C68— Day 68

Shen Tong regretted, but the medical staff ignored him, “Get in the car, I’ll take you to find the cat.”



“The big cat won’t hide so far.” Shen Tong said with certainty.



The medical staff lowered her head and smiled, “Get in.”



Shen Tong let go of the hand tugging at the hem of her coat and shook his head.



“An obedient baby is a good baby.”



“But ……”



Shen Tong said in a small but firm voice: “I want to go back.”



The medical staff didn’t say anything, she just put her hands in the pockets of her white coat, and quietly stared at Shen Tong.



Shen Tong felt a little uneasy and took a few small steps back, “Sister, thank you for bringing me to find the big cat.”


“Can I, I go back first?”



He turned his head and wanted to leave.



But the medical staff was faster than Shen Tong. She pressed down Shen Tong’s shoulder, and took out a tube of tranquilizer from her pocket, and quickly injected it into Shen Tong’s body.



“Don’t be afraid.” As usual for his body check, the medical staff’s voice softly soothing Shen Tong, but her hands forcefully pressed Shen Tong, not allowing him to break free from his restraints.



“Don’t be afraid, it’s just a nap.”



Shen Tong raised his hand, in his current state, he couldn’t get out of it, and the sedative effect came quickly.



A few seconds later, Shen Tong fell softly into her hands.



The woman picked him up and put him in her private hover car seat. She looked at him for a few moments and smiled in satisfaction, “That’s a good boy.”



She entered the destination in the navigation and turned on the autopilot function.



Then she contacted her accomplice.



They would meet near the Starport.



If all went well, in two hours they would arrive at Tamu, the capital star of the Zergs.




And take captive the empire’s queen-to-be.



As the Zerg race’s eyes placed on the Blue Star, this medical officer, Emma, informed them of everything in detail.



Including Caesar’s unusual attitude towards Shen Tong, his subordinates’ respect for Shen Tong, and the identity of the “Queen-to-be” that had never been clarified.



After learning this, the Zergs naturally put their eyes on Shen Tong.



Therefore, the Zergs lurking in the Blue Star, or the felines already under the control of the Zergs, received the same order from the Zergs repeatedly in the past few days –


Bring back this queen-to-be.



Or ……



Contaminate him.



It was a day of gourd-eating revelry for the interstellar netizens, and not so pleasant for the Zergs, especially the Border Zergs.


At two or three o’clock in the afternoon, uncountable warships appeared over the planet Tamu.


The clear sky was instantly filled with black and heavy warships, in addition to which many warships were coming in a steady stream, rare metals shining with an icy sheen in the sky, and the military flag belonging to the empire was raised high.



It was just in time for the siesta to end.



Looking at the sky filled with warships, the first reaction of the Zergs living in the border area was –



They haven’t woken up yet, right?



Since the defeat of the Zergs more than ten years ago and the series of humiliating treaties they had to sign, they had reached a brief superficial peace with the Empire, as well as a mutual promise not to go to war again for fifty years.



— Of course, this wasn’t Caesar’s intention.



He personally conquered the battlefield, his mental energy was once out of control, and eventually he had to temporarily enter a dormant state, so that was a decision that was made by his think tank on his behalf.


Caesar preferred to eliminate the root, but his think tank didn’t think so.



War was always costly, for the Zergs and for the Empire, and he had only recently succeeded to the throne, and the order to blow up the planet had drawn many protesters.



For various reasons, the Think Tank agreed to talk to the Zergs.



Everyone was calm on the surface, but behind the scenes there was a lot of tension.



But there was one thing, never go to war.




This was the reason why the Zergs couldn’t believe it at this moment.




The Empire’s warships were coming!



They were going to tear up the treaty!



The Empire had Starnet for their social software, and naturally the Zergs also had their popular social forums.



No matter how many times they rubbed their eyes and hit themselves a few times, the warships in the sky didn’t disappear and even got more and more, the Zergs living on the border finally reacted that this was a big deal!



Some people frantically called the planet hotline, but also asked for help on the forum.


[wocccccc!!! I woke up to a change in the sky, the head is full of imperial warships, I look stupid????]




[Are there any border Zergs on Tamu? Tell a ghost story, there are many, many, many, many warships coming, but not from our Zergs.]



[What’s going on? There’s a lot of Imperial warships coming? I’m scared ????]



Within a few minutes, like a river, the entire forum was full of content related to the Empire’s warships, and new posts were still popping up, as if they were springing up.


The planet Tamu was the closest planet of the Zerg race to the Imperial star field, and was also the first line of defense of the Zerg race star field, so the appearance of the Imperial starship, the declaration of war was self-evident.


The news quickly spread among the forums, and the Zerg netizens were almost bursting at the seams to confirm the authenticity of the information, Tamu’s sphere chief hotline!


“Is this the Zerg Leader Hotline? May I ask if the planet Tamu has been surrounded by Imperial warships?”



“The forum rumor is that the Empire has launched an expedition to Tamu’s Star, is the news true?”



“Hello? Captain’s Hotline? Is it true that the sky above Tamu is full of Imperial ships?”




In response, the operator gave a uniform reply: “Hello, we are in the process of verifying this matter, if there is any news, we will make an announcement as soon as possible.”



In fact, there was no need to verify at all, as soon as they raised their heads they could see the Imperial warships roaming the sky.



These warships had arrogantly barged into the Zergs’ domain, and they didn’t even activate the stealth function of the warships, so they were exposed so boldly, not so much as a war, but rather as a deterrent and intimidation.



At the same time, the effect it had was obvious –



All the Zerg inhabitants of Tamu were panic-stricken!


No one wanted to live in a w-ar zone, and no one wanted to be a prisoner.



Those who had private vehicles immediately packed up and flew away from Tamu with their families, while those who didn’t have private vehicles chose to buy tickets online for the nearest flight out of Tamu.



But there were too many people making such decisions!



The tickets on the Internet were gone within three seconds, and then scrolling down showed that there were no more tickets available even for five days, so regardless of whether they got tickets or not, everyone rushed to the starport, and the private planes departed one after another.



Everyone was in a panic.



Faced with such a situation, the governor of planet Tamu only wanted to curse.



This group of cats, were they crazy!



And this term of Zergs was the dumbest he had ever seen!



Did they grow a brain just to not use it!



There were imperial warships everywhere, where could they run!?



The Tamu leader ordered with hatred: “Immediately block the planet, no one is allowed to enter or leave, turn on the first level of alert, and ask for assistance from the home planet!”



Activating the first level of alert was already a wartime preparation.


The Zerg warriors stationed on Tamu received the instruction and immediately entered a state of readiness for war. A steady stream of warships departed from the base and eventually stopped in mid-air, facing off with the Imperial warships.



The air seemed to be filled with a huge smell of smoke.



At the same time, the blockade of the planet also caused the uneasiness of the Zerg inhabitants to reach its peak –



“Is there really going to be a fight?”


“Don’t block the planet, it’s a bit scary.”



“What do we do now?”


What to do?


Every Zerg inhabitant wanted to know the answer.



Their state couldn’t be ignored by the Tamu planet governor, so after deploying everything, the Tamy planet governor had to take the time to pacify all the Zergs.



A few minutes later, a planet-wide virtual screen floated up, and the Tamu Planet Chief appeared in it.



“Don’t panic, please believe in our Zerg warriors.” He spoke sincerely, “The blockade of Tamu’s planet is just ……”



Before he could finish his words, the secretary of Tamu’s planet leader seemed to see something and his eyes snapped open, he forgot for a moment that a planet-wide live broadcast was going on at the moment and hurried in, “Planet leader! The Emperor and the Empire request a call with us!”



The Empire requested a call?



Planet Leader froze, no longer able to care about appeasing the Zerg inhabitants, he hurriedly responded, “Connect, connect quickly.”



What was happening on their side, the virtual screen showed it truthfully, and the Zerg inhabitants of the entire planet Tamu, because of the fear of the impending war, also stood in front of the virtual screen from the time it floated up, waiting for the official notification from the planet leader.



In other words, the planet governor of Tamu Planet connected to the link from the Empire in full view of everyone.



“Where is he?”



The other side spoke first.



The icy tone signaled the owner’s extremely bad mood, Caesar lifted his eyes, and a hostile aura radiated around him that couldn’t be dispelled, “In three minutes, I want to know his whereabouts, or else-”


He didn’t say any more, while the Empire’s warships went into battle in unison, photon g-uns aimed at the Zergs.


Where is he?






Who is this he?



At this moment, the same question emerged from all the insect inhabitants.



Including the captain of planet Tamu.



And he did ask it: “Who?”



Caesar lowered his eyes, glanced at the Tamu captain in the screen, and his thin lips lightly opened: “My queen.”



“The Queen of the Empire.”


Tamu Zerg: “???”



The queen was lost?



Your country can even lose its queen!


That’s good.



It was a big deal if the queen was lost, but the point was, what did it matter to them if the empire’s queen was lost?



Go find it!



The Zergs of Tarmac thought this, but when they looked up, they saw the imperial warships blocking the sky.



Everyone was stunned, and suddenly their hearts thumped and they drew a cold breath…



This queen lost, it couldn’t be related to their Zerg race, right?



Otherwise, why did the Empire come over here with such a fury?



And also such a look of unquenchable?



It seemed to make more and more sense the more they thought about it.



Tamu Zergs: !!!



Give the fu-cking queen back!!!


The Tamu captain did want to return it.



He was different from the Zergs inhabitants, who were hearing about the loss of the empire’s queen for the first time. The Tamu captain was vaguely aware of this, but didn’t them expect to act so quickly, and as the first line of defense in the Zerg domain, the home planet hadn’t been informed in advance, which directly led to the current awkward situation.



The Zergs warriors stationed on Tamu were the best and strongest soldiers of the Zergs race, but the Empire’s legions were constantly coming in this direction, even though they had requested reinforcements from the home planet, but it was simply too late!



And this line of defense, the Tamu couldn’t break it.


To ask them, they came to Tamu!



What to do?



The Tamu’s leader wanted to curse again.


“Two minutes.” Caesar opened his mouth indifferently.



He didn’t seem to be joking, his tone was dangerous, the Tamu captain looked down at his personal terminal, he had contacted the home planet once before to request reinforcements, but there was no response so far, the Tamu captain was anxious out of a head of sweat, “your princess’s whereabouts, we are not quite sure, maybe he …… ”



Caesar jaw lightly raised, impatiently reminded: “a minute.”



The Tamu planet chief said stiffly, “I express my regrets to you on behalf of the Zergs.”



“Fifty seconds.”



“Your royal consort he ……”



Time passed by, the Zerg crowd in front of the virtual screen couldn’t help but hold their chests, and the Tamu captain prayed silently in his heart –



Respond quickly!



The empire asked for their queen, if he couldn’t respond, the empire would attack the planet, with the current military strength, they would certainly lose this battle!



Twenty seconds.
Ten seconds.
Five seconds.



The long silence exhausted Caesar’s patience, the importance of Tamu for the Zergs, he knew very well, otherwise Caesar wouldn’t immediately ask all legions to make the space migration to here, to attack Tamu to threaten the Zergs.



He said indifferently, “Seeking death.”



This was like a signal, and the imperial warships instantly gathered momentum, and the pilots inside the warships, who were in attack mode, aimed at the planet Tamu, and they were about to press the launch button.



The captain of the planet Tamu also raised his hand to activate the planet protection mode.


In the nick of time, the Tamu captain received a response from the home planet.



It was a coordinate.



As soon as he looked at it, he understood.


“Your royal consort, your royal consort-” The Tamu commander hurriedly reported a coordinate.


Caesar moved and threw a look at the commander, and the attack was temporarily halted.



He lifted his eyes, “He, better really be there.”



Without Caesar needing to say anything, the pilot of the warship immediately entered the coordinates and opened the space migration.


Five, four, three, two, one.



The countdown ended.


Several fleets immediately disappeared into the vast universe, leaving only a long trail of stardust, and the warships that had covered the sky so tightly that there was a gap, which was quickly filled by the remaining warships, and even though the emperor they served had already left, the soldiers at the controls of the warships remained in the sky above Tamu, facing off with the Zerg warriors from a distance, waiting for their next command.



–Attack, or retreat.



Meanwhile, at the starport of the Blue Star, people were coming and going.



Starports were always very crowded, so when countless warships appeared over the starport unannounced through the spatial migration, they attracted almost everyone’s attention and caused a lot of excitement.



No one could blame the Blue Star people for not having much knowledge.



The sudden appearance of such a huge fleet of ships was obviously a leap from elsewhere, and those with sharp eyes recognized the symbol of the Empire’s Twelve Legions!



How did His Majesty and his legions appear here?



No, that wasn’t right.



His Majesty was already on the Blue Star, so how could his legions suddenly appear?



What had happened?



Unlike the panic of the Zergs, the people of Blue Star were filled with curiosity.



Meanwhile, because of the appearance of the fleet, the starport was temporarily closed, and all the Blue Star people were forced to stay here.



One by one, the warships landed and the doors opened.



The soldiers came out in an orderly manner and began to check the stranded people one by one, while the starship in the middle, which was like a star in the moon, also came out with several people, led by Caesar.



Black military uniform, leather military boots, cold expression.


According to the positioning, Shen Tong was in this vicinity.



But he didn’t see anyone.



The aura on Caesar’s body was a few more points colder.



His youth, returned to the cub state because of the accident and became a timid little crybaby.



After being lost for so long, the little crybaby must have been terrified.



Caesar frowned and said slowly, “Find him, immediately.”



The Legionnaires led the way, “Yes.”



They began to search every corner of the starport.



In fact, at this moment, Shen Tong, who had been injected with a sedative, hadn’t yet awakened, because the effect of the drug hadn’t passed.


But he didn’t sleep well.



Many dreams interspersed.


There were his early childhood, teenage years, and youth.



Finally, one afternoon, Shen Tong held an orange cat, walking on the boulevard. It had only rained, the air was humid, the rain lingered on the paulownia leaves, the wind gently blew by, the round droplets of water at the tip of the leaf wavered, several times rolling, it finally rolled down, wetting the pink tip of the orange cat’s nose.



The kitten tilted its head up and meowed, and Shen Tong couldn’t help but smile at the sight.



At this time, a private car came speeding by.






Shen Tong abruptly opened his eyes.



At this moment, he was also in a late afternoon.



Winter day, heavy snow.



But this afternoon was thousands of years away from the afternoon in the dream.



And the planet he was on, the name was Blue Star.



After a moment of confusion, the lost memories all came back.



Shen Tong blinked his eyes, trying to recall what happened, the result of his inadvertent glance, he saw him smaller self from the car window.



Shen Tong: “!”



Someone attacked Caesar, he subconsciously blocked, and then ……



Then he seemed to have shrunk because of the injury, and his memory was all lost.



He also went under the bed and cried for a long time?



Shen Tong: “……”


He wrinkled his brow in chagrin.



Burrowing under the bed and crying for a long time was nothing less than a black history for Shen Tong.



On top of that, he seemed to have bullied the big, bad-tempered cat enough.



He climbed on it to bite its ears, and always tried to catch its tail to play, and scribbled on this big cat.



This big cat wasn’t angry.



Shen Tong’s eyebrows arched lightly.



But it didn’t take long for Shen Tong to react, and he pursed his lips.



–How could the big cat be here?



On the day of departure, Shen Tong couldn’t find the big cat, the housekeeper reassured him that the big cat didn’t want to come to the Blue Star, otherwise with its clinginess to Shen Tong, it wouldn’t have run around before departure.


Big cat, it ……



Shen Tong thought of its pair of smoky gray eyes.



The pair of eyes that were the same as Caesar’s.



“Starport is closed, how do we go?!”



“How did they find us so quickly!?”



“Wait – I’ve received a message from the home planet!”




Several unfamiliar voices interrupted Shen Tong’s thoughts, capturing his medical staff, Emma, after successfully meeting with someone at the starport, the Bluestar Starport closed unexpectedly, just at the moment they were about to depart.



The sudden closure of the starport was undoubtedly fatal to the three of them. Besides, the soldiers had already started searching them one by one, and it would not be long before their turn came.



Her accomplice repeatedly looked at the terminal several times before frowning and saying, “Let him go.”



This he, no doubt, referred to Shen Tong.



But why should he be released?


Shouldn’t it be to their advantage that the empire’s queen-to-be was in their hands?



These few people didn’t even think that the empire directly summoned the legion, just short of bombing the planet Tamu to make an example of them.



After all, with normal logic, they had the queen in their hands, and in order to ensure his safety, the empire would send someone to negotiate with the Zergs, and they could take the opportunity to propose many conditions in their favor.



The unknown factor was that Caesar chose the most brutal and effective way.




And the implication of the threat, he didn’t even bother to disguise –



Dare to move Shen Tong a little, more than a Tamu star, he would destroy the entire Zerg race!




The consul of the Zerg race and Caesar for many years, could be said to be old acquaintances, the character of Caesar was also extremely well known.



The move of taking Shen Tong captive was wrong. They not only failed to use this as a threat, and even almost made this lion go crazy, the consuls weren’t stupid, they naturally immediately ordered the release of Shen Tong.



Emma was silent for a few seconds, “Got it.”



The consuls’ orders, they had no right to say anything, Emma nodded and quickly analyzed a set of options that would be most beneficial to them.



— Use Shen Tong to attract the attention of this group of soldiers, and seize the opportunity to open the spatial migration, and afterwards take the opportunity to escape.



Shen Tong heard the conversation from inside.



These people wanted to release him, he should have relaxed, but Shen Tong didn’t have a good premonition.



Soon, Shen Tong knew where this premonition came from.



The flying machine he was on, took off very abruptly.



This act attracted the attention of all the soldiers, all the attack weapons immediately aimed at the aircraft, ready to shoot it down.



The craft went into transparent mode, and everything inside was clearly visible, including Emma’s people, as well as Shen Tong, who was being held hostage by them.



The soldiers hesitated at once.



If they shot down the craft, their queen-to-be would be injured.


Without shooting down the flying machine, the queen-to-be might be taken away.



“Your Majesty!” The officer looked back at Caesar with difficulty.




Caesar didn’t say anything, just stared at Shen Tong without saying a word, his gaze was deep and heavy. He seemed to be confirming whether Shen Tong was injured or not, and only after making sure that the person was okay, he spat out a few words coldly: “Release him, and I can leave it alone.”

For the time being, it wouldn’t be pursued.



The officer nodded and informed them of Caesar’s words.



They weren’t foolish enough to believe their words so easily, “Yes, but when to release him, the decision is in our hands.”



She turned around and signaled her accomplice to activate the space migration.



The target was already set and the accomplice pressed OK.



The countdown began.



The craft stayed in mid-air.



Five, four, three, two…



The leap was about to be successfully launched.


At the last second, Emma picked up Shen Tong and threw him downward!



At the moment she let go, the laser cannon hit the craft hard!



Falling to the ground from a height of several dozen meters, even Shen Tong was a little scared.



He bit his lip.



In his last life, he died because of a car accident, this life was going to be because of falling from a high altitude?



Thinking like this, Shen Tong was getting closer and closer to the ground.



He thought he was going to die again.



Shen Tong gently closed his eyes.



Suddenly, Shen Tong felt an invisible force lift him up and slowed down the speed of landing.



He opened his eyes in confusion, just in time to see the young monarch who was striding towards him then he turned into a mighty white lion, his pace was no longer as graceful and slow as usual, and had a rare bit of urgency.



Shen Tong: “?”



A few seconds later, he landed peacefully.



To be precise, Shen Tong landed peacefully on a lion.



This was because Caesar released his spiritual energy and chose to change back to his animal form, Shen Tong was more familiar and intimate with the white lion, he intended to use this form to soothe the crying little Shen Tong.




First lost and thrown down from such a high place, he must be terrified.



This also led to Caesar temporarily having no time to settle scores, he had to temporarily suppress his anger.



After all, coaxing him was more important.




The snow lion peeled off Shen Tong on his body and lowered his head to gently lick Shen Tong’s face.



Shen Tong was stunned as he looked at the snow lion.



The snow lion didn’t yet know that big trouble was approaching.



Shen Tong’s brows lightly furrowed, “Meow, you ……”



“You are Caesar?”






Why did he use this awful name again?



The snow lion discontented glanced at him, but didn’t stop licking his face.



But a few seconds later, the snow lion’s body stiffened.



It slowly, slowly raised its head.



Shen Tong was still frowning at it, his expression was no longer childish.



Caesar: “……”




He fiddled with the terminal unhurriedly with such intensity, like he wanted to smash the screen.



In fact, Caesar was giving an order to his army on Tamu –



to go to war.



It was a pure act of revenge.



He wasn’t well off, how could they have peace?



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