C70— Day 70


Shen Tong wasn’t aware of the foreign minister’s complex feelings, but he felt the snow lion’s mood.



This big guy was obviously in a bad mood.



The tension emanating from him was extremely high.



For Shen Tong, the huge snow lion crouching in front of him, almost blocked out the light and completely put Shen Tong into his own shadow, and from Shen Tong’s angle, the snow lion’s smoky gray eyes seemed bottomless.



It was very unhappy.



As for why, Shen Tong was very clear.



He refused it several times.



Shen Tong sighed softly.



He wasn’t unreasonable, but this big cat, from the beginning to the end didn’t give him any explanation.


In other words, the Snow Lion didn’t seem to think that there was a problem with him being Caesar and that it needed to explain to Shen Tong. All it cared about was Shen Tong’s repeated refusal, which made it unhappy.


Shen Tong thought about it, “I want to rest now.”



In fact, he said this not only to the foreign minister and medical staff, but also to Caesar.



But after hearing his words, the foreign minister and the medical staff breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, they hurriedly saluted and immediately left the room, moving in one fluid motion, as if staying a second longer would cause a fire.



The snow lion subconsciously decided that the eviction order didn’t include it, it slowly walked to the bed, jumped up and laid down.



And as usual, when Shen Tong rested, he took a nap with him.



Shen Tong: “……”



If the snow lion didn’t follow, it would be fine, but this habitual action immediately made Shen Tong remember that this guy once relied on their original form to do a lot of things.



In fact, to be precise, Shen Tong himself had done a lot of inappropriate things.



For example, he hugged the snow lion and gently rubbed his face.


Than he kissed the big cat a few times.



In other words, he kissed Caesar a few times.



Shen Tong’s face was a little hot, he tried to ignore this heat and slowly said to the snow lion: “I want to rest.”



He added, “Alone.”



The snow lion wagged its tail indifferently.



He appeared in the form of a snow lion, and indeed there was only Shen Tong, who was alone.



Shen Tong wanted to rest alone, and having him with him wasn’t contradictory.



Shen Tong saw that it didn’t move, and even looked sideways at him, urging him with his eyes to hurry up, so he had to open his mouth again hesitantly: “I want to stay by myself for a while, is it okay?”



“…… Your Majesty.”



He called his Majesty, not Meow, much less Caesar.



Quiet and full of distance.


The snow lion wagged its tail.



Shen Tong tried not to let himself say the words with too much emotion, “I didn’t know you …… were him before, I thought you couldn’t become a person, just a little lion with a bad temper, so I – ”



Shen Tong himself didn’t know what he was talking about.



In fact, in the end, the way he treated the snow lion was problematic.



In this era of feline dominance, regardless of whether felines could have a human form, they weren’t just small animals, and shouldn’t be treated only as small animals.



Shen Tong even once wanted to raise this snow lion.



This time, Shen Tong really realized how wrong he was.



Shen Tong didn’t go on to say more.


He pursed, eyelashes gently dropping.


He don’t know how long it took, but Shen Tong gently asked again, “Can I stay by myself for a while?”



His mood was so low that the snow lion looked at him for a few moments and didn’t compromise.



It leapt down quietly and approached him.



The huge-bodied snow lion walked quietly, its snow-colored fur swaying gently. Shen Tong mood was low, so its mood was even worse, its tail waved a few times in annoyance, it was funny watching him walk closer.



This situation was actually a bit funny.



Because the snow lion was very upset, but its displeasure was derived from Shen Tong’s resistance, it could neither bite, nor scare, so it had to vainly release low pressure, fiercely walked to Shen Tong, and used a paw to press him down.



Shen Tong struggled, but he was pressed so tightly that he couldn’t break free.



Caesar stared at him condescendingly for a few seconds, picked up Shen Tong in his mouth, and returned to the bed.



Its movements seemed fierce, but the force control was just right.



Not so much that it hurt Shen Tong, but he held him close. The snow lion laid down, then almost compulsively pressed Shen Tong in his arms, after lowering his head, he slightly rubbed against Shen Tong’s face, the other paw pressed on Shen Tong’s eyes.






Shen Tong fell into a darkness.



He was pressed into the big cat’s arms, almost swallowing a mouthful of fur.



The snow lion’s mane rubbed against Shen Tong’s face, tickling him, the smell of the big cat was different from the smell of ordinary cats, as clear and fresh as the snowy peaks, the refreshing coolness of the wind after attacking the wilderness.



It was Caesar’s smell.



Shen Tong’s desire to be alone for a while fell through, but this position both filled him with a sense of security, it also made him involuntarily relaxed, Shen Tong whispered very quietly: “Why were you pretending to be a cat to deceive me?”



Caesar froze.



Shen Tong experienced too many things.


Shen Tong recovered his memory, and witnessed Caesar turned into Meow, he was actually very tired, him wanting to rest was true, so no matter how much Shen Tong wanted to get the answer, he was in a relaxed and full of security embrace, he quickly fell asleep.


He didn’t wait for an answer.



In fact, Caesar didn’t speak either.



He didn’t figure out until now why the youth was throwing a tantrum.



Why pretend to be a cat?



He was a cat.


Why did he deliberately conceal his identity?



It wasn’t …… that, at first he played with the catnip leaves and annoyed him, causing the youth to complain to him a few times in the spirit world about his “roommate”.



The youth hated his humanoid state.



In contrast, he was patient and gentle, even defenseless, with his original form.






The snow lion lowered his eyes to look at Shen Tong.



He didn’t have much temper with anyone?



How come he quickly got angry with him?



The snow lion slightly lowered his head, and rubbed against Shen Tong vindictively, he was covered with his own smell before he gave up.



Caesar grunted lightly.



As for how to coax an angry youth –



He thoughtfully lowered his eyes and gazed fixedly at the cub-like Shen Tong.



There was barely a way.



Shen Tong slept too long, and woke up again already at night.



The lights weren’t on.



Shen Tong sat up from the bed, unexpectedly found that the snow lion wasn’t there, he haphazardly thought that maybe he went to deal with official business, his hand gently moved and touched a furry, and very warm thing.



When he touched it, this thing also moved.



Or maybe it wasn’t something, but something alive.



Shen Tong was dumbfounded.



At this time, the finger pressed on the bed came to a warm touch.



Something was licking his fingertips.



Shen Tong resisted the tingling sensation in his scalp and hastily turned on the light.



The next moment, he saw a small lion in his bed.



Said small lion, in fact, was also larger than the normal size of the cat. It squatted next to Shen Tong, a small furry mass, fur brighter than snow, the symbolic sooty eyes squinted slightly because of the sudden bright light.



It was clear who this was.



Shen Tong: “……”



This sire ……?



Seeing Shen Tong look over, this little snow lion slowly climbed onto his lap and expressionlessly purred, “Meow.”



This cat cry, was in fact, very soulless.


Not enough whine, and not soft enough, it was perfunctory.



But it-


was really cute.



Shen Tong endured several times so he wouldn’t touch its head.



A kitten was the world’s treasure, the little snow lion was no less.



Its fur wasn’t long, but lush and snow-white, although its eyes were slightly colder, but the little snow lion’s eyes were round, the tip of the nose was moist. It raised its head to look at Shen Tong, it was extremely cute.



This sire wouldn’t apologize, but he would soften Shen Tong’s heart first.




And he was very proficient in this, so Shen Tong couldn’t resist.


This was simply a foul.



Shen Tong: “…… don’t stand here, be careful of falling down. ”



His tone softened a lot, but this concern was actually redundant.



After all, this wasn’t really a small snow lion.



Shen Tong had a little resistance to the big snow lion but the little snow lion was completely irresistible. The little snow lion still stood motionless, Shen Tong raised his hand to hold it, a little hesitant.



He was afraid that he would never let go.



It was really too foul.



Shen Tong quietly thought.



His softened attitude, as well as the expression on his face that showed he wanted to touch, all fell into Caesar’s eyes. Before this, Caesar didn’t even think that one day he would let himself change back to the appearance of a cub and the purpose was only to coax someone.



If someone had told the previous him in advance, he would have been filled with disdain.



–The word “coaxing” wasn’t in his vocabulary at all.



He didn’t need to do such unnecessary things.



It was just a waste of time.



But in such a situation, not to mention let him becoming a cub, he could even pretend to be cat, well, he could barely try.


In fact, Caesar had already done so.



The effect was also obvious.



His smoky gray eyes looked at Shen Tong, the little snow lion jumped down from his lap, Shen Tong didn’t touch it, so it went to Shen Tong’s hand.



The mane of the young male lion was far less luxuriant than that of an adult, but it was better than nothing, it came to Shen Tong’s side in a high manner, slowly laid down and tucked its head on the back of Shen Tong’s hand, then rubbed against it.



That wasn’t all, it meowed softly again.



Shen Tong: “……”



Malicious pretending, this was too much.



Shen Tong thought it was excessive, but he simply didn’t want to take back his hand.



It was too cute.



He took a lot of effort to keep himself from rubbing the hair of this little lion.



Who would have thought that the arrogant King was now lying on his hand and eager to be pet?



If this scene was seen by his subordinates, their jaws would drop, right?



Thinking like this, Shen Tong couldn’t help smiling.



Caesar happened to look up at this time to survey his expression, and unintentionally met Shen Tong’s smiling eyes.



His pupils were dark, the corners of his eyes were lightly curved, like light dripping inside, glittering and translucent.



The little snow lion saw the situation then it used its long, thin tail and gently hooked Shen Tong’s finger.



Wrapping his tail around Shen Tong, was also its unique way of pampering.



After doing that, it also gently rubbed against him a few times.



Shen Tong curled up his fingers, his heart was a soft mess.



He almost couldn’t get angry.



But it was just almost.



At least …… this sire had to tell him clearly why he was deliberately concealing it, right?



Shen Tong was very determined not to fall for this trick.



Caesar also found Shen Tong didn’t come to pet him as expected.



He raised his eyes to look at him.



Shen Tong stared at him for a few seconds, then he lowered his head, got the tail off his fingers, and jumped off the bed.



In fact, Shen Tong didn’t know what to do, he just felt that he couldn’t resist this cute little lion, so he walked around with bare feet on the carpet.



Behind him came a soft sound of da-da-da-da.



It was the sound of the little snow lion stepping on the floor.



It was intentional.


Shen Tong listened to the sound and a scene automatically popped up in his mind –



The little lion lowered its head and slowly took a step, then another step, it didn’t walk very steadily, so it wobbled and chased behind him, its small fluffy tail swaying behind it.



Shen Tong: “……”



He adored the scene in his fantasy.



But Shen Tong also understood that this was only his illusion.



This sire wasn’t really a small male lion, he probably just deliberately put heavy footsteps to tempt Shen Tong to fall for his cuteness.



Shen Tong held back and didn’t turn around.



But his feet also accidentally stepped on a book that was upside down.



Shen Tong squatted down to look at the cover, it was a story book written specifically for interstellar cubs, he picked up the book again.


Shen Tong liked to read books, even though this was a storybook written for cubs, but the setting was novel and the plot was interesting, Shen Tong originally just wanted to distract himself, but he got fascinated.



He sat down on the carpet, holding the book and flipping through it page by page.



This time, no matter how loud Caesar made, Shen Tong was no longer tempted.



He was so focused on the storybook that he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings.



Caesar also realized.



He was a bit dissatisfied.



He walked aggressively in front of Shen Tong, narrowed his eyes and looked at him several times, and once again uttered, “Meow!”



Previously it was a soulless cat call, this time it was a cat call learned entirely in the way of a lion roaring.


It was fierce.



Not as cute.



Shen Tong froze, pressed his hand on the storybook, and looked down at this little lion.



The little snow lion saw that his attention finally returned to it, and reluctantly called out again.



Its tone of voice eased a lot.



Shen Tong didn’t blink as he stared at him.



After a good half day, he finally broke down and fell on the sofa laughing.



The experience of a lion meowing at a person was too unique.



It was probably a ……



Obviously it could eat people, it was a fierce big lion, but he was acting cute?



This kind of cute wasn’t the usual kitten kind of soft cute, but the contrasting cuteness.


He looked impatient and aggressive, but opened his mouth and “meowed”…


It was fierce but cute.



Shen Tong laid on the sofa, laughing so much that his stomach hurt.



Caesar: “?”



He jumped on the sofa and stared down at Shen Tong, who was shaking with laughter, and was very dissatisfied.



Shen Tong had laughed enough and finally raised his head, he saw the little snow lion standing on the sofa who was extremely unhappy and smiled again.



The little snow lion was dissatisfied with his attitude, raised his paws, and the meat pad pressed over Shen Tong’s lips.


Shen Tong’s voice became muffled, “Is that how a lion calls?”



He opened his mouth gently, and his moist breath lingered on the snow lion’s meat pad.


The flesh pad was a very sensitive part, as were the ears and tail.



Caesar moved stiffly and almost immediately withdrew his front paw.



He looked down at this paw.



Looking over from Shen Tong’s angle, the little snow lion crouched on the sofa, drooping his head and looking intently at something.



Not fierce and no longer, it seemed to be very well behaved, and also cute and lovable.



Shen Tong of course knew that this was all an illusion.



These words didn’t have a single thing to do with this Majesty.



He pursed his lips and smiled, his annoyed and angry feelings, dissipated in a moment.



Shen Tong raised his hand, hesitated, and gently fell down.



He rubbed the little snow lion’s head.



It felt really good.



Satisfied, Shen Tong went back to his storybook.



Caesar’s strategy was very successful.



He knew that Shen Tong had no resistance to small furry animals, but also knew that Shen Tong was annoyed with him, so he cooperated with Shen Tong, who hadn’t yet returned to normal at the moment, and turned into a juvenile snow lion.

Only –


Caesar looked expressionlessly at Shen Tong who had returned his gaze to the storybook.



What was so good about this kind of book?




No fun.


Might as well play with him.



Thinking this, the little snow lion didn’t hesitate to step on the storybook, blocking the words.



Shen Tong blinked and said helplessly: “I want to read the book.”



The little snow lion wagged its tail expressionlessly, the meaning was obvious –



No way.



Even though he shrank, his nature hadn’t changed, he was still very domineering.



Shen Tong felt a little helpless.



The little snow lion was too cute, he couldn’t even fight back.



Why did Caesar hide it?


To tease him?




Reason told Shen Tong that there must be some reason, he wouldn’t simply to tease him, even if he did, he wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths to conceal his identity, making the butler and staff hide for him.



He just didn’t understand.



Shen Tong sighed gently.


At the same time, he was also a bit confused.



If this matter were someone else, he wouldn’t necessarily be angry.




Let’s say the little orange cat. If he used the form of an orange cat to be cute in front of Shen Tong and approached Shen Tong with the identity of Shen Ye, Shen Tong would only think that he was naughty after he found out and would not take it too seriously.



But this was Caesar.



He was angry with him and thought a lot.



Thought a lot of very unnecessary, very minor things.



In his last life, Shen Tong’s good nature was recognized, whether by classmates, friends, or his family. Roommates had teased him that he was the same as a central air conditioner, the same for anyone, equivalent to no feelings, but in fact it wasn’t so.




Shen Tong tried to treat others with care, but also didn’t bring negative emotions to those close to him, at most, he would think about it and then put it down, unhappy emotions were almost never revealed.



Only Caesar.



He only ever did this to him.



He …… didn’t seem to be the same as others.



This originally very vague idea, gradually became clear.



Shen Tong abruptly trembled.


Why would it be different?



He touched the location of his heart.



There was an answer calling out.



As Shen Tong didn’t respond for too long, Caesar’s patience ran out, he flicked his tail in annoyance and finally gave up being a mewling little snow lion in front of Shen Tong.



He changed back to his human form.



He was tall and had a very natural advantage.



Caesar’s gaze dropped lightly and landed on Shen Tong for several seconds, finally kneeling on one knee, he barely shortened the distance between him and Shen Tong, his bony and slender hand lifted, gently clasped Shen Tong’s jaw and lifted it.


Even in the posture of one knee, Caesar was much taller than Shen Tong at this time, he lowered his head slightly and approached Shen Tong, his voice was deep, and his gaze was dark to the extreme, “What exactly do you want before you are willing to stop being angry?”



The distance between them was very close.



Shen Tong could smell the man’s cold breath, but also felt the hot temperature of his body.



This time, he didn’t just avoid it anymore, but went straight to Caesar’s eyes.



It was smoky gray, an extremely cold color.



But it was the man’s gaze that was boiling hot.



Shen Tong felt that his face was also a little hot.



He looked seriously at the man and suddenly lifted his hand to move a lock of his platinum-colored hair.



Shen Tong wanted to be sure of one thing, but in his current state, it might not be appropriate.



Still, Shen Tong wanted to be sure.



He heard his own slightly accelerated heartbeat.


It was like a signal. Shen Tong gently tugged on Caesar’s bow tie and stood on his tiptoes to kiss his forehead.



Like a dragonfly, it touched and immediately retreated.



Shen Tong turned to the side as if nothing happened, but the air was quiet.



And the sound of his heartbeat, was very noisy.




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