caesar’s momentum was too amazing. He attracted many people’s attention. Everyone suddenly became quiet, and they heard the words “Your Majesty” very clearly.


This was also a reminder.


There was only one majesty among the stars.


That was the one from Capital Star.





Caesar rarely gave interviews to the media, but that didn’t mean his subjects didn’t know him. The empire standard military uniform, platinum blonde hair, and, to put it mildly, the aura of innate superiority that he carried with him was like a halo, a crane that stood out from the crowd.


Why was he here?


The Shen family was quite puzzled.


Was it for official business?


No, it couldn’t be.


If it was for business, then it should be Shen Jue who went to him, not him who came to the Shen family with his pride.



This emperor ruled the entire universe, Shen Jue, no matter what, was only the ruler of Blue Star and also his minister, there were many planets in the interstellar world, this emperor probably wouldn’t put him in his eyes, so there was no reason for him to come here.


What was going on?


The more they thought about it, the more confused they became.


But then again, this was the monarch, no matter how distant Blue Star was, the etiquette still had to be followed, Shen family stood up together and respectfully bowed, “Your Majesty.”


This didn’t include Shen Tong.



He stared at Caesar and blinked at him, his eyes asking why he came.


Caesar raised his eyebrows and silently responded.



Looking for you.


Shen Tong was stunned, and then he gently smiled.


Among them, probably only Shen Tong and Shen Jue knew Caesar’s purpose, Shen Tong was too embarrassed to say, and Shen Jue was too lazy to say, seeing everyone’s head full of questions, Shen Jue could only make an excuse: “His Majesty has something to discuss with me.”


This reason was untenable and had been ruled out by the Shen family long ago, but because Caesar was present, no one asked more questions.



As for Shen Tong, thanks to his current image that was too confusing, they would never dream that this Majesty was here for Shen Tong.



And no one came to that conclusion.


After all, this was still a cub.



Shen Jue took Caesar to the study.


Shen Tong was a little uneasy that they were alone, but the Shen family was too enthusiastic so he couldn’t get away. He had to hope that Caesar would listen to him——



Since he came here, he had to explain everything to Caesar.


Including the things before he became catnip, otherwise he couldn’t explain the kinship certificate.



Shen Tong also felt that it wasn’t so easy to accept before he explained it, but he didn’t expect Caesar to accept it easily and choose to believe him.

It seemed that no matter how strange things were, as long as they came from Shen Tong’s mouth, Caesar would choose to trust.


It was impossible to say that he was unmoved.



Thinking about this, Shen Tong smiled a little.


He decided to also trust Caesar.


This sire wouldn’t be jealous of his family, right?


In fact, very much so.


Caesar waited in the study for a long time, but didn’t see Shen Tong come up, he unhappily frowned.


Shen Jue, who was forced to share a room with him, said quietly: “He has other relatives besides you. You can’t occupy all his time and let him walk around you alone.”



Caesar turned a deaf ear and was too lazy to answer.


He really wanted to occupy everything in Shen Tong.


But he was also trying to respect his opinions and choices.


Shen Tong wanted to come, but he was dissatisfied. When Shen Tong came, he followed with dissatisfaction.


There was no contradiction between them.



This was also his concession.



When it was dinner time, Caesar stayed.


In other words, the good reunion meal was extremely complicated.


This wasn’t only because of Caesar’s identity, but also because of his expression.


The big family ate the reunion dinner in silence, and instead of the previous bustling atmosphere, everyone was trembling for fear of any bad luck.


Shen Tong sighed gently.


He thought for a moment, took out his terminal, typed a few words, and then threw it to Caesar.


Shen Tong said softly, “My terminal fell. Can you help me pick it up?”



In the too quiet table, his voice was soft enough to attract everyone’s attention.


After realizing that Shen Tong was addressing Caesar, father Shen drew a breath of cold air, mistakenly thinking that he didn’t know Caesar’s identity, he hastily said, “I’ll help you pick it up, I’ll help you pick it up.”


Shen Tong shook his head, “No, he is close.”

After saying that, Shen Tong smiled at Caesar, and his eyes were bright. “Can I?”


Caesar raised his eyes to look at him.


Among all the people in the room, probably except for Shen Tong, no one else could laugh.


Everyone was sweating for him.


The old man Shen, hastened to round up the situation: “Your Majesty, this is our child, he doesn’t know the rules, don’t take it to heart.”



After the old man said that, he gave a fierce glare at father Shen, “Go pick it up, why do you just talk but not move?”


This development was unexpected by Shen Tong. He typed a word on the terminal, which wasn’t good for people to see. In a hurry, Shen Tong didn’t have time to think, and said hurriedly, “I just want him to take it for me.”



He, of course, referred to Caesar.


The child’s voice was crisp, and the ending was soft. It looked like he was being coquettish, and had a sense of being spoiled and proud.


Father Shen was at a loss for a moment.


The rest of the Shen family were a little scared.


Shen Tong’s actions were just because he wasn’t familiar with the world, but they didn’t know what his majesty thought.


What if he felt offended?


What if he got angry?


The Shen family paled.

In the end, they were worried about Shen Tong.


Mrs. Song quickly winked at Shen Jue and signaled him to take Shen Tong away.


The ancient earth thousands of years ago were different from this era. They had no emperors who could take life or death. But this era had, and this majesty was a famous tyrant in the world.



Shen Jue received Mrs. Song’s eyes, but he turned a blind eye and ate calmly.



He had to say, their worries were superfluous.


Caesar didn’t have any displeasure at all.



He even hummed softly in his heart –


He picked up the terminal for Shen Tong in the eyes of the people who were nervous, and when his fingertips touched the screen, it lit up for a moment and a few words met his eyes.


Don’t be unhappy, big cat.

Caesar’s eyebrows moved, and he looked down at Shen Tong.


Big Cat was much more pleasing to him than Meow.


Maybe because when Shen Tong called him “Big Cat”, he was always being coquettish.


Especially before he regained his memory, he hugged him and rubbed his face slightly. His pupils were dark, bright and moist, and his voice was soft. “Big cat.”


His heart softened


Caesar raised the terminal and stared at Shen Tong, “Your?”


Shen Tong nodded.

Caesar said slowly, “You are not allowed to play with the terminal when eating. It’s confiscated.”



Shen Tong: “…”



Except Shen Jue that was eating calmly, the rest looked like they’d been robbed of their lives.


It was good that he wasn’t angry.




Was it that him being a Tyrant was a rumor?


This Majesty was actually not so terrible?


They stole a glance at Caesar, and then looked at Shen Tong, who was frowning.


The Shen family had many filters for Shen Tong. The child was so cute. What was more, Shen Tong looked a little surprised at this time and eyes were also a little round. His expression softened everyone’s heart.


So cute, who would be angry?


In this way, they were not surprised that his majesty was not angry, and it was not surprising that he was suspected of teasing the cub.


The cub was the treasure of the whole planet.


Their Tongtong was the treasure of treasures!



Whether he was a tyrant or not, who could be violent in front of baby Tongtong?

With the attack of Shen Tong’s “big cat”, Caesar’s expression relaxed a lot. Everyone also suspected that the Star Tyrant wasn’t a tyrant at all and tried to talk to him.


These were Shen Tong’s relatives after all. Even though Caesar was careless, he wasn’t too aggressive.


He even answered with patience.


That was enough.


The reunion dinner finally returned to normal.


The whole family was bustling.


That night, Shen Tong and Caesar stayed here.


Although Shen Tong’s family knew that the reason why Shen Tong had become like this was because he was still unable to control his spiritual power, but they still couldn’t help treating Shen Tong as a cub, they deliberately set up a nursery room for Shen Tong, plush toys piled up on the bed, the floor was full of foam blocks and was extremely childish.


Shen Tong sat on the soft bed, buried his face into the pillow.


It was filled with the smell of fresh sunshine.


This day was too wonderful.


Shen Tong gently rubbed against it a few times.


He wasn’t sleepy, but after the personal terminal was consficated by Caesar at dinner, he forgot to ask him to come back. So even if he didn’t sleep at this moment, there was nothing to do. Shen Tong had to choose to sleep.



He opened the quilt and sat in.


At this time, a slight noise suddenly came from outside the window.


Shen Tong thought he heard wrong, so he didn’t pay too much attention, then he heard it again.



Shen Tong peeked out.


Outside the window was a big, powerful lion with snow-white fur.


Its meat pad pressed against the glass, he seemed to have waited a long time, and was obviously dissatisfied.


Shen Tong: “……”


He hurriedly opened the window for it.


The snow lion slowly and methodically crawled in, it shook off the dust on its body, cleaned itself and then very consciously climbed on Shen Tong’s bed, licking its paws.



Shen Tong sat back and asked it in a low voice: “How did you climb the window?”


After climbing the window, he felt strange.


Like this was a secret rendezvous.


The snow lion’s smoky gray eyes glanced at him carelessly.


Since he came, Shen Tong asked for his terminal, “My terminal?”



The snow lion turned back to him to carry the terminal.


Shen Tong was about to take it. The Snow Lion pressed his paw on it and didn’t let him touch it. Instead, he lit the screen by himself and played a video.



Before Caesar came, he passed by the hall and asked them to send it to him.



The Shen family gathered in the hall to watch baby tongtong.


This was also the reason why he changed back to the body and climbed through the window.


They could only watch through the video screen, while he could be with him while watching the video.


The snow Lion glanced at Shen Tong again, and without hesitation pushed him down and watched the video.



The video didn’t show the shooting time.


Shen Tong originally didn’t know what this was, but the lens focused, after seeing himself, he remembered.


This should be a long time ago.


In the video, he wanted to play the piano, but he was really too short to reach, so he softly asked for help: “Daddy hug.”


Dad laughed loud and said no.



He had to go to someone else: “Mommy hug.”


Mom also seriously smiled: “Tong Tong figure out how to do it yourself.”


Shen Tong looked around for a while, then he ran to hold a small bench, and climbed up with his hands and feet and finally was able to hold the piano.



There were too many keys, so he couldn’t get started. Shen Tong recited the score in a low voice: “1155665 ……”


He chanted, and slowly pressed the keys.


In the end, he was young and not too skilled, he pressed very slowly, a good song was played intermittently, but Shen Tong himself very satisfied.


“Mom, listen, little star!”


“Yes, Tong Tong is great!”


“Daddy didn’t hug, not for him.”


“Okay, mommy will help you cover his ears.”


Shen Tong turned his head to see, but he didn’t pay attention and slipped.


The camera began to shake.


Blurred, Shen Tong didn’t fall down, the woman held him, but Shen Tong was still scared, he tearfully hung on her body and shrank into her arms.


Dad laughed even louder.



The child was annoyed by the laughter and cried out in aggression.


The video screen ended there.



Shen Tong nostalgically touched the woman in the screen.


But he quickly came back to his senses.


“This video, how did you find it?”



Shen Tong asked the snow lion.


The snow lion wagged its tail, jumped off the bed, walked to the door, turned back to gesture for Shen Tong to open the door.


Shen Tong opened the door.


The snow lion raised its chin towards the outside.


Shen Tong curiously walked to the banister.


His room was arranged on the second floor, he looked down, almost all of the Shen family members were awake, sitting in the hall to watch –


In the large simulation screen, Shen Tong shrank in the arms of a woman, curled eyelashes wet.


All of the Shen family members were filled with righteous indignation.


“Grandfather is too much!”



“He’s laughing too loudly, right?”



“Our Tong Tong is so cute, he actually only cared about laughing, yet he made him cry.”


“The next, the next video!”


Shen Tong: “……”


He quickly went back to his room and closed the door.


What was the situation?


His parents were very ritualistic people, so they always loved to make these videos, hoping that later it’d be a memento. But most of them, in Shen Tong’s opinion, could be called black history, because they always ended with him crying.



It was at this point that Shen Tong suddenly understood what Shen Jue had said to him earlier in the day.


–Grandfather and grandmother compiled a lot of your data, and they kept it, and we grew up with it, and from the time we could talk, we knew it was our brother Shen Tong.


Shen Tong: “?”


Shen Tong: “……!”


These black history, was seen from childhood!



Shen Tong climbed back into bed and covered his face with the quilt.


Caesar took a look at the bulging nest, jumped up and used his paws to pull it open.


He lowered his head and rubbed Shen Tong.



Shen Tong obediently raised his hand to hug the snow lion, he said self-loathingly: “Meow, this is so humiliating.”




Caesar remembered Shen Tong’s expression when he was seriously poking the piano keys, it was cute.


It arched against Shen Tong as if soothing.



Shen Tong said again, “In the video, the one who is laughing especially loudly is my father.”


He sounded like he was complaining, but his tone was very intimate, “He is always like this, he likes to make fun of me, he makes me cry, but when I cry, he has to be scolded.”


After a while, Shen Tong said again, “The one holding me is my mother, she is very gentle.”


Shen Tong spoke softly, while Caesar was listening on the side.


He touched the snow lion’s head, “I’ll take you to meet them later, okay?”


The snow lion nodded.



Shen Tong thought about it and said with a smile, “Mom also likes felines, you can see her like this?”


Caesar: “?”


He thought that the meeting was that kind of meeting with parents, and after the meeting, this person would be his.


The snow lion stood up and looked at him with dissatisfaction.


Shen Tong laughed.


After laughing, he said again: “Meow, I’m so happy.”


Shen Tong hugged its head and gently kissed it, “I have a mom and dad, a lot of family, and you.”



“I’m so happy.”


Probably really happy, Shen Tong said it several times in a row.



This was really abominable behavior.


He wasn’t to do anything to him because he was a cub, and he was rubbing and kissing him, he didn’t know how to behave.


Caesar thought with dissatisfaction.


In fact, according to reason, Shen Tong should almost be able to return to the original state.



These days Caesar had been supervising him, but every time Shen Tong was just a little bit short of being able to return to the state of youth.



Caesar’s patience was running out.


This time Shen Tong was happy, but he wasn’t so happy.


He was tired of raising a child.



So thinking, Caesar arched Shen Tong up from the bed.


Shen Tong was puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Caesar glanced at him, the meaning was obvious –


Spiritual power.


Shen Tong suddenly realized.


He almost forgot.



Every day before going to bed, Caesar would drag him to try a few times, if not for Caesar’s reminder, today he almost forgot.


Shen Tong nodded his head and began today’s trial.



Close your eyes.
Feel your spiritual power.
Control it.


The use of spiritual power, for Shen Tong, was undoubtedly extremely new.


He felt this invisible power inside his body, and finally silently recited in his mind: restore the body.



As if a second had passed, as if a long time had passed.


Shen Tong slowly opened his eyes.




Then Shen Tong was stunned.


His voice was no longer a child’s but the voice of a young person, soft and pleasant.


He had healed?


Shen Tong blinked.


He wanted to get up to see, but before he could get out of bed, he was violently held by someone’s ankle and dragged back.


Immediately, Shen Tong was pressed against his body.



The big lion on the bed disappeared and turned into a man.


An aggressive man.



His smoky gray eyes looked fixedly at Shen Tong.


Caesar clasped Shen Tong’s jaw, fingers rubbing his lips, he said in an extremely low voice: “You’ve changed back, where else do you want to go?”


“After playing with the Snow Lion for so long, it’s time for me to play with you.”


When Caesar spoke, the damp and hot breath was completely sprayed on Shen Tong. Shen Tong was completely red from behind his ears to his neck. It was a very moving glow.


Shen Tong realized, “No, no…”


Caesar looked down. “When you kissed me, did I say no?”


Shen Tong: “…”


He stopped.


The hand that Caesar clasped his jaw used a little force, causing Shen Tong to tilt his face up.


This was a gesture waiting to be kissed, but also waiting to be taken.


The light was dim.


The young man’s skin was fair and his black eyes seemed to have a bright light that was surprisingly bright. Maybe it was shyness. Shen Tong didn’t look at Caesar for too long, his neck was also red. Shen Tong bit his lower lip gently.


It was tempting.


Caesar didn’t let him hide for long.


He clasped the hand of Shen Tong’s jaw, slightly hard, so that he looked at him again.


Caesar leaned down slowly.




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