[If Shen Tong is really the queen, why haven’t we heard from Perth Palace? So far, it’s all about this and that. I don’t believe it before the official news is releaded.]


[No, have you guys seen this photo? His Majesty’s face isn’t happy, but the photo can be taken, and can also be passed up as an avatar, does not it show His Majesty’s attitude?]



[Sister, where did you learn the skill of looking at pictures and talking? Teach me.]


[This is not a diffusion, it is a reasoned speculation.]



[Haven’t we reasoned enough?]




One side of the tossing and turning produced a popular reply, and on the other side, someone hacked into the Zerg forum and made a post –


[Help! There are a lot of Imperial ships coming, coordinates Tamu]


The blogger who made the post introduced himself as someone studying in a language major, and passed the specialized course in Zerg language, so he could guarantee the accuracy of the translation.


@rememberwordsfromabandon: original post [link]


(Only translate the owner’s statement)
1L: There is no Zerg that knows what is going on? I thought I had overslept and didn’t go to class, so I almost screamed, and finally looked at the time at 2:30, full of questions.

3L: dei, scared to death, I peeked out to see, d-amn, it’s like a ghost story, they’re all starships, the Empire’s starships QAQ


19L: Thank you all for your concern and reminders, it’s late, the tickets to leave Tamu Star in 15 days are sold out, they all probably they’re going to w-ar, since you can’t get away, I’ll give you a live broadcast.

27L: It’s 15:30 Tamu Star time, the whole star opened a state of w-ar, sealed the star, the planet leader activated the hover screen function to appease us.


48L: Huh? The Empire requested a call?


53L: ……???? Did I hear you wrong? The Empire side said to return their queen.

55L: They lost their queen ????


The Zergs sent a screen full of question marks, and the crowd of watchers also sent a screen full of question marks.


What the hell?


Their army went to Tamu?


How come they didn’t know?


But a few days ago Blue Star declared w-ar on the Zergs.


How come the Blue Star didn’t move, but their Majesty’s army attacked the Zerg Race without a sound?


And according to the Zerg Race, there really was a queen!


Then what happened when the queen was lost?


Everyone coincidentally fell into silence, and then turned their attention to that initial video.


There were a number of people who experienced the incident in the comments below: [I was there! I don’t know what’s going on, but the army suddenly came to Starport, and His Majesty, seemed to be looking for someone?]


[Yes! And the army also shot down a flying machine and they dropped a person from it, and the video captured His Majesty turning back into his original form on the way to pick him up].


So who was this person!?


Shen Tong?!


But Shen Tong-


According to the Starnet blast a few days ago, he seemed to be recovering from his injuries due to the attack.


He wasn’t taken captive, right?


So what was going on with this queen?


Was it him or not!?


This was getting bigger and bigger, and the discussion on Starnet was getting hotter and hotter, the official page never gave any response.


As the center of the event, Shen Tong didn’t know if he was amused or not.


It must be said that the insight of netizens was amazing, a little hint could trigger their countless speculations, and incredibly close to the truth.


But before that, Shen Tong indeed didn’t know about Caesar’s attack on Tamu.


And the Blue Star also declared w-ar on the Zerg race.


Shen Tong thought for a moment, with a little disapproval.


He didn’t know these things, but he more or less knew that it wasn’t good to go to w-ar frequently, but if he said it –


It would be like he was a bit unaware of good and bad?


Shen Tong gave up.


He casually clicked on the private messages of his Starnet account, which hadn’t been online for a long time, and many people had sent him messages. Probably due to the explosion on Starnet, most of them were messages asking about his health, and there was no shortage of people inquiring about the situation.


Shen Tong replied to a few people, saying he was fine, and then scrolled down, there were too many similar private messages, so he didn’t reply.



He was about to send a post, when someone knocked on the door.


Shen Tong put down the terminal and opened the door.


Unexpectedly, it was Shen Jue.


He always had an unknown closeness to Shen Jue, but Shen Tong always attributed this to their similar looks, and smiled amicably when he saw him.


Shen Jue returned the same smile, “Blue Star has preserved many ancient Earth festivals, and in a few days, it will be our reunion day.”


Shen Tong subconsciously repeated, “Reunion day?”


Winter, snow, if there was no accident, it was probably similar to the Earth’s Spring Festival.


He didn’t know why Shen Jue said this, but the Spring Festival was already a very distant holiday for Shen Tong, he sighed softly and couldn’t help but think of his parents.


He looked slightly gloomy, Shen Jue saw it, and the reason he mentioned this was actually to invite Shen Tong, “If you want, you can spend the festival with us.”



Shen Tong was stunned, and then shook his head a few times, “No need.”



Such a festival, a family staying together was good, but if outsiders came, they’d probably be uncomfortable, and entertaining guests was also very troublesome, Shen Tong only thought Shen Jue was being kind, so he didn’t think much and refused, “It’ll be very troublesome.”


Shen Jue sincerely responded, “You are not an outsider.”


He said this unexpectedly, and Shen Tong blinked.


Shen Jue didn’t say anything more, he handed a stack of documents to Shen Tong, “Remember to read these things. Also, there is my contact information inside, if you change your mind, you can contact me.”


Shen Tong nodded hesitantly, Shen Jue saw the situation and patted him on the shoulder naturally and walked away.


His actions were natural, intimate but not annoying.


Just like a brother.


Shen Tong waved away this very wonderful thought and lowered his head to look at the things Shen Jue handed to him.


He inexplicably felt that what was inside was important.


Shen Tong returned the same way.


Shen Jue left, but the foreign minister was still discussing something with Caesar.


Shen Tong had already pushed open the door and hesitated to go in. Perhaps after standing at the door for a long time, Caesar finally cast a look at him and asked in a light voice, “Not coming in?”


Shen Tong was originally afraid of disturbing them, but after a little thought, he still came in.


He took the documents with him.



“What is that?” Caesar asked.


Shen Tong told the truth: “I don’t know, it was given to me by that Blue Star president.”


As soon as he mentioned Shen Jue, Caesar’s eyes narrowed and his aura turned cold.


It was easy to guess that after Shen Tong had left, these two weren’t getting along too well.


In fact, Caesar could make peace with it, he hardly got along with people.


There was probably only one person in this world, Shen Tong.


Unfortunately, Shen Tong didn’t have this self-awareness at all.


But Shen Tong gave him a very good impression, he didn’t quite understand where the taste between Caesar and him came from, and inclined his head to try to ask the foreign minister with his eyes.


How dare the foreign minister talk too much?


He shook his head slightly and was silent.


This time, it wasn’t really their majesty’s fault that he was unpredictable.


It was the blue star that was too unkind.


Shen Jue came with him to find Caesar this time, saying that Blue Star was willing to devote the whole country’s strength to help the empire to attack the insect race.


The whole country?

The Foreign Minister didn’t really care about it. After all, the blue star couldn’t be called a star in the interstellar space. If there was no resource, what could they do to help? If they didn’t help, they would be grateful.


But after all, he couldn’t tell the truth in others’ territory.



The Foreign Minister came with Shen Jue.


Not long after Shen Tong left, they talked about the matter of attacking the Zerg race.


The Zergs had been moving more and more these years, and Shen Tong was injured, and they sent people to take him captive, which really touched Caesar’s scales, he didn’t intend to turn a blind eye, the attack on Tamu Star, was just the beginning.


Shen Jue indicated that Blue Star was willing to provide supplies.


At that time, Caesar said with a smirk, “What can Bluestar provide?”


It was clear that his words were not taken into account.


Shen Jue responded calmly: “Energy stones, eh Deman alloy, and all materials needed for warships.”


Caesar: “?”


Foreign Minister: “This …… President Shen, are you not awake?”


Shen Jue said, “What you need, Blue Star has it all.”



He paused for a moment then added: “Your Majesty you should have heard of Salome Exchange, its material supply, is Blue Star.”


Not only had he heard of it, but Caesar had sent his men forward to contact it many times.


This Salome Exchange, as if it possessed endless precious minerals and energy, both Caesar and the Zerg race had paid attention to this exchange for a long time, and they had also investigated the holder behind this exchange for a long time, and they all wanted to take it for their own use.


Now, Shen Jue said that the supplier was Blue Star.


Blue Star?


Among the many interstellar planets, if not for the ancient Earth layer of relations in, Blue Star was perhaps the most insignificant existence.


Its geographical location was bad, the soil was barren, and the people of Blue Star only had a human state from birth, but they did have a part of their genes that belonged to the feline family, so they boasted of being new humans.


Caesar frowned.


He had only guessed that the Blue Star might be hiding some secret, otherwise the Zergs wouldn’t have chosen to break through here.


He didn’t think there was really a secret.


Very good.


How dare they?


Caesar lowered his eyelids, his expression vaguely cold, “hidden for so long, why not continue to hide? Now tell me, are you not afraid that I will condemn you for treason?”



“Blue Star has never committed treason.” Shen Jue said, “I just want to make a deal with His Majesty. Since a deal has to give sufficiently heartwarming conditions, and it happens that our targets are both the Bug Race, I think it’s a win-win situation.”




Caesar slowly spat out two words, his smoky gray eyes fixed on him, “Why.”


“The same as Your Majesty.” Shen Jue replied in a concise manner, “For Shen Tong.”


As soon as the name was spoken, Caesar’s eyes became more dangerous.


He would not use Shen Tong as a trading condition, and would never allow anyone to covet the slightest bit.



Shen Jue and Caesar’s direct dealings weren’t much, but these few days, it had been enough to see his character. Caesar was proud, conceited, possessive, if you asked Shen Jue’s opinion, he didn’t approve of Shen Tong and him.



But his opinion didn’t matter, this was Shen Tong’s own business with Caesar.



He would dislike Caesar, thinking that this was the pig that arched the cabbage, but he had no right to get involved, because the decision was in Shen Tong’s own hands.



At the same time, he could also see that Caesar had long regarded Shen Tong as his own possession, Shen Tong may be slightly vulnerable.


What Shen Jue could do was to give Shen Tong more confidence.


However, Blue star’s abundant resources could just become a good bargaining chip.



Shen Jue chose to tell the truth at this time, in order to support Shen Tong, but this wasn’t a good time.


But it didn’t matter.


Shen Jue finally said, “If there is nothing unexpected, Shen Tong is our Shen family, the Zerg have bullied him, and the declaration of wa-r by the Blue Star is more than a joke, Your Majesty may want to consider more cooperation between us.”


Caesar: “?”


Foreign Minister: “……???”


That was how it happened.


The Foreign Minister recalled it and quickly stole a glance at Caesar.


At the same time he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart –


Wasn’t Mr. Shen a catnip?


How did he become a Shen family member?


But he didn’t dare to say anything, didn’t dare to ask anything.


And not long after, Shen Tong also came back.


Caesar said in a light tone: “The rest, tomorrow.”


Meaning that this was the end of the day, the expulsion order was clear.



The foreign minister had already stirred once earlier, this time he immediately cooperated and rolled away.


Once he left, only Shen Tong and Caesar were left.


Shen Tong originally wanted to come back to see what Shen Jue had given him, but now face to face with Caesar, he suddenly remembered the little lion that meowed earlier. When he thought of it, Shen Tong , who didn’t get pet the baby lion, felt itchy. He blinked, “Can you become a baby lion again?”


Caesar’s eyebrows lightly raised.






Shen Tong curved his eyes, “Really cute.”


But Caesar wasn’t very cooperative, he lifted his feet and walked over, asking carelessly, “It is cute, I am not cute?”


This was like a send-up question.



If Shen Tong said not cute, then the rest of his time may have to be used to coax this Majesty, if he said cute, this Majesty’s human form state seemed to be far from the word cute?


Childishly cute was more like it.



Shen Tong thought about it and cunningly chose not to answer, “OK?”


Attributed to his current state, it was good to be pampered. Shen Tong lifted his face, the pupils of his dark eyes looked at Caesar, his hand also followed, tugging Caesar’s sleeve a few times, and finally slowly moved to the side, gently holding Caesar’s fingers.


Shen Tong tilted his head, “Big cat cat.”


Caesar: “…… tsk.”



His smoky gray eyes were written with disgust, but still in the next second, he changed back to his original body.


He turned into an imposing big lion, not the little milk lion that Shen Tong wanted.


Shen Tong’s brow wrinkled a small eight.


Seeing his disappointed expression, the snow lion didn’t hesitate to pounce on him and pinned Shen Tong to the ground.


It expressionlessly pet Shen Tong.



Paws lightly patted Shen Tong’s brow, after which it bent down and buried its head between Shen Tong’s neck. The young Shen Tong was different from the young Shen Tong, his body in addition to the scent of catnip, but also mixed with the faint smell of milk, which made the Caesar who wanted to do more abruptly lose interest, he only slightly rubbed him a few times.


After all, he wasn’t animal enough to go down on such a Shen Tong.




He must be changed back sooner.


Shen Tong, as usual, once the big cat jumped into his arms to pamper him, he smoothly groomed his mane.


But Shen Tong was still very sorry.


Big cat was too big, not easy to knead, and there was a possibility of playing too much and getting pressed down by it.



Shen Tong sighed softly.


Caesar heard the sound, jerked up his head, he looked at Shen Tong with eyes full of questions.


——Are you thinking about other cats?


His other cats, in fact, refer to the little snow lion, he was jealous of himself.


Shen Tong saw the situation and immediately shook his head sheepishly.


The snow lion certainly didn’t easily believe his nonsense.


He remembered that when Shen Tong saw the cub-like snow lion, his eyes were crystal bright.



The little snow lion was cute, the big snow lion wasn’t cute?


It stood up and glared at Shen Tong in a condescending manner, “Meow.”


Shen Tong: “……”



Snow lion: “Meow, meow, meow.”


Each “meow” in his mouth had no ups and downs, and his bite was also very heavy, which made him seem murderous.


Shen Tong hesitated.


The snow lion lowered its head and stared straight at him, as if waiting for his evaluation.


Shen Tong had to go along with it and say, “…… cute.”


Caesar heard the reluctance in his mouth, very dissatisfied sprayed at Shen Tong, and lifted his front paws to pat him again.



“Don’t.” Shen Tong waa afraid of itching, quickly shrink into a ball, his eyes watery, “really cute.”



“I’m not lying to you.” Shen Tong laughed and panted, “if I lie to you, lie to you …… I’m a puppy.”




He didn’t want a puppy.



The snow lion patted Shen Tong hard again and finally let him go.



Shen Tong laid on the carpet to calm down for a while, then he reached out and squeezed the snow lion’s meat pad.


His eyes were always curved into a crescent shape.



The snow lion looked at him a few times, lying down next to Shen Tong, allowing him to manipulate himself.


He probably played with Shen Tong enough, Caesar finally gave Shen Tong’s wish, he reluctantly changed back to the cub state.



Of course, he turned back to the little snow lion, in addition to meet Shen Tong, but he also intended to take the opportunity to teach Shen Tong to control his spiritual power and change back to his normal self as soon as possible.



He didn’t want to always play these boring games with a cub.


Adults should have an adult life.


The little snow lion paced to Shen Tong’s side in an old-fashioned way.


Shen Tong turned his head sideways, surprised as he picked it up.



The little snow lion impatiently pushed him, signaling Shen Tong to let go of him, Shen Tong was defenseless against this form, he lowered his head to kiss the tip of the wet nose, then let go of the little snow lion.



The little snow lion walked slowly and dragged out the terminal from nowhere, paws poking at it, cute as can be.


Shen Tong didn’t hold back, he quickly took a picture of the little snow lion.



It was only when he picked up the terminal that Shen Tong remembered he had forgotten to report his safety.


He then opened the star network and edited a dynamic.



After a short hesitation, Shen Tong put this picture up.


Soon after, many people saw this post.


@ShenTong: Peace.




With a picture that nothing to do with the text, which was originally a very common thing.



But it gave a lot of room for reverie.



The albino species of lion were not many, almost rare.



And when people reported peace, it was usually “thank you for your concern, I’m fine” and so on, Shen Tong only threw out the word “peace”, people surprisingly associated with the “father and son peace”, “mother and son peace”. “mother and child safe”.



In addition, there was a big V who had been concerned about Shen Tong inadvertently brought a attention: @EatPomegranateSeeds:?


@eating pomegranate seeds:? This little lion …… His Majesty’s cub? You guys? The cub is here!


The news that their empire already had a crown prince went viral!




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