C31– Day 31

Caesar gave a second order: “Block all the territories.” His voice was cold and chilling to the bone. The officer was stunned. An all-territory blockade only happened in wartime. He subconsciously asked, “Your Majesty, what is happening?” Caesar said word by word: “Someone, is seeking their death.” This young monarch, the aura around him was […]

C28– Day 28

Official Schedule: https://untamedalley.com/uncategorized/schedule/ In the live broadcast room. Perhaps it was the agreement on the issue of “Catnip’s intergalactic cuteness” that finally convinced everyone that Catnip’s fallen leaf was caused by the staff’s negligence, and not by their Majesties’ frequent playing with Catnip’s leaves after the broadcast. It seemed like an apology was in order. […]